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my2girlz's Avatar my2girlz 06:31 PM 07-21-2007
This is what would probably be on my list if I were to shop for 1 month.

3 loaves of bread
5lb bag of frozen broccoli
5lb bag of frozen mixed veggies
a few lbs of tomatoes
big bag of organic apples
3 bunches of bananas
10lbs of carrots
2lbs of green beans
2lbs of frozen edamame
2 bunches of asaparagus
3lbs of sticks of butter
1 big container of sour cream
2 big containers of plain yogurt
2 bags of pretzels
1lb of pork loin
10lbs of chicken breasts
5lbs of chicken drumsticks
1 whole chicken
whatever fish is on sale
3lbs of hamburger
10lbs of potatoes
2 bags of brown rice
1 bag of white rice
4 gallons of milk
4 half gallons of soy milk
2 gallons of apple juice
3 containers of 18ct eggs
2 big cans of crushed roma tomatoes
a bunch of garlic
2 boxes of cream of buckwheat
1 bag of oatmeal
1 carton of choc. soymilk
4 frozen pizzas
4 boxes of mac 'n cheese
1lb of bacon
2 packages of sliced cheese
2 packages of shredded cheese
2 bags of baby spinach
1 head of lettuce

I will update as I think of the stuff I buy.

Beana3m's Avatar Beana3m 07:11 AM 07-22-2007
thanks CrunchyTamara
Brees_Mama's Avatar Brees_Mama 01:51 AM 08-20-2007
Heres my list for 2wks (can't afford (room wise) and money wise to buy for 1mth):

-canned beans (for chili)
-frozen tator tots
-garlic salt
-tomato soups
-soft shell tortillas
-canned enchilada sauce
-BBQ Sauce
-natural peanut butter
-egg noodles
-stew meat
-cream of _____ soups/cheddar soups
-frozen chicken
-grits/hot cereals
-tomato sauce/paste
-turkey lunchmeat
-yellow rice (the cheap packs)
-frozen broccoli
-generic velveeta cheese
-bagged apples
-canned fruit
-baking soda
-bisquick knock-off
-self rising flour
-frozen hash browns
-tea bags
-kool aid (i love it!)
-juicy juice juices
-lemonade mix
-oregano/blacken seasoning
-granola cereal
-beef roast
-bread flour
-frozen pork chops
-corn tortillas
-brown sugar
-elbow macaroni
-frozen ravioli
-canned green chilis
-sour cream
-cream cheese
-coconut/choc chips/nuts
-bagged salad mix
-cesar salad dressing
-vanilla yogurt (big container)
-fresh grapes
-brussel sprouts
-bell peppers

Non-Food Items:
-tomato plant
-mason jars
-dish washing tablets
-dawn dish washing liquid
-bread pan

I have a menu planned for 2wks using these groceries and then the wk after, I'll make a smaller list w/what I need

B'fasts: grits, oatmeal, toast, cold cereal, cinnamon toast, cinnamon rolls, eggs, pancakes, bagels

Lunches: cold sandwiches, PB/J, tuna sandwiches, apples, quesadillas

Dinners: turkey chili, tator tot cassarole, mexican chicken, chicken/yellow rice, brocc cassarole, roast, beef stew, pb pie for dessert and magic cookie bars.

Its not the healthiest but were on a budget
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