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mamimapster's Avatar mamimapster 01:53 AM 10-01-2007
End of month totals-I'm not so happy about overall spending, but I am happy about the way the month ended!
9/2-Bowling for kiddies 9.45-Dinner out for anniversary 33.00B
9/3-26.34B@ village half price sale,10.00 Drinks out for five
9/4-4.67-coffee,17.04Bgas,80.23 had to buy a school book:,49.01B groceries,
9/5-4.67B groceries
9/8- made 16.00
9/9-17.01B Gas/22.47B /7.25 Snacks-
9/10- Errands: 9.24B in Essential Oils and Herbal Armor (the Mosquitoes are Fierce!), Dd winter tights, and tights for RH Spent 3.01B,
9/11- 25.00 flat tire,30.02B gas,1.84 coffee,93.45B Groceries,
9/12-groceries 15.00B,coffee2.03,post office5.05B
9/16-:gift 20.06 unbugeted,groceries 11.82B,12.51B Dd school supplies,
9/17-:village 6.87B (not Roscoe! ),lunch 5.41.
9/18 (all bugeted)40.48B-groceries,5.70B post, 30.28B gas
9/20-:8.82 coffee & snacks-baaad! +388.00 pell grant refund check-this will pay "back" my credit card, since I used it to buy books and save $$ by not using school bookstore-180.00 to CC, 200.00 to varnish/fix rest of floor.
9/21-:5.42 Coffee & snacks
9/23:Post sukkah building Ice cream for 5: 13.26 +35.00 from
Ebay to CC!
9/24:Gas/carwash:45.60 our gas is the most expensive in the NATION!,doc 12.00B,post 3.92, groceries 17.63,2.53 Coffee. I spent at least 3+hours in the car today
9/25:69.76B groceries, 4.23 snacks.
9/26: 1.63 Coffee,7.25 post,11.00 Dd haircut
9/27:4.53-coffee/snacks,43.48B paint,20.31B paint supplies 2.63 groceries
9/28:13.29 gift for birthday party,20.04 More GAS
9/30 +15.00 ebay

GOALS(thanks to those with wise ideas!):

1.At least 15 days: 14/30
2.Pack snacks/water for outings/School: 14/30
3.At least two no-car days per week 6/8
4.NO library fines: month to date $0 (have to pay 14.00 already)
5. Come here lots
6.Make lists and stick to them
7. Avoid buying my sweets and bake more. 3/5
Acceptable spending:
Myself-Black dress shoes that fit with orthotics-tabled to october
lunch container (self) NEED THIS!-wetbag not a solution.
Sellable Items-partially done!
Meds for IVF round #3-I've got the go-ahead! meds happening soon!
Tally Of Evil 123.79
24.83 UNDER grocery budget
50.00 in sold items
saved $$ by painting iving room ourselves

mamimapster's Avatar mamimapster 02:11 AM 10-01-2007
9/29- I was a bad girl today. Here is the damage:
$35.81- Target for a Brita Water Pitcher, a replacement filter (so I
don't have to buy another in 2 months), and a birthday card for my nephew.

I can justify the Brita, in that I won't be buying the cases of water anymore and wasting all that plastic.
P.s.- you can usually buy britta filters on ebay/craigslist in lots for chaper than retail. I LOVE my britta
mamimapster's Avatar mamimapster 02:16 AM 10-01-2007
I'd like to give a huge shout out to the whole thread! YEAH! We did it! I feel so accomplished.
I couldnt have said it better myself!
mamamilkers's Avatar mamamilkers 02:20 AM 10-01-2007
09/02: no spend!
09/03: $2 on balloons for the girls
09/04: $1 on a book at Goodwill
09/05: $24 at Target for work-out shorts for me and two Halloween playground balls for gifts
09/06: no spend!
09/07: no spend!
09/08: no spend!
09/09: no spend! We packed a lunch for the park when we normally would have eaten out. It was great!
09/10: no spend!
09/11: I fell off the bandwagon To my defense, I ordered $161 worth of stuff from a Melissa and Doug co-op and it's all at a great price and all for Christmas gifts. Sigh. I couldn't pass it up.
09/12: $6 at the indoor pool. We went during "happy hour" and saved almost 50%, so that's at least a little good, right?
09/13: $12.50 on tie-dye materials and a sno cone for my DD
09/14: no spend! We even went to Goodwill for a little trip out of the house and I didn't bring my wallet. I am so glad! I would have spent $$ if I had it!
09/15: DP and I went on a date and spent $30 at the movies. Then we took the kids to a local festival. I was sure it would be cheap, but of course, the tickets to play games and such are $1 each. We ended up spending another $30! Grrrr. It was sort of bugeted. DP and I badly needed a date, but I wish we wouldn't have spent so much at the festival.
09/16: no spend!
09/17: $11 on lunch. I hadn't planned on it
09/18: no spend!
09/19: no spend!
09/20: no spend!
09/21: no spend!
09/22: no spend!
09/23: no spend!
09/24: no spend!
09/25: no spend!
09/26: $5 on mochas for DD and I. I specifically got these as a treat for us. We haven't had very many this month and so we went to the super cheap place to get them. Usually they are like $4 a piece, plus tip!
09/27: no spend! I actually tried to spend money, at Goodwill, but nothing that we needed was there!
09/28: It was a big spend day, though I knew it was going to be. My DDs and I were out of town today. $30 on lunch. $2.25 on ice cream. $6 on drinks. $20 on dinner.
09/29: $8 on parking downtown.
09/30: $17 on pizza

GOAL: more green than red days! As of today, 17 green days and 12 red days!

Weeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!! One month completed! This was fun, mamas. On to October!
michelle524's Avatar michelle524 10:10 AM 10-01-2007
The month didn't end on such a good note for me. I spent $72 at Carters. (Let me justify by saying I have only personally purchased 4 outfits, 3 hats and 2 pairs of shoes for him since he was born. Seriously. I got so many gifts and hand me downs, I didn't need to. But there was a 70% off sale so I got 2 pairs of pants for this winter, 2 sets of pjs and 8 items for next spring through fall. Average price of $6 per item can't be beat (well, for name brand new that is!). His bday and Christmas are coming, so I'm sure I won't need to buy more for the year.

But, DH and I ate take out or actually out Friday, Saturday and Sunday. That was bad.

Overall, I can say that I don't spend on too much unnecessary stuff other than food. Not counting DHs lunches out (every day at work) or some of the take out he bought with his spending money, we spent about $310 on food out. And that's on top of the $250 we spent on food for in.

Opened my eyes, I'll say that much.

Great month everyone!! See you in the Oct thread!
CandyApple's Avatar CandyApple 11:40 AM 10-01-2007
Ok - I want to finish this month, but I've been absent from this thread for over a week! Here's the monthly list

Sept 1: +$30 SIL's yard sale
Sept 2: $21 on comfort food, $31 on fabric for friend's baby quilt
Sept 3: $5 on chick flick rental and junk food
Sept 4:
Sept 5: $20 school books
Sept 6: $14 mothering mags, $10 pizza
Sept 7: $5 happy hour with girls

Week 1 Total: $76

Sept 8: $30 kids consignment shop (partial need), $5 paint sample , $10 decoration stuff, $2 snacks
Sept 9:
Sept 10:
Sept 11:
Sept 12:
Sept 13:
Sept 14: $10 at consignment shop, $10 in kitchen stuff, $10 over groc budget
Sept 15: $13 in canning supplies, impulse drink

Week 2 Total: $90

Sept 16: $9 on shirt for ds
Sept 17:
Sept 18:
Sept 19:
Sept 20: $25 Harvest Festival, $18 extra groc
Sept 21: $8 food out
Sept 22: $3 Kettle corn at H. Festival, $14 propane refill

Week 3 Total: $77

Sept 23: $10 McDs breakfast/snacks, $7 Cider Mill
Sept 24: $30 Gift Card Thank you to friend
Sept 25:
Sept 26:
Sept 27: $12 Cookbook
Sept 28: $3 Happy Hour w/girls
Sept 29:
Sept 30: Saved $30 on groc this week

Week 4: $32

Total non essential: $285

This seems like a lot, but I'm happy with it. This is all our extra spending beyond the $100 week for groc and gas. Our budget allows $65/wk for extra spending, and I've only gone over $25!!

Hoping for a great October!
anarchamama's Avatar anarchamama 05:06 PM 10-01-2007
1- made $70 selling our extra carseat!
2- $3 but thats all dh and I spent on a date at the movies, we had free passes and bought chips at sev.
4- Groceries 79.02, license renewal 12.00, parking 6.50
5- Groceries 20.68, pregnancy tests 8.02$
6- 220.00$ on textbooks. grrrr. such a scam.
7-library $4, bus far $3.50 (but didn't drive downtown so saved on parking), fries to go with dinner $7.60.
8- Groceries 124.00, internet sub I forgot to cancel 35.00
9- Credit Card fee 120.00$
10- Gas $35.00
11- Parking $2, financial calculator $53.00 (it better do laundry)
13- 1.75 on parking
14- 192.00$ on groceries, 22.06$ on pizza
15-15$ me and ds spend money going to a fundraising party
16- Tuition $838.27, dp made $50 playing a show
17- $387 mtg, $hydro 285.30, phone/internet $110
18-20$ donation, 22$ bus tix, $2 parking
20- 2$ parking, $42 used snowsuit for ds, dh carpool $88.00
21- water bill $171.43, 1$ snack at swimming, $89.29 house insurance, $26.99 value village haloween costumes, $64.20 dp club fees
22- Groceris $117, $68.33 Y membership, 21.06$ dp book subscription
25-43.47 gas, 1.75 parking
26-144$ union dues, 10$service charges
27- $2 parking, 34$ bday gift for my brother, groceries 24.10
28-6.78 postage, 390 mtg, 75 taxes, 212.67 hydro, 139.91 phone, 12 massage, dh and i spent 30 at a lecture
29-made $150, groc 151.71, 10.16 laundry soap
30-23.18 bank fees
Hollysmom's Avatar Hollysmom 10:50 AM 10-02-2007
Sep 1 - = Expensive backpack
Sep 2 -
Sep 3 -
Sep 4 - Another good day. Only bought a loaf of bread and batteries for the camera to tide me over until groceries tommorrow
Sep 5 - $2.12 for coffee & a bagel for breakfast $3.12 for soup and a cookie to go with my sandwich at lunch...I was so hungry.
Sep 6 - Unplanned lunch out with a friend $16.00
Sep 7 -
Sep 8 - Paid for a printer my sister got with her laptop for $20 (which we really needed - ours was from 1998) which was fine since it was planned, but then I realized I forgot to bring some stuff for the baby that we really needed so I spent $20 I really shouldn't have needed to spend:
Sep 9 - Truck had more problems: so I had to buy coolant and oil, not frivolous, but not planned.
Sep 10 - Bought breakfast this morning because I was tired and cranky.
Sep 11 - Only spending today was on some Christmas presents that were budgeted for.
Sep 12 - Ended up going out for lunch
Sep 13 - Only budgeted spending
Sep 14 -
Sep 15 - No spend day
Sep 16 - Only spending was on a planned trip to Canada's Wonderland
Sep 17 - No spend day
Sep 18 - Bought a coffee this morning and my lunch today. The macaroni & cheese I brought just wasn't appealing today.
Sep 19 - Bought take out for breakfast, lunch & dinner today :
Sep 20 - No spend day
Sep 21 - Only budgeted spending today
Sep 22 - Bought groceries today and stayed within budget. We are home for the rest of the day so there should be no more spending.
Sep 23 - No spend day
Sep 24 - Only planned spending today
Sep 25 - Bought my lunch
Sep 26 - Sparks got me again - had fast food because I didn't have time to eat...well, at least the kids got fed at home.
Sep 27 - Went out for lunch, but it was planned
Sep 28 - went out for lunch (again) because I was too lazy to make my lunch last night.
Sep 29 - No spend day
Sept 30 - only planned spending today.

No Spend Days: 7/30
No Restaurant/Take-out Days: 15/29

Well not too bad. Going to try and make October even better
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