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:::Bring on November :::
Oct 1 $63 BRU $327.60 plane tix
Oct 2 $0
Oct 3 $10 Dr. Co-pay $3 Parking hate paying for parking at the Dr.
Oct 4 $0
Oct 5 $5 ice cream at the airport
Oct 6 $106.14 groceries (budgeted) $46.93 travel car seat bag (necessary) $95.00 car repair...not even the repair, just the diagnostic :
Oct 7 $0 Plus we didn't drive a car today. We did eat a restaurant meal but DH said it was his treat. Yes, the $ comes from the same account but I am only holding myself responsible for me here.
Oct. 8 $0
Oct 9 : $1075 car repair $10 Dr. co-pay
Oct 10 Groceries $55.00 budgeted and necessary
Oct 11 $32.00 lunch (me and DH), $37.00 drugstore, and $6.32 ice cream
Oct 12 $0
Oct 13 $0
Oct 14 $0
Oct 15 $0
Oct 16 $0
Oct 17 $5.73 at Wendy's!!! grrr
Oct 18 $6.17 at Rubio's
Oct 19 $95.73 on groceries
Oct 20 : $124.50 at Trader Joe's and $25 at dinner out
Oct 21 $112 in candle stuff
Oct 22 $94.25 at the grocery store $57.04 in gas
Oct 23 $48.07 at the grocery store
Oct 24 $44.71 grocery store $32.01 at a restaurant
Oct 25 $0
Oct 26 $219.25 Costco all essentials and better than I thought the trip would be $17.54 restaurant meal
Oct 27 : $240 Costco $8 pumpkin patch.
Oct 28 : $99 playplace membership
Oct 29 $0
Oct 30 $79.33 on groceries (all necessary as we're cooking and freezing some meals)
Oct 31 $109 at Target

11/15 no spend days
7/8 restaurant meals
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1st Resume paper and tape -- within budget
2nd Food, gas, coffee -- all within budget
4th Gas, $1.07 for a shower card, $6.50 for ds's winter coat, $2.70 for shipping from a previous coop
5th $1.62 for coffee, $0.89 at J. Crew, $19 for pizza
6th spent, but within budget... all reasonable stuff.
7th $11.27 at the deli; $9 for a pair of longies; $21 for a pair of clogs for me; $13 for ds2's Halloween costume; $12 for the sheer miracles coop
8th $122 on food; $2.70 on coffee (which includes a drink for dc, but I'll take it out of coffee), $9 to take ds1 to Friendly's since the library was closed; $10.75 for ds1's costume
9th $39 gas; 1.73 coffee
11th $2.50 coffee for DH and me; $2.50 milk; (DH also spent the following since we were with his daughter: $9 pictures; $25 junk at Target; $35 pizza, etc.; I am not counting this. I am hoping to return the junk to Target.)
12th $8 fast food; $42 sushi $5 gas
13th $35 socks; $50 food; $40 gas
14th $6.67 for coffee and a bagel :; $175 food, which will be delivered on Tuesday; $5 shipping for books
15th $70 food; $2.50 fast food (pancakes); $2.75 coffee; $6 tire repair
16th $1.75 coffee; $7 map; $40 gas
18th $2.50 for a cup of coffee and a banana; $5 fast food; $4 thrift shop
19th Bought necessary stuff at Target (wipes, baking pans, mixed fruit, coffee) for $40 and a few gifts for ds's b-day for $7 at Walmart.
20th Ran a race that cost $20; dh bought coffee and pizza for us $12; bought four gourds for $1; gas $40
21st $30 race, $15 fast food for breakfast, $47 food store
22nd $25 for car set at the second hand store; $3 fast food
23rd $10 bagels, $3 coffee and water
24th $83 groceries, $5 boots for ds1, $40 gas
25th $2.70 coffee for me and fries for ds; $20 on pizza with dsd
26th No spend!
27th $5 for coffee, drink, bagel for us all; $12 Michael's for ds1's b-day; $20 dinner out
28th $6 bagel w/ tofu scallion cream cheese and coffee after riding
29th $232 groceries; $1.62 coffee
30th $30 gas; $3 coffee
31st $14 for a cheesecake to bring to my mom's; I had no time to make a dessert myself. (misc. spending)

food: $996/$800 (groceries and eating out/taking out)
gas: $294/$250
coffee, etc: $34/$30
Halloween: 38.75/$40
fast food: 34.50/$25
misc. spending: $286/$50

Assessment of the month: Way overspent on everything! :
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10/01: no spend!
10/02: no spend!
10/03: no spend!
10/04: $25 on stuff for my older DD at Target :
10/05: no spend!
10/06: $8 on coffee drinks for DD, DP and I
10/07: no spend!
10/08: no spend!
10/09: no spend!
10/10: no spend!
10/11: no spend!
10/12: $20 on ice cream and pizza for my birthday
10/13: $60 on dinner out for DF and I and $7 on Starbucks
10/14: no spend!
10/15: no spend!
10/16: no spend!
10/17: no spend!
10/18: no spend!
10/19: $19 on shipping for the stuff I bought last month in a Melissa and Doug co-op
10/20: no spend!
10/21: no spend!
10/22: $50 on shoes for DF's birthday
10/23: no spend!
10/24: no spend!
10/25: no spend!
10/26: no spend!
10/27: $6 on a swap gift, $50 on dinner/movie with DF
10/28: no spend!
10/29: no spend!
10/30: $6 on Starbucks
10/31: no spend!

1. 23/20 no-spend days
2. $229/$250 on groceries and household items for Oct 26-Nov 8
3. $25/$0 spent on my DDs (who are in need of NOTHING!)
4. 1/2 days taking DD#1 to school on the city bus
5. $210/$425 personal spending on anything I wish

WHEW! Got through the month. Bring on next month! Looking forward to seeing you all in November!

MamaLotusYoga I'm looking forward to seeing pics of your abode!
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Oct 26 - No spend! No drive!
Oct 27 - Groceries $80.90. $38.20 Target. $3.79 Wendy's. $34.34 Gas for DH's car. $9.74 USPS.
Oct 28 - $11.98 Burnt bacon, sent DH to grocery store. Probably a mistake.
Oct 29 - No spend! No drive!
Oct 30 - No spend! No drive!
Oct 31 - No spend! No Drive.

GOALS (For remainder of October):
* Grocery trip $90 or less. $92.88
* At least 4 dayss no spend or spending w/in budget: 4/4
* Starbucks: 0/1 :
* Target Trips less than $50: 1/1

First partial month, think I did pretty well! Congrats to everyone else who met goals! See you over in November!
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spent extra money at office max when picking up some office supplies for my biz. also, my car died in the school parking lot while picking up DD2. it's spending the night there but we'll probably have to have it towed and fixed tomorrow so november will be starting off with a big bang


Oct 20 Groceries
Oct 21 : $50 sushi for BIL
Oct 22 comforter for DH and I (returned spendier one)
Oct 23 Veggie box and Groceries ($5 frivolous otherwise in budget), comforter for DD2, snow tires for DH's car $300 used!, Halloween pumpkins and candy, winter boots for DD1, shampoo for girls, gasoline
Oct 24 car
Oct 25 DH haircut (under budget)
Oct 26 24/$20 for DD1's fall carnival
Oct 27
Oct 28
Oct 29 5.33 for deli food and soap at the hfs
Oct 30 groceries, pet supplies, gas, veggie box all in budget
Oct 31 8.xx office max extras


Plan menu and make grocery list every week! 2/2
Grocery shop once a week only 2/2
Fill up car once a week only on grocery day 2/2
Post used dipes and other stuff to sell on craigslist and tp- done
Cancelled Cable TV, saving us ~$45/month

Upcoming extras:
DD1 Snow boots 28/$35
Comforter for DD2 $43 (now need to make or con MIL into making duvet for it.)
Halloween candy 12/$10 plus forgot about pumpkins 17 dollars
DD1's school fall carnival and auction 24/$20
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Closing out the month and heading for November-
Oct 1-17.00 lunch out: exiled from house for 24 hours due to varnish smell!
Oct 2-9.78 breakfast out,groceries 51.10B,coffee 2.79,gas 36.59B,53.00B IVF meds(a LOT less than I was expecting)
Oct 3-
oct 4-Econ shop 14.50B,5.89 snacks:,6.52B USPS,
Oct 5-19.69 phone,7.92B Bakery,90.00 Dance FeesB (thanks Bubbe)
Oct 6-:
Oct 7-1:7.81BGroceries +15.00 ebay
Oct 8-:35.52B Gas
Oct 9-Groceries 52.00B,42.00B Naprapath,17.01B Gas,6.52 Coffee & snacks
Oct 10- 2.18 for book and doll at thrift shop, getting rid of 4 bags of no longer needed clutter PRICELESS:
Oct 17-2.00 parking.10.00 Gas,9.48 village,12.00 Lunch out w/Dd
Oct 18-15.00 Gas
Oct 19-
Oct 20-
Oct 21- Dinner 22.00, Ice Cream 8.55-a cheap night out PRICELESS!
Oct 22- parking2.00, Glue for Shoe 5.08,Groceries 58.36, Fees 2.00-Still need to buy gas, and then I'm BROKE.+15.00 ebay.
Oct 23-lunch 7.29:, post office 8.14,groceries43.55
Oct 24-
Oct 25- Gas 12.00B
Oct 26-Milkshake 3.18,Shoe repair 3.00B, meds 15.00B,watch repair 10.00B
Oct 27-
Oct 28-32.00 gas,
Oct 29-:27.00 breakfast (sis Birthday),USPS22.73 (Made +33.27),Thrift (also w/ Sis 18.83) Groceries 51.18
Oct 30-' Thumbing myself because I didn't actually eat out on my WORST day of the week!.2.51B Milkshake,produce7.04B.
Oct 31- 12.83-groceries

GOALS(thanks to those with wise ideas!):

1.At least 16 days: 13/30
2.Pack snacks/water for outings/School: 11/30
3.At least two no-car days per week 4/8
4.NO library fines: month to date $10:
5. Come here lots
6.Make lists and stick to them
7. Avoid buying my sweets and bake more. 1/5
8. earn at least 50.00 in sellables this month 63.27/50
9. tally of evil under 100 : 134.00

Acceptable spending:
Dd snowpants-DONE
Twin Sheets- Why did I give all of these away?? freecycle maybe?
Still searching for a lunchbox
Chanukah gift items (only a couple of small things, Chanukah is a minor holiday)
Sellable Items-

Well, I didn't do so good this month-I just can't seem to keep myself from wanting to eat while driving, and I'm not packing enough food for school.
I think I've figured out some things that will help with next month though, I took out 10 for the week-that way I won't feel like I need to spend enough to justify using my CC when making lunch purchases, and bought some kosher sliced turkey to make sandwiches for school (we almost NEVER buy lunchmeat). So I've made my menu and my plan.

It's got to-I've no Idea how we're going to pay everything this upcoming month. Dp did just get a raise which is wonderful, but it doesn't kick in until Dec, and she will end up using most of it to pay travel expenses to her upcoming grad school stint- She's doing a low-res MFA program, which will be great because it DIRECTLY applies to her job (and her love of writing), BUT she alredy has a ton of student loans (many years in grad school working towards a PHd), and this is going to add more
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Originally Posted by mrskennedy View Post

I probably shouldn't say this... : But I never had a single craving when I was pg with DS, and no morning sickness. None this time yet either. But I guess I should shut up now, before I jinx myself!
Wow! Mrskennedy- You are lucky not to have Morning Sickness!
(though I would HAPPILY deal with a little morning sickeness as it's now 2+ years of TTC!)

to tall the Mamas who stuck it out this month! Let's go into November strong and with lots of smileys!
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Man, I was sooo close meeting my no spend days goal one more day..But I did meet my non-essential spending goal so thats progress!
Cant wait to start next month! it should be a busy month..

Oct 1
Oct 2
Oct 3
Oct 4 $28.14 natural foods, .40 late charges at library, $11.00 birthday gift
Oct 5
Oct 6
Oct 7
Oct 8
Oct 9
Oct 10 15.89 Halloween supplies
Oct 11 10.75 etsy
Oct 12 60.90 Disney store:
Oct 13
Oct 14
Oct 15
Oct 16 9.99 tshirt
Oct 17
Oct 18
Oct 19 37.90 co-op
Oct 20
Oct 21
Oct 22
Oct 23
Oct 24
Oct 25
Oct 26 BAD, bad day
Oct 27
Oct 28
Oct 29
Oct 30
Oct 31

No Spend Days: 24/25
No Diaperswappers/etsy: 27/29
Non-essential spending 174.97/200
Save $750

My exceptions:
Halloween costumes done
Disneyland park tickets 1/3 of the way done
Food for dd's birthday party done
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Yea! We made it through Oct. I'm soooo ready to start Nov!:
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Originally Posted by mrskennedy View Post
We actually ended the month with some left over! Don't ask me how... I have no clue whatsoever! We had collections charges, cell phone termination fees, etc at the beginning, and it did not look good... But it turned out fine!
Let's hope that much continues for Nov!
NICE!! There's a good argument for getting back on the wagon. I'm glad you didn't quit
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Oct 1 - $138 diapers (budgeted), $83 groceries, $11 book.
Oct 2 - $133 groceries at 10% Tuesday (stocked the pantry to the brim) $12 BookMooch obligation
Oct 3 -
Oct 4 -
Oct 5 - $63 Thanksgiving groceries (Canadian Thanksgiving)
Oct 6 - $85 baby clothes ($50 budgeted), $35 baby gift for friend, $16 lunch
Oct 7 -
Oct 8 - $5 milk and a toothbrush
Oct 9 - $2.55 BookMooch obligation
Oct 10 - $20 washable diaper pail liner, $20 scarf (budgeted-work clothes.)
Oct. 11 - obscenely expensive haircut...taken out of work clothes budget
Oct. 12 - $7 thrifting for work clothes
Oct. 13 - $200 clothes and shoes for work (budgeted), $30 for drinks at my high school reunion and late night pizza for me and DH afterward (SO not budgeted)
Oct. 14 - $70 groceries
Oct. 15 -
Oct. 16 -
Oct. 17 -
Oct. 18 - $20 gas, made $60 on Craigslist
Oct. 19 - $184 ND appointment for DH
Oct. 20 -
Oct. 21 -
Oct. 22 - $54 groceries, $100 breast pump, $40 necessary health books, $5 self-pity Starbucks after driving all over the city
Oct. 23 -
Oct. 24 -
Oct. 25 - $3 Tim Hortons
Oct. 26 - $20 Birthday dinner for a friend
Oct. 27 -
Oct. 28 -
Oct. 29 - $70 groceries – way over budget.
Oct. 30 - $30 groceries...vitamins etc @ health food store
Oct. 31 -

$508/$440 groceries
$55.55/$25 entertainment
$530 over budget (incl. overage on entertainment and groceries.)

Not a great month for me. I ran up a balance on my credit card which I'll need to pay off in November.

Life lessons: Well, just because you have money budgeted for something doesn't mean you can go out and spend it right all at the beginning of the month. Spending on work clothes was totally discretionary spending, but that money could have covered all the health expenses that came up. Should have waited till the end of the month!

I'm not sure if my you-have-to-spend-money-to-save-money strategy on groceries worked out. I guess we'll see next month if the totals are substantially lower. I did do some hardcore buying on 10% Tuesday and with my 15% off coupon at the HFS and we didn't eat all of it yet, so we'll see if it makes a difference. Since we were still over this month, next month would have to be WAY under for it to work. I'm a bit skeptical.

I also feel pretty bad about the ~ $600 I managed to spend on back-to-work related expenses. I'm trying to keep this in perspective here...we will save $2000 a month if I work, even after daycare, as opposed to the $700 we're saving with me on EI and the $0 we'd save next month after EI ran out if I wasn't working. Still....did I NEED the diapers and the breast pump and the clothes? It's a total grey area and we were supposed to have the cash in hand, but YIKES.

On the good side, tracking my purchases did keep them fairly mindful. I LOVE my new diapers and my day home provider is happy that they're easy, the breast pump has taken the dread factor out of pumping-and-working (hey, if it only takes 10min I can play the 'pump break' card and get even with all the smokers) and DH is already feeling better since his homeopath appoinment - so cheers to that! I have empty-chequing-account remorse, but no buyer's remorse here...so that's gotta be frugal on some level.

November's a new month! See you ladies there!
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