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charmander's Avatar charmander 09:05 PM 11-04-2007
Don't know; don't care. Wouldn't step foot in a Walmart unless a gun were pointed at my head, and even then, very reluctantly.

Benji'sMom's Avatar Benji'sMom 03:20 PM 11-05-2007
My questions:

*How many other mamas out there shop at Walmart for groceries?

Me :

*Organic or non-organic families?
We're generally non-organic.

*Can you get a lot of organic at WalMart?
Yes, but not meat. Actually we don't have ANY organic meat at any store around me.

*If so, what is your opinion of the variety of organic foods? The quality?

I think that the only organic milk/milk products they have now are Horizon brand, which is not the "best" in terms of how they treat the cows. Other than that I guess the rest of the organics are fine. Like the only organic berries around are the frozen Cascadian Farms brand at our WM, the only organic raisins are the...what's it called? Earthbound Farms Organics raisins. They have fresh apples, potatoes, carrots, common produce like that. WM has organic flour too, and I don't think the other stores around here sell that. They have all the different canned beans in conventional and organic too, organic spaghetti noodles, organic dried spices, lots of different things.

*Is it really cheaper to shop at WalMart than the regular grocery and WholeFoods?

For the shopping I do, again that's mostly conventional, WM has the cheapest regular prices and other stores have cheaper sale prices on SOME items. I can't just assume that WM is always cheaper. I buy a lot of stuff when it's on sale at other stores. (Like meat - thank God other stores have good sales on meat so I don't have to eat WM meat!) But stuff like flour, dry beans, staples like that, WM is always cheaper for me.

But I can't compare it to WF (or Costco or whatever else) because we don't have one.
filiadeluna's Avatar filiadeluna 03:26 PM 11-05-2007
Wal-Mart is definitely cheaper overall because of all the generic options, but they do NOT have high quality produce (it's not terrible though), and they don't have many vegetarian or organic options. I generally get non-perishable and frozen items at Wal-Mart, but for fresh items I prefer Publix or Kroger (as expensive as they are - but they do have good buy 1 get 1 free sales occasionally & they are closer to home).
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