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I want to start using the envelope system, but it makes me kind of nervous to go to the ATM and take out a big amount of money. I don't think I have access to the inside of a bank because our C.U. is up north, but we can use other credit union ATM's without fees. So I was thinking I could get cash back at the store, but I've never asked what the limit is. Is there a limit? I would think I'll look a little funny asking for $600+ cash back. Not to mention them maybe thinking I'm commiting fraud.
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Now, keep in mind I'm in a different country than you, but there are defniitely limits and they vary store to store. None of the ones here would come close to $600. The most I've heard of is $100. They just don't keep that kind of cash in the till.

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Here there is one store that only does $10 back and another that does up to $100, but that is the most I have even seen.

Either take a friend to the ATM in broad daylight and have a wallet ready to stick it in or you could just buy 6 different items from 6 different lanes at the store.

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I am not sure about cash back limits I do know that at my atm the limit is $300 for a day.

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When i worked at dillons/kroger the cash back limit at the registers was 40$, but you could go to customer service and get 100$. They don't have the cash available to give 600$ back though.

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Most of the stores I've been to do have a limit, usually $100 or so. Both banks we use also have a $400/day ATM limit as well.
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The store I always shop at has a cash back limit of $100.

My bank has a limit of $300 at the ATM per day and that includes cash back with a PIN at a point of sale.

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Here depending on the store is $20/$40/$60.

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Yeah, most stores have a limit of $20-$100, and it may even vary depending on the time of day. Like, some stores say no cash back after 10pm. I think they keep less in the tills at night to prevent robberies. Also, you may need to check with your bank, as we have a limit on how much can be pulled out of the account per day with the atm card. You should be able to reset it to something higher, but then you may find yourself in a sticky situation should someone get your card.
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something to remember: while $400 (our atm limit) may seem like a lot to us, it's really not that much to a lot of others. i know people who blow thru that in a weekend.
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I've never heard of a store that would give you that much back.

I agree with a PP, it's not that big of a deal to get the money from an ATM. I took a similar amount from an ATM a few days ago. Although it was a PITB to deal with so many $20 bills (I was afraid I'd lose one), it wasn't a big deal. Just take reasonable precaustions, like going duiring the day, and you'll be fine. If it really bothers you to take out so much at a time, you could always go multiple times to take out $100-$200 during each transaction.

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Lots of banks and c.u.s around here have drive up ATMs. You never leave your car. They seem pretty safe.
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There are different kinds of limits. You have a daily limit with your debit card when you use it as debit (using your pin #), most people with good bank history max around $600. Remember, this is bank "days" so the weekend, Friday from 2- when your transactions are processed again = 1 day. You can always call your bank and request they change the amount.

As pps said stores will have limits also. A drive up ATM is probably your best bet. Have everything ready in your car, doors locked. Scan the lot as you approach. Roll down your window and get the transaction done quickly. Roll up your window and count your cash before leaving the ATM. Done. Really, 2 minutes max. You could split it into trips once a week or whatever too. Carrying $600 in your purse is alot more dangerous than getting it out of the ATM, IMO.
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I find it actually better to use my ATM card than cash, because I have a receipt for every transaction, and can plug this into my excel budget spreadsheet. I can see how much I've spent and how much I have left. Cash is just too risky, someone can snatch your purse or you can lose the envelope or a million other things. Your card is replacable and you have limited or no liability if unauthorized transactions are done with your card. Cash is lost forever. I also find I spend more with cash, because say, I pull out twenty bucks to pay for a $15 bill at the grocery store, then the other $5 disappeared in something else and I'll have no real idea what it was. Even if i lose a receipt for an ATM transaction, I can always check online.

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