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View Poll Results: How much do you pay for housing (mortgage or rent) per month?
$200 or less 10 2.09%
$200-$300 10 2.09%
$300-$400 8 1.67%
$400-$500 16 3.35%
$500-$600 30 6.28%
$600-$700 42 8.79%
$700-$800 49 10.25%
$800-$900 32 6.69%
$900-$1000 34 7.11%
$1000-$1500 118 24.69%
$1500-$2000 64 13.39%
$2000-$2500 39 8.16%
$2500-$3000 12 2.51%
$3000-$3500 8 1.67%
$3500 or higher 6 1.26%
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LilMama23's Avatar LilMama23 06:05 PM 03-18-2008
Our mortgage is about $1600/month on our tiny townhome. It's a solid 60% of our monthly income.

~PurityLake~'s Avatar ~PurityLake~ 06:09 PM 03-18-2008
I pay $355 a month in lot rent. I live in a trashy, dilapidated mobile home.

I bought said home for $11,000 in July, 2005 on a credit card advance.

I now owe $4300 on that credit card, paying about $100 a month now.

I only counted the lot rent in my vote on this poll, though, but I suppose I could have easily counted the $100 I'm paying a month on my credit card for my trailer.

I really hate where we live.
mama_b's Avatar mama_b 06:11 PM 03-18-2008
Our rent is $625 per month for a 980 square foot, 2 bedroom townhouse.
msjd123's Avatar msjd123 06:19 PM 03-18-2008
Originally Posted by Blue Tulip View Post
We're in Northern Cali...need I say more.

We absolutely love the area, but the mortgage is very high. Our house was a steal in our area at $575K, and we pay around $2900 a month for mortgage.

Wow, that IS a steal! I grew up on the peninsula, and my mom is still a real estate agent there, so I know what the prices are like. Well done!
matey's Avatar matey 06:25 PM 03-18-2008
I live in a 1600 sf home in a nice little neighborhood. It has 3 bedrooms and 2 baths, with a good sized yard.

I pay 571.00 a month, this includes tax/escroe. I live in Springfield, MO. The house was 94,000 and I had a $20,000 down payment, which helped out quite a bit.
MamaRBH's Avatar MamaRBH 08:58 PM 03-18-2008
$1500-2k here on our 4 bedroom home... were in NC.

We also have a 3 bedroom home we rent out for $1k a month.
jtbuko's Avatar jtbuko 09:17 PM 03-18-2008
You are all making me want to move someplace cheaper!
josybear's Avatar josybear 12:12 AM 03-19-2008
many of you pay more per month than we make, overall. i'm glad i live here.

at our old house we paid 250$/month for mortgage & taxes. we upgraded and now pay 450$/month for taxes & mortgage. i recently upped the payments to 550/month and cut 10 years off the mortgage.
i was looking at acreages with run-down houses/ trailer for less than 10 000$ today. we're debating selling here before the market dies and buying rural as soon as the market and interest rates go down. we'll see. but we could probably buy a small farm with cash if we did that.
MilkTrance's Avatar MilkTrance 04:46 AM 03-19-2008
Actual mortgage cost is $926 on a $158,500 mortgage. House is worth about $275,000 5 years later.

But I voted between $1,000 and $1,500 because of property tax, which is paid annually, but still has to be budgeted for.
MilkTrance's Avatar MilkTrance 04:52 AM 03-19-2008
Originally Posted by jtbuko View Post
You are all making me want to move someplace cheaper!
I think that, in some instances (not all, obviously), it is worth the extra money. Where I live, you pay for scenery. I live on an island and the houses closer to town and the amenities, and on the seawall, are $1 million for the same size as my house. But it literally is a million-dollar-view. Likewise, I'm sure I could move into the country, far away from any water, mountains, scenery or nice weather, and buy a $20,000 house. But I'd miss it here so much!
jtbuko's Avatar jtbuko 05:59 PM 03-19-2008
I agree that there ARE places where the extra $$$$$$$ are worth it if you can swing it
Purple*Lotus's Avatar Purple*Lotus 07:37 PM 03-19-2008
$420 a month for rent.

We rent a modest house (modest meaning small ). It is in a nice, family neighborhood. We have been here for about 3 years now, but if we ever can get pregnant, we would probably need to move because we don't have much space here.
xekomaya's Avatar xekomaya 08:30 PM 03-19-2008

But that includes property tax & PMI for at least another year - we're working hard to get it off though!
MyTwoAs's Avatar MyTwoAs 12:25 AM 03-21-2008
We live in the county in our state with the highest property taxes - yay us. Our little community is called the "cash cow" of our mostly rural county because of the large amount of houses and property. PITI we're just under $2100/mo and that is with a 6% fixed rate mortgage.
Jodie's Avatar Jodie 12:45 AM 03-21-2008
We pay $650 a month in rent.
We live in central Alabama in a small college town. Our house is 2 bed 2 bath, really old(character), big back yard, and walking distance to most everything including the park.
Most places our size are going for much more now, but we have lived here for about 5 almost 6 years and they have only raised the rent once. When we moved in, in 2002, it was $550 a month.

We are looking to buy in a couple of years and want our mortgage, tax and insurance to be at or less than what we are paying now. We can't afford anything more.
We plan to stay here till we buy. Would like to buy this house.
my2girlz's Avatar my2girlz 09:32 PM 03-21-2008
$1922 including PMI and property taxes. Yuck!
AnalogWife's Avatar AnalogWife 01:42 AM 03-22-2008
$867 incl. taxes and insurance. We live in a small Northeastern city, we bought a dump for $149k which we are fixing up. The city gave us $30k for a down payment.
EviesMom's Avatar EviesMom 01:53 AM 03-22-2008
Well, as you can see by my "location," I live where it's expensive... mortgage, home equity loan, and maintenance (pays for things like the doormen's salaries... crazy to think every now and then that I live in a DOORMAN BUILDING!) About $3K/month.
RoadWorkAhead's Avatar RoadWorkAhead 11:07 AM 03-22-2008
Our mortgage, includ. taxes and insurance (With riders for flood, etc. b/c of location) is 608.85/month on a 30 yr. mortgage, but we've accumulated equity due to market changes in excess of 50k now, so I'm thrilled with it. We hope to have it paid off in the next 5 years and use it as rental property since we're near to campus in a big college town.
noahandlinasmom's Avatar noahandlinasmom 04:33 PM 03-22-2008
We pay $725 mortgage with taxes/insurance + $125 assoc. due. We have a nice almost 1000 sq foot 2bed/1bath condo with a huge fenced back yard. Although it's a lower middle class neighborhood, it is very safe and clean and mostly young families or retired citizens.
vm9799's Avatar vm9799 04:44 PM 03-22-2008
our mortgage (includes PMI, taxes & insurance) is $595 per month. we live in an almost 3000 sf (including basement) 3 bedroom, 1 bath all brick cape cod with a full basement, built in 1935, in the's CHEAP to live in the midwest!

here's a photo of our house.....
superstella's Avatar superstella 04:53 PM 03-22-2008
Originally Posted by vm9799 View Post
our mortgage (includes PMI, taxes & insurance) is $595 per month. we live in an almost 3000 sf (including basement) 3 bedroom, 1 bath all brick cape cod with a full basement, built in 1935, in the's CHEAP to live in the midwest!

here's a photo of our house.....
Beautiful house!
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