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Alright, well, I guess April is just about over. Here is a recap of the month:

--We did pretty darn well sticking to the budget. We were over by $34.47, but I'm still pretty happy. And, barring someone holding a gun to our head and making us go to Chili's tonight, we will have succeeded in not eating out once during the month of April!

-- Our snowball is a little stalled as we are paying for my summer nursing classes. However, it feels really good to be paying for these courses in cash. We've paid $260 thus far, and I have another payment of $880 due May 14.

-- Some of our snowball money is tied up start up costs for my husband's landscaping business. He took a year off, and is basically starting the business up from scratch (he used to live in the next county over). Thankfully, landscaping has very little overhead once you have the machines!

So I feel good about the month. I think May will be even better though!

Mommy to two super cute kids.
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Hey all just checking in... if Jaime is on hiatus I can start the thread for May...
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Hey all,

Jaime is having trouble with a super slow internet connection. She asked me to do the thread for May, so here we go:


Midwife (CPM, LDM) and homeschooling mama to:
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well heres my May 1-15th budget:

Paid 1359.84
Mortg. 1055
Food 130
Directv 70 (any day now i should get my rebates applied )
Dh car pmt 270
gas 50 (SHOULD be alot less so it will probably go towards food)
water/sewer 58.40 (somehow last month got missed
eating out 40
auto savings 50
+550 2nd half month savings
+40 chase rewards payment
=226.44 kept in savings for snowball (and really the auto savings of 50 also so i have $275 to apply towards my car payment)

i went to my bank yesterday and applied $458 that had been piling up towards my car. the pay off "today" amount is $7876 after the 400 payment.

so our normal payment is 190
+50 (been adding that much all the time)
+100 (savings i can apply since our ef is full)
+275 (this is the very least i can add since bills will go down)
= extra 425/mo i hope! wow that looks really good on paper....

that means in approx 13 months it will be paid off. wooot!
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