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I don't have air-conditioning, but in summer (say late January) it is easily 29degC/84degF in the house by 9am. We have ceiling fans, and they do help, but it is still very hot & humid. In the evening the temp might drop to 25-27
degC/78-81degF, which still feels pretty intense at times. THe good side is that we don't have outrageous electricity bills each summer month...

And I definitely don't take instruction from my husband at any time..... crikey, i am so not interested in that power struggle...

Originally Posted by phatchristy View Post
We live in FL. My DH and I are in a near constant battle about the a/c. I have NO PROBLEM with it getting up to 80-82 in here (with the windows open) without air.

Yesterday, he came home and complained. It was 81 degrees in here with the windows open. KEEP in mind I was also cooking, so likely it would have been a little cooler in the kitchen if I hadn't been. He said he was hot. None of the kids complained! I felt just fine! We weren't sweaty or anything.

So, he closed everything and put the air on and got it down to 77 or so.

Today, he instructed me to leave the air on all day. Which it was running this morning, when it was like 70 outside. The thing is, the roof and attic is hot, and though we had extra insulation blown in, still the house will heat up from the sun beating down on it.

So, I shut the air off.

I am not only frugal, I try to be environmentally conscious. I'd rather not use the energy if I don't have to. And, right now it's 74 degrees outside, and the high will be 80 today.

So, I need to know, am I crazy for letting it go up to 80 degrees in the house?

Aussiemum (43), DH (42) DD (16), & DS (14).
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I have rosacea, and it flares up pretty quickly - so while I try to be "green" we are having air conditioning installed this spring. Once it hits 72 degrees in our home I'm uncomortable.

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I turn it on if it is over 80 or so in the house. I live on the "other" side of washington and it can get quite warm here in July and August (95-110) But it is a dry heat so it is not too bad.
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I turn the air on before it reaches 80 in our house, but I live in a really humid part of the country, so by the time it reaches 80, it's disgusting.
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I live in Houston, which is too hot and humid for me. It is off right now (highs in the 70s) but when we start getting uncomfortable (or the humidity kicks in big time), we'll put it on to 78- 80.

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We live near Little Rock and turn the air on if it gets around 80, give or take a couple of degrees. Humidity definitely is a factor.
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Hit 92 today and we called the land lord to come tomorrow to turn the cooler on! I was so happy with how well we where dealing with high 80s and no cooler with the windows open and not cooking so much durring the day. Today got to be too much though, just sitting around I was yucky

I do not blame you! But we each have out level of comfy!

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