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Rent: $2200/month, covered by DH's employer-we pay renter's insurance
Health Insurance $0, again covered by DH's employer
Car Insurance $2100/year for 1 car but high COL area and full coverage
Electricity $0, included in rent
Cable $0, we don't have cable
Cellphone $10/month if that, we have a pay as you go phone
Water $0, included in rent

A supportive military wife and mama to my busy boy and sweet girl.
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Rent: $350 (low income housing)
Health Insurance: don't have
Car Insurance: $638 a year for both of us
Electricity: $50 a month (300 kwh)
Cable: don't have
Cellphone: $90 a month for home phone, cell phone and DSL
Water: included with rent
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Mortgage: 765 this includes taxes and insurance- small, older 2 bed home. The mortgage itself is about 620.
Health Insurance: 60 a month for self. Dh is fully covered through his work and DS qualifies for medicaid through the adoption assistance program.
Car Insurance: 140 2 cars fully insured with high limits (required by job) 03 Matrix and 08 Patriot
Electricity: 60-110 varies based on weather
Cable: 100 this includes internet
Cellphone: 85 for 2 phones (no home phone)
Water: 90 quarterly- this is sewer as well- I think just water is 30 a quarter.
Oil: 275 mo- we are on a budget plan and that's our new patment...crazy!

After looking at the other posts, I really should shop around for insurance...

Alicia DH Mike DS Gage Lola & Zeus Fishy Dishy, Charkey and Shark
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Mortgage: $1599 for a 4br/2.5ba house
Health Insurance: $0, because DH is Air Force
Car Insurance: $79, which includes our property insurance as well
Electricity: $80-$120 depending on AC usage
Cable: $110 for cable, phone, and internet
Cellphone: $86 for 2 phones
Water: Not sure....

~~Kristina~~ Mama to DS(10/30/01), DD1(VBAC 3/28/04) and DD2(HBAC 5/21/06)
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Rent - we have a mortgage- about 900 per month including insurance and property taxes our house is about 1600 sq feet
Health Insurance- I think we pay 250 out of pocket. comes out of dh's check
Car Insurance -142 per month- we have 2 cars and great driving records
Electricity- anywhere from 50 (in winter- we have gas heat) to 200 in summer (it gets HOT here) gas is 50 (in summer) to 100 in winter. we have 300 per month budgeted for both.
Cable- we only have basic and pay 10. for the "reg" package (no movie channels) it is 90
Cellphone- 2 phones- 85
Water- about 50-60 per month we get city water-a nd it is billed every other month and includes sanitation. it is rarely over 115 for 2 m.
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Originally Posted by MamaPyratekk View Post
Ugh, that's what I was afraid to hear . The thing is that with his new job it's a 10/99 job so they don't have insurance so we have to get private insurance. Any idea of something that is affordable, yet has good coverage? We are using that for now only because it gave us extension of the benefits he had from work which included prenatal - which I needed since I was already pregnant and most companies won't let you switch mid-pregnancy or it's considered "an existing condition" and they won't cover it
The way insurance companies treat pregnant women infurates me.

Here are a few thoughts:

-If you want to swith before you deliver think about state aid for the rest of your pregnancy. Our state covers pregnant women (no income qualification) and 6 weeks of pp care.

-Start looking for insurance now! Look at independent agents in your area. If you don't know where to start ask your Country or State Farm agent and they can usually point you in the right direction. Also Blue Cross offers independent coverage for $300 - $400/month in our area.

Best of luck

Rachael ~ Wife to : DH ~ Son 4-24-07 ~ 6-24-08 ~ Daughter 7-22-09
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Rent- Mortgage of $512 a month

Health Insurance- $72 per week

Car Insurance- $82 per month (2 vehicles, one has full coverage, great driving records)

Electricity- varies from $45-$90 per month (higher when using the AC, lower when AC not in use)

Cable- $125 (internet and cable tv with DVR and movie channels...OY! DH argues it's our only entertainment, I could do without a bunch of stuff and get it down to $37 a month like we used to)

Cellphone- $42 per month

Water- $50 per month (includes our garbage and recycle pickups)
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Not momma yet, but momma to a ton of furry, scaly, slimy and feathery critters. whale.gifribbongreen.gif
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Mortgage - $2800/mo, that includes taxes & insurance, but once the town figures out they should tax on the house and not just hte land, this should be more like $3100/mo - insurance also includes my jewelry. We live in a high COL area and just moved to a new larger house.
Health Insurance - $382/mo through DH's work, this is what we pay for premium, but there is at least $700 we have to pay befor ethe plan kicks in.
Car Insurance - $115/mo for 2 cards, one older (10y) one newer (3y)
Electricity - between $125-250/mo - about $125-150 for most of our normal elect, add another $150 for summer a/c months.
Cable - $167/mo (all three services, plus HD and some other features blech)
Cellphone - $0 (DH through work, mine is free on a family member splan)
Water - $30/mo though I'm not sure with the new house w/sewerage
Gas - $25/mo summer to $300/mo winter, though with the new house I'm not sure, however its more insulated than our older smaller house.

Mightymoo - Mom to DD (6) and DS (4)
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Rent $875
Health Insurance $0 ($3500 deduc. w/$2400 HSA card paid by my employer; $35 office co-pay, $10 generic drug co-pay; partner has kidney transplant and has state low-income coverage which is why we aren't married - his care costs ~$1-2K per month which his insurance covers)
Car Insurance $220/month (full coverage on 2 trucks, 1 motorcycle, $150,000 in renter's coverage for belongings and living expenses if our house burned down)
Electricity $200-400/month (all elec. + non efficient house - we're becoming "over it" :
Cable $90.00 directv
Cellphone $120/At&t family plan
Water $0

Other monthly expenses (food $300-400 includes eating out, DSL/landline $75, gasoline $60 (short commute plus ride my bike in the summer/$4.69/gallon), credit card debt $200-300, 401K contributions $250, premiums on 2 $150,000 accidental death insurance policies $25 total)

Interesting question!
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Mortgage~~~1800.00 this includes taxes and insurance.
Health Insurance~~~750ish (dh's isn't subsidized)
Car Insurance~~~195. monthly. three cars, high col area
Electricity~~~ winter 200.00 summer 350.00
Cable~~~130.00 cable/phone/internet
Cellphone~~~140.00 family plan three phones, DH uses for business so 2100 minutes.
Water~~~60ish monthly, but includes twice weekly trash p/u, curbside recycling, and yard waste. (this is a mandatory city charge) We do not pay sewer charges as we have septic.
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Originally Posted by rubelin View Post
wow, I don't realize just how high the COL is here until I see other people's numbers.

I'm in Los Angeles, single mom household with 2 kids. Ex still shares some expenses and does his laundry here.

Rent - $1275 (GREAT deal on 3 bdrm on 1/5th acre)
Health Insurance - ex pays, don't remember the numbers but it was pretty low for fam. of 4
Car Insurance - $300 ('05 Odyssey, '07 Sentra)
car - $450 (for my Odyssey, ex pays about $400 for his Sentra)
Electricity - $75 - $150 depending on how careful I am and the time of year)
Gas - $50 - $100
Cable/Internet/Phone - $135
Cellphone - $60 (old family plan with 300 mins)
Water/Refuse - $50
I sometimes think the same thing -- i.e. not realizing just HOW expensive it is here -- and yes, that's a fantastic rent for a 3 bedroom place. Wow! I have a good friend who's paying $1175 for a 1 bedroom apartment in a sketchy part of Van Nuys.
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Rent - none (we live in a family owned house so we don't have to pay until DH is done with school, instead, he runs the farm) But, on paperwork we put $500-550. It's a 3brm 1bath 1100sq ft home.
Health Insurance - ~$400 for all 4 of us. Too much for what we get (or rather, DON'T get) $1000 deductible with 70/30 coverage, and they hardly cover anything.
Car Insurance - ~$500/6 months for 3 cars right now, but one is getting dropped (one is new so we're selling the other) So when we're back to 2 it'll be around $350/6 months. We have Geico.
Electricity - ~$50-60 in summer, $75-85 in winter
Cable - Don't have cable
Cellphone - Our phones are on our parents' plans so I don't know?
Water - We have a well so don't have a water bill

Me (27) DH (30)...9 Years

DD (7) ~ DD (4) ~ DS (3)

Praying our April 2013 baby sticks!! joy.gif

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Rent $420 tiny house
Health Insurance $250 for two adults
Car Insurance $90 a month (a small amount of this goes towards renter's insurance though), two cars, one only has liability, the other fully covered- one Saturn, one ancient Cavalier
Electricity $66 a month- we have no central air
Cable- 0 we do not have cable
Cellphone $13 a month covers both prepaid cell phones for emergency use only, we must add a card every three months to keep them current
Water $60- this covers garbage pickup and sewage as well

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Per month:

Rent $700 for tiny 2br
Health Insurance - $90 (going up to $900 at dh's new job-we won't be taking it)
Car Insurance - $89 ($430 twice a year plus renters of $200 a year)
Electricity - $100
Cable - $107 (cable/internet/phone)
Cellphone - $0-no cell phone
Water - $0 included in our rent

AP Mom to 5 knit.gifhomeschool.giftoddler.gif

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Mortgage - $2000, 15-yr mortgage including taxes and insurance, 1100 sqft on 5 acres
Health Insurance - $800, 2 adults, 2 kids, private insurance because dh is self-employed
Car Insurance - $80, 2 cars
Electricity - $300 in the summer with A/C for us and FIL in his trailor and all of dh's computers for his work
Cable - $30
Cellphone - ~$10, we have a prepay one
Water - $22

Momma to three fine children, one that lives in my heart and two that live in my arms.
Circumcision is wrong, regardless of gender
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Rent Mortgage $1300, property taxes $220, HO insurance $80
Health Insurance $120, the rest paid by dh's work
Car Insurance $135, 2 cars
Electricity $125
Cable N/A, don't have cable
Cellphone N/A dh's is through work and I don't have one
Water $75

Midwife (CPM, LDM) and homeschooling mama to:
14yo ds   11yo dd  9yo ds and 7yo ds and 2yo ds  
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Rent: $1150 for a 3 br house. I receive $1200/mo housing allowance, so this breaks even
Health Insurance: Free for me and family- I am active duty
Car InsuranceL $475 every 6 mo for 2 cars
Electricity: About $120/mo
Cable: Direct TV $135/mo
Cellphone: $120/mo- Nextel - 2 phones
Water: 50-80

Married to my best friend since 08/05
Joyful mother to DS born 11/07 and DD born 04/10 (an unexpected HB)
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Mortgage ---- $1100 m/ + $250 HOA
Health Insurance - Don't have
Car Insurance --- $76.00/month - 2 cars
Electricity--- $60/m
Cable --- Don't have (we also use our neighbor's WiFi connection)
Cellphone --- $80 for 2
Water- included in HOA
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Mortgage - $541/month
Health Insurance - $800/month + $600/month to a HSA (dh is self-employed)
Car Insurance - $200/month (2 teen drivers - YIKES!)
Electricity - Equalized payment of $300/month for electricity & natural gas
Cable - $80/month for cable/broadband
Cell - $125/month for 3 phones with nationwide calling and unlimited texting (both teens are/will be at college in another state)
Water - $40/month for water/sewer
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Rent $375.00 / month 3 bedroom, older house, no
counterspace, did not include fridge or stove, semi-
bad neighborhood

Health Insurance $13.00 / week vision for me, dh, one kiddo & dental
(i kind of guessed me and dh only +
on this one) $13.00 / week towards fsa

Car Insurance $47.00 / month 93 ford escort wagon, 1 driver (me)

Electricity $103.00 / month

Cable $80.00 / month DISH network + less than that for
for a cable/internet bundle

Cellphone $20.00 / month prepaid virgin mobile for
more than we need but the smallest amount available

Water $36.00 / month includes garbage and sewage, not
currently washing clothes at home
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We live in the Seattle area. All of my numbers are the average for the past 12 months

$2253 (Mortgage) + $46 (HOA) = $2299

Health Insurance
$0 (excellent coverage through DP's work. Some dental bills, lots of OTC allergy costs)

Car Insurance
$102 (averaged between two carriers, last year was $123/month, next year will be $89/month because we switched to Progressive mid year)

$104 --- includes Natural Gas

Don't have

$0 as our Chrismtas & Birthday gifts each year, DP's parents give us 6 months of service on their family plan. So, that would be around $25-30/month including taxes (DP has unlimited texting)




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Rent 700 month 4 bedroom/2bath upstairs half of late 1800's house in college town. includes rent, electric, water/sewer/trash & cable TV
Health Insurance 0 now with dh deployed, 120/mo when home
Car Insurance & renters insurance $99/month for a renters, FULL coverage on 2001 Windstar & PL/PD on 1990 98 Regency[
Electricity included in rent gas for heat runs about $120/mo in winter, shut off in summer
Cable included in rent
Cellphone $120 a month for 1 phone with international, unlimited text & YIM, & 900 minutes a month
Water included in rent
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Mortgage: 754 includes taxes/ins small town suburb of Greenville 3/2 1700 sqft

Health Ins: $300 plus $38 for dental family plan
Car Ins: $90-93, but I just adjusted us to pleasure drivers since dh works from home so I'm anxious to see what it will gio down to next month. 2 cars-
'07 and a '98
Electric: varies with teh A/C last month it was 105 this month 171
Satellite: $40
Internet $65, but it gets expensed by dh's employer.
Cell: $42 every few months. we do a prepaid
Water: included trash, yard waste, etc. $10-12 and $35 sewer so $45-50

Birth Photographer mom to four blessings
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South Texas here!

Rent (Mortgage) $1111
Health Insurance $0 (military)
Car Insurance I'll estimate $50, this is combined with home owners insurance and not broken down on the bill
Electricity $250 (mostly AC, working on bringing it waaay down)
Cable Don't have
Cellphone $20 (prepaid, usually a $10 card each for dh and I monthly and used for emergencies only)
Water $80 includes garbage and sewage
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Rent- $570 (lot rent we own our trailer)
Health Insurance- none we have none (not by choice my husband in between jobs)
Car Insurance- $210 a month
Electricity- $160 a month (budget) + $135 a month for propane (butget)
Cable-none (we do have netflix $18)
Cellphone- $75 but we don't have home phone
Water- combine with our lot rent so none

Erin Mama to thing 1 and 2 WAH with CELIAC?! Living and Learning
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Mortgage: $550 (includes taxes and insurance)
health insurance: only ds is covered (thru state program--no cost at his age)
car insurance: $45 (liability only on two vehicles)
electricity: $70, except in summer when a/c is used ($165 to 200something)
natural gas: $35 in summer; $200 in winter
cable: DishNetwork $55
land-line/internet: $55 long distance: $2.22
cell phone: $77 (this is a business expense)
water: $15
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we're in SC (Near charlotte, NC):

Rent - $900.00
Health Insurance - N/A
Car Insurance - $109 monthly (2 drivers / 2 cars)
Electricity - $150 - 200
Cable - $50
Cellphone - $120 monthly (2 phones)
Water - $50 - $70

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Originally Posted by sidshappymamma View Post

car insurance: $45 (liability only on two vehicles)

who do you have car insurance through?? that's very good! we have our's through safeco & it is combined with our home owner's insurance & is still super high in comparison.

homeschooling mama to DD 10 & DS 7 blogging.jpg

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Housing $635 (0% interest mortgage) but add condo assoc dues $208 (Mortgage is WAY cheap for this area- ask me how! 5 bedroom townhouse)
Health Insurance hmm.. not sure, deducted from paycheck $280? (slightly less because I pay 9 months at $280 for a year's coverage Prob $250/month avg) dp's is less, but has less max coverage. His is secondary. We both are required to pay for this through our employment, so not really optional..
Car Insurance $155/month - includes condo insurance (extra added over basic), full coverage for 1 car, basic for 2nd car both are for two drivers.
Electricity $60/month? not sure, overpaid awhile ago, so haven't paid in months.
Cable Free with regular phone service- basic cable channels
Cellphone got a grant for low income people $5/month
Water included in condo dues.

I know this wasn't listed, but my heat is the biggest- $100-$200/month depending on month. I think it will be cheaper in the long run next year, because January is always the most expensive month and we were in the middle of finishing construction this Jan- ie no front door for TWO DAYS, etc.
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