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SoHappy's Avatar SoHappy 12:48 PM 09-09-2008
I finally got up my guts to write "the letter." Now I just have to find the guts to mail it. Here it is. Wish me luck.

Dear Family,
Each day we are reminded of how incredibly fortunate we are. We have our families, our good health, a home and the peace of mind that allows us to enjoy and appreciate it all. We are happy to say that we truly have enough.

This has led us to reconsider how we celebrate the holidays. We have decided that the way we currently celebrate, with excess and good cheer, can be slightly adjusted to become better aligned with our feelings about the true beauty of the season. We would like to increase the cheer by spreading it more widely, and decrease the excess by backing away from the consumerism that has overtaken this special time of year.

This Christmas, we will be sharing our good fortune with others. Instead of giving physical gifts to those close to us, we will be giving to others in the spirit of the season. We will choose some things we can do to help others by giving our time and opening our hearts. If our actions bring anyone even a few moments of the peace and joy that fill our lives daily, we will feel such gratitude for the opportunity.

We’d like your support on this decision. This year, we won’t be participating in the exchange of gifts among adults. We will continue to give gifts to the children, but we’ll also concentrate on finding ways to help them further understand the beauty of family and the gift of gratitude.

This year, at the time normally set aside for opening gifts, we will share with you the things we’ve done to share the beauty of the season with others. We hope you’ll agree that these moments of reflection will be a gift of good will and good cheer for all of us. We’d love it if you joined us in this new tradition. If you choose not to, we understand and thank you for allowing us to celebrate in a way that feels authentic and fitting for the season.

Thank you for all the years you’ve spoiled us with your kind gifts, the thoughts behind them and the love each came wrapped in. We are grateful for the gift of family and enjoy celebrating with you.

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