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kdabbler's Avatar kdabbler 12:52 PM 12-13-2008
At a recent party, a bunch of us conspired to organize a meal swap party. Each person brings 5 family meals for the others to eat. Everyone goes home with 5 meals.

Have you done this before? Any dos or don'ts? Meal suggestions?

Theoretica's Avatar Theoretica 02:55 PM 12-13-2008
I haven't done this but I would love to! I've heard of it...this is basically my understanding:

I make 5 (or however many) of the same main dish meals, put them in gladware or whatever, and freeze? Or Fridgerate?

And then 5 (or however many) friends do the same, we all meet and swap.

Provided there are no food allergies I think this would be awesome.

Is it really that simple though??? If there were enough folks it could be done for a month!