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newbie_mary's Avatar newbie_mary 12:23 PM 09-07-2009
I need lots and lots of ideas for meals that can be prepared in the morning or early afternoon. I teach piano lessons in the late afternoons and usually don't get home until 6, and am in no shape to cook dinner at that point. My ideas so far are soup, crockpot chili, crockpot shredded chicken for tacos, and mac-n-cheese that DH can put in the oven when he gets home (or my sitter could do it).

What else? Thanks in advance for any ideas!


Ola_'s Avatar Ola_ 03:32 PM 09-07-2009
Since you have a crockpot I would think pretty much anything that you can cook in it would work. Here's one website that has tons of recipes: A year of slow cooker recipes
kaaris's Avatar kaaris 04:52 PM 09-07-2009
I'm just a huge fan of having soup in the fridge, ready to go, or in the crockpot. It's super fast and easy to pair it with cheese quesadillas in the evening. You can even make them more substantial, by putting in diced peppers, refried beans, etc...

Another go-to meal idea is salads, everything ready to go. Make a huge salad, and add boiled eggs, or ham/cheese.

Sub sandwiches are great, and everything can be pre-sliced and waiting for you at dinner time.

You can also make a couple of casseroles/lasagnas on the weekend, and eat from them all week.