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Theoretica's Avatar Theoretica 09:03 PM 12-19-2009
Ok I know, not possible BUT...

I'm pregnant and smells are really getting to me. Normally I cook all from scratch and that's fine and dandy. I'm wretching every time I smell ingredients. So I thought I'd pick everyone's brain here for meal ideas that 'throw together' pretty easily? I really haven't ever done a whole lot of convenience food, and I realize it's definitely not as healthy as from scratch, but I'd rather do that and be able to offer a real meal, than be dry heaving so badly we have Ramen. Again.

So let me have your easy convenient, not a lot of prep work menu ideas?

Thanks so much, my family will appreciate this greatly

My easiest meal so far is this:

Chicken breast, chopped
2 cans petite diced tomatoes
4 cups chicken broth
chopped celery
chopped onion

Bring to a simmer until chicken is cooked, add 1 bag frozen Ravioli and serve when heated through.

Now your turn!

Violet2's Avatar Violet2 12:53 AM 12-20-2009
Frozen ravioli with red sauce.

Frozen cheese tortellini with pesto (although store bought pesto can get expensive, but one $7 thing will do 2+ meals for us so the cost is bearable. Red sauce is still cheaper though.)

Italian sausage sandwiches. Newman's makes a pepper red sauce that would be perfect to go on top of this.

English muffin pizzas. Tortilla 'thin crust' pizzas.

Pigs in a blanket--these are so yummy. Crescent rolls wrapped around mini hot dogs. NOT healthy, but very tasty and quick.

Baked quesadillas with veggies and cheese. Saute the veggies in olive oil first.


lil_earthmomma's Avatar lil_earthmomma 04:22 AM 12-20-2009
I sympathize, smells really made me sick with both pregnancies!!!

I often did no cook meals:

Cold meat, egg salad, rolls, cheese, sliced tomato and lettuce etc. potato salad.

Chicken cesear salad
Chef salad (pretty much whatever meat, cheese, hardboiled egg veggies...)



Crock pot meals like
bbq pulled pork on a bun
Aeress's Avatar Aeress 02:02 PM 12-20-2009
We ate a lot of salad with stuff

Salad with diced chicken and cheese
Salad with sliced turkey or ham
Salad with nuts

And lots of fresh fruits, peanut butter, and cereal

Once I was beginning to feel slightly better, I avoided cooking raw meat but dh would do it the day before and I could reheat it. (could this work for your dh, cook a few meats and either freeze and put in fridge?) This helped keep me from feeling sick cooking it, but still healthy.
BetsyS's Avatar BetsyS 10:11 PM 12-20-2009
I'm 13+ weeks pregnant. I feel you pain, though I'm on the upside right now.

-Spaghetti with jarred sauce
-Chicken salad (in previous pregnancies, poultry has grossed me out, but in this one, I really like it A LOT, so the smell of cooking chicken doesn't bother me)
-Lunch meat sandwiches
-French dips. Heat store bought roast beef in packaged au jus mix (in the gravy aisle--you could also use a can of beef broth). Put on sliced buns, top with cheese, and heat in oven until cheese melts. Serve with au jus. These are quick and really good.
-frozen pizza Just keeping it real
-Frozen fish sticks (not really sticks, more of the "piece of whole fish" patty, I guess). Anyway, I cook these, add to a tortilla with lettuce, some sour cream, and some green hot sauce for quick fish tacos.

And of course, the ever popular peanut butter, salads, and canned soup.