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nukuspot's Avatar nukuspot 07:28 PM 02-13-2010
Now that I'm about to be a full time SAHM I am going to really rely on my crockpot if I ever want to leave the house again and also eat homemade organic meals I cook myself.

However I'm freaking because I read archived threads on here about the possibility of crockpots containing lead.

I have 2 crockpots, both Rival--both white ceramic glazed inserts. How in the world do I know if they are safe or not? I just ordered lead testing strips but then I also read that they may not be sensitive enough.

The archived threads did not ever come to a conclusion, but they were from 2 years ago. Can anyone give me any updated info about this?

JessicaS's Avatar JessicaS 04:57 AM 02-14-2010
They do contain lead, I emailed several different companies and have not yet had a response from one that it does not contain lead.

The FDA standard for lead is 2.0
nukuspot's Avatar nukuspot 06:24 PM 02-14-2010
2 questions from that terrible news.

First one is...Do people still use their crockpots or have you all found an alternative? I am about to be a FT SAHM and I was counting on my crockpot to help me greatly.

Second...I assume the glaze is what contains lead. So would Corningware (which also has a white ceramic glaze and looks very similar to my crockpot) also contain lead? I started using Corningware when Dr. Mercola said it was one of the safe baking surfaces.
mamavegan's Avatar mamavegan 11:46 PM 02-27-2010
JessicaS's Avatar JessicaS 05:27 AM 03-02-2010
I asked Hamilton Beach about lead and cadmium and they told me yes to both. They did say they were porcelain enamel coated to act as a barrier.

I asked permission from them to share their email and if they give it I will post it.