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Honey693's Avatar Honey693 01:00 AM 06-26-2010
What do you bring to picnics? We're going to be doing a lot of picnics in the next few weeks at outdoor concerts and such and I am so sick of sandwiches, apples, trail mix and chips. We have a small cooler so we can do a few things that need to be kept cold, but not tons.

paintedfire 08:40 PM 06-27-2010
His advice can be hit-or-miss, but Mark Bittman's picnic list is pretty good. It can be found here.

Among them, I've made the following (not all the the recipes I used came from him, but his are a good starting point):

pesto chicken rolls
roast beef and blue cheese rolls
cornflake chicken bites
grapes and cheese
cold peanut noodles
white bean salad
cold pizza with lemon
marinated feta cheese
cheese balls
strawberries with pepper and balsamic
melon and prosciutto
crab filled avocado halves
salmon and cannellini bean mix on bread/over greens
tuna salad
chicken wings
chicken teriyaki
chicken teriyaki salad
salamis, cheeses, pepper, onion, herbs in vinaigrette with romaine and bread
une sandwiches
steak baguettes
shrimp and pesto rolls
fish fillet sandwiches
berries, pound cake, and cream
sorbet in a thermos with mint (add champagne or not)