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HappyMommy2's Avatar HappyMommy2 05:31 PM 10-20-2010
I just realized don't have very much burger to make meatloaf for dinner tonight ... maybe half pound or so. I just cooked a half bag of lentils. Now what?

What proportions of meat vs. lentils would you use? If I use everything, it will be about 50/50. Is that too much bean??

Any other ideas of what to add?

I was just going to make it like usual: egg, breadcrumb, carrot, onion, a little worcester & ketchup & spices.


HappyMommy2's Avatar HappyMommy2 06:01 PM 10-20-2010
Also - should I smash/puree the lentils?? Or leave them big?

The bag just says "lentils" and they are halfway between brown- and green-colored.