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Dinner - What Are You Having?

apeydef's Avatar apeydef
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Making buffalo Chicken breasts. Zucchini, cauliflower, broccoli, carrots.
mamapigeon's Avatar mamapigeon
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Chicken, broccoli, and rice. I'm trying to clean out the fridge so I'll have plenty of room for all the Thanksgiving stuff next week.
Kate&Joey's Avatar Kate&Joey
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Delicata squash risotto and some leftover naan.
kitchensqueen's Avatar kitchensqueen (TS)
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Pigs in a blanket with green beans! We're down to hot dogs and fish sticks - need to go grocery shopping.
Ragana's Avatar Ragana
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Kids home sick today, so I promised DD1 rice & tofu vindaloo for lunch. Non-curry-eater will have something else. That means probably pasta for dinner, and I have half a bag of scallops in the freezer, so I will probably incorporate those.
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