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Chicky2's Avatar Chicky2 09:34 AM 01-31-2012

You could do ham and scalloped potatoes in one dish.  You could use some for split pea soup.  You could use some in a big pot of collard greens (that is calling my name later this week!).  You can do ham and cheese sandwiches.  Ham and cheese enchiladas.  Ham and broccoli soup.  Ham and noodle and veggie soup.  Ham stir fry.  Ham and cheese and broccoli calzones.  Now I want ham, thankyouverymuch!  Oh, and for freezing, I use a foodsaver, but you can just put it in portions in ziploc bags and freeze (I would suck out all the extra air--stick a straw in the edge and zip til there, suck, remove straw, and seal.)  Or just wrap it in foil if that's all you have.  Just try to use it up in the next 2 wks if it's only in foil.  Be sure to label!


Last night we had the sweet potatoes w/chili cheese and sour cream on top.  Very filling.


Tonight will be chicken and veggie soup.  No chicken left so really just chicken stock w/veggies and I'll toss in roast turkey leftover in the freezer.


Mom31's Avatar Mom31 09:37 AM 01-31-2012

thanks for the ideas mamas!!!  I feel so blessed he did this- I was really worried about what we were going to do!

Katie8681's Avatar Katie8681 02:45 PM 01-31-2012

Originally Posted by Chicky2 View Post
 I use a foodsaver, but you can just put it in portions in ziploc bags and freeze (I would suck out all the extra air--stick a straw in the edge and zip til there, suck, remove straw, and seal.) 

Brilliant! Thanks for this idea, Chicky2.

colemom's Avatar colemom 04:33 PM 01-31-2012

We have been up in the mountains playing in the snow for the past 3 days.  We had a kitchenette in our room, so at least we could do some food ourselves, but we ate out for dinner both nights, happy hours at a mexican place and a pub. Very tasty, but I'm home ready for home cooking again.


My toddler got a stomach bug last night and still has a sensitive tummy and my ds is cranky too, so just buttered noodles, broccoli and fruit for the kids tonight.


It is also dh's 40th birthday today, and he requested enchiladas. So, ground beef/cheese (no beans per his request), flour tortillas and red sauce topped with chopped lettuce, tomato, avocado and sour cream.  And some champers for after the kiddos are in bed orngbiggrin.gif

treegardner's Avatar treegardner 04:58 PM 01-31-2012

DH and I have to pick up our wedding attire from the tailors and then are heading to my parents' house to help my sister with last minute wedding stuff. My mom is making a salad and then we are all going in on some pizza.


kitchensqueen's Avatar kitchensqueen 05:34 PM 01-31-2012


Originally Posted by Mom31 View Post

 Well we are doing ok!  My boyfriend cooked a dinner from Sams of Ribs sunday and sent us home with leftover ribs and rice which we had last night( well kids did- i had rice- I am vegetarian- kids are not.  Then he also cooked a big ham on Sunday and just dropped off a big container of it. I would like to freeze some of it.... how do I do that???


Any ideas of what to do with it besides just heat and serve?  Planning to serve it with potatos and corn tonight.  But I worry kids will get sick of ham if I make it all week lol... so any casseroles or other recipes I can make?

If it's on the bone, take it off, put into portion size containers and just stick it in the freezer. Nothing special. Scalloped potatoes with ham is a favorite at our house. 


We finally did the pork loin tonight. Husband roasted it with rosemary, garlic and olive oil. It was so good! Sweet corn from the freezer and egg noodles on the side. 


Mama505's Avatar Mama505 10:09 PM 01-31-2012


Originally Posted by Chicky2 View Post You could use some for split pea soup. 

YUM! I have been meaning to make this all winter, it just hasn't gotten cold enough to warrant such a warm, hearty dish.  Oh, but I do love it, maybe I'll make some anyway!



Tonight we had breaded baked chicken thighs, roasted potato wedges, and collards (I am on a greens kick).


kitchensqueen's Avatar kitchensqueen 06:51 AM 02-01-2012

I'm think I'm going to make that new Italian sausage and pepper pasta recipe again tonight. We liked it a lot. 

colemom's Avatar colemom 01:19 PM 02-01-2012


Chicken corn soup

garlic bread



I'm cooking down a rotisserie chicken carcass from the freezer this morning for stock and will add some chicken breasts, onion, garlic, carrot, celery, frozen corn, egg noodles and butter.  I've decided to remove gluten from my diet for a bit, so I'm going to separate some for myself before I add the egg noodles and instead add a can of chickpeas, some sliced red pepper and baby spinach and maybe some sesame oil to up the flavor, should be good.

Mom2SammyJoe's Avatar Mom2SammyJoe 01:58 PM 02-01-2012

last night was homemade pizza with pepperoni, ham, and pineapple on half. grapes and pineapple on the side. I made and froze an extra crust, so that will make for a quick meal in a week or 2.


tonight is scrambled eggs with smoked sausage mixed in, toast, and oranges and grapes.


It is also my night to bring dinner for the youth group. I made lots of brown fried rice with veggies and chopped up some grilled Asian-marinated chicken to mix in. I did the cooking yesterday, so I just need to heat it up before I take it in. oranges and grapes on the side and apple peanut-butter bars for dessert. I made a ton, so we probably could have it tonight, too, but my kids don't really eat it that well. If there are leftovers we'll have it tomorrow, or I'll bag it up for the freezer.

Mom31's Avatar Mom31 10:12 AM 02-02-2012

Last night the kids had ham and potatos...

Boyfriend made me a wonderful salmon and pepper curry- it was amazing... I will get recipe from him to share.


treegardner's Avatar treegardner 10:26 AM 02-02-2012

We will be eating out tonight with my parents, grandmother, sister, and sister's DF. All us girls are going to get our nails done and eyebrows waxed for my sister's wedding on Saturday and then work on some last minute wedding things and have dinner.

Ragana's Avatar Ragana 12:23 PM 02-02-2012

I have leftover rice, so fried rice, stir-fried bok choy and mapo tofu is on the menu tonight. Tomorrow pizza bread and milkshakes for a sleepover.

jimblejamble's Avatar jimblejamble 03:47 PM 02-02-2012
Tonight I'm making lasagna with homemade noodles. The filling is going to be tomato sauce, ricotta cheese, spinach, and beef.
colemom's Avatar colemom 03:53 PM 02-02-2012


Salmon BLTs on sourdough

baked sweet potato fries


broccoli and pears for kids

Chicky2's Avatar Chicky2 04:28 PM 02-02-2012

Originally Posted by Katie8681 View Post

Brilliant! Thanks for this idea, Chicky2.

We had to do this with all the meat we butchered before I got a Foodsaver.  Works great!  Just make sure you have name brand bags.  Otherwise you really risk freezer burn.


We're having spaghetti tonight.  My son is 11 today and wanted it.  I've been sick so I'll probably just have my oldest daughters make supper.  We already have a big salad in the fridge.  We'll steam a spaghetti squash for me and my oldest dd to use in place of noodles.  I have to get the stuff for a kittty litter cake for Saturday.  Ick.


kitchensqueen's Avatar kitchensqueen 05:01 PM 02-02-2012

Pasta salad here tonight.

Mama505's Avatar Mama505 05:42 PM 02-02-2012

Chicken and sausage gumbo and cornbread last night... more gumbo and rice tonight!

Attila the Honey's Avatar Attila the Honey 09:13 AM 02-03-2012

Turkey tenderloin with hoisin and oj sauce, brown rice, red peppers and onions.  

Thursday Girl's Avatar Thursday Girl 09:44 AM 02-03-2012


2)Mushroom Stroganoff

3) Black bean and sweet potato Enchiladas

4)Chicken and Rice bake

5)spaghetti (those veggie bow tie noodles) w/ sausage

6) Lentil soup and bread

7) sauteed Kale w/ apples and roasted root veggies

8) Hamburgers, fries, and brussels sprouts

Chicky2's Avatar Chicky2 11:38 AM 02-03-2012

Let's see....2 nights ago we had pork loin braised in salsa and chipotle.  I made one pan of mild and one of spicy.  I sauteed a quart of that corn my sis canned.  I sauteed in bacon grease and added onion and orange bell pepper.  Also sauteed some green cabbage, onions, and celery in lard (home made lard).  Rice for the ones who eat it.


Last night was spaghetti.  I am out of ground meat (already), so used some home made sausage in it.  Salad on the side.  Spaghetti squash in place of noodles for 2 of us.


Tonight I have no clue yet, lol. 

Mom2SammyJoe's Avatar Mom2SammyJoe 02:26 PM 02-03-2012

Last night was lentil and brown rice tacos. Tonight DH and I are out of here! My mom is staying over with the kids and we have a jacuzzi room booked. Dinner will be at one of our favorite places and start with a stack of onion rings!

McGucks's Avatar McGucks 03:41 PM 02-03-2012

Last night, my 16 year old son cooked!  He and I have had lots of struggles lately, so it was extra special.  I went out for a bit and came home to (from scratch, no less) mushroom pork scallopini, whole wheat noodles tossed with some cheese, plain yogurt, salt/pepper, and butternut squash.  He is taking culinary classes in high school and actually offered to make dinner.  It was lovely and I was proud of him.


Tonight, my MIL gave us some fresh catfish that DH will cook outside so it doesn't stink up the house.  Plus mashed potatoes, I think.


eta:  Kitchensqueen--how do you dress your pasta salads?  Mine are always nasty and kinda dry.

SassyJ11's Avatar SassyJ11 04:59 PM 02-03-2012

Tonight for our "kid free" comfort food dinner (in my household of multiple food allergies), I made amazing Mac & cheese from the Daiya Foods website, with some little smokie sausages to go with it.  Tomorrow night will be beef & veggie stew with some gluten free/dairy free dinner rolls.  Mmmmmm!

kitchensqueen's Avatar kitchensqueen 07:39 PM 02-03-2012


Originally Posted by caedenmomma View Post


eta:  Kitchensqueen--how do you dress your pasta salads?  Mine are always nasty and kinda dry.

I'm not big on the mayonnaise-based dressings for pasta or potato salads, so I always do vinaigrettes. Balsamic vinaigrette is our usual standby for the pasta.



Tonight for dinner, my husband cooked. He made broiled honey mustard chicken, buttered egg noodles and steamed cauliflower. And a bottle of Anchor Steam for each of us. Really tasty!

elizaveta's Avatar elizaveta 11:41 PM 02-03-2012

Tonight we had beef stroganoff and buckwheat... I've been eating so much fast food this week - it felt SO GOOD to eat at home! 

treegardner's Avatar treegardner 12:14 AM 02-04-2012

Tonight we had a lovely Mexican buffet at my sister's rehearsal dinner.

Mom31's Avatar Mom31 09:45 AM 02-04-2012

We had a night without kids last night and ordered in chinese.  It was very good. Today are going to a winery and tonight we are making the curry dish again and having a friend over for dinner. It s  soooo good. Sunday we are making stuff for our super bowl party- lots of appetizers

rebirth's Avatar rebirth 01:26 PM 02-04-2012
Grilling honey lime chili marinated chicken for dinner, with some roasted or grilled veggies tonight

Tomorrow we may do some chili.... Pretty sure I have all the ingredients I need for it, just need to thaw the meAt and boil some beans. I usually do it in the crockpot but I am boycotting it untill I can replace it with a lead free one.

This week I am going to start on my postpartum cooking.... Beef stock, chicken curry soup, beef minestrone soup, harvest vegetable and chicken soup and maybe potato leek soup. I'll freeze half or more of everything.

Doula mama to my nursing toddler Noah and June baby otw
Imakcerka 01:39 PM 02-04-2012

Chicken veg soup.  It's smelling yummy!

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