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colemom's Avatar colemom 10:58 AM 04-02-2012


CP bbq chicken wings

roasted vegetables: red potatoes, sweet potatoes, onion, garlic, brussels sprouts, red pepper

broccoli and pears for kids


I think I'll make some banana bread today, too. I have a bunch that bruised quickly and needs to be used up.

kitchensqueen's Avatar kitchensqueen 06:55 PM 04-02-2012

Bratwursts and mashed potatoes here tonight. Things have been hectic here lately and dinner is suffering, so we're planning some crock pot and make ahead stuff for this week - tomorrow is crock pot beef stew and Wednesday probably meat loaf.

ashleyhaugh's Avatar ashleyhaugh 07:42 PM 04-02-2012
Tonight we had roasted chicken and rice with cauliflower. It was supposed to be last nights dinner, but I forgotten to take it out til after church, so it was still frozen at dinner time. We had mini burger's on some yeast rolls I had in the freezers instead. Saturday was pita piazzas, and Friday was Tv dinnern night, lol
colemom's Avatar colemom 05:04 PM 04-04-2012

I cooked up a bag of black beans today, so we're having fish tacos: breaded cod, refried black beans, lightly fried corn tortillas, cheese, sour cream, chopped lettuce, tomato and avocado. Kids will also have carrots and pears.


I started making myself a green smoothie everyday for breakfast and am loving it, but I am going through so much produce! I need to figure out a way to fit even more fruit into the grocery budget, the added greens expense isn't bad, but the fruit is proving to be a challenge.

Mom31's Avatar Mom31 05:06 PM 04-04-2012

yummy asparagus pasta!!!


One of my favorite meals....I finally cooked to :)

OrangeMoon's Avatar OrangeMoon 08:07 AM 04-07-2012

I keep meaning to make Ina Garten's lemon sole again, so maybe I'll do that tonight with a side of asparagus, and a baguette. 

ashleyhaugh's Avatar ashleyhaugh 08:32 AM 04-07-2012
I signed up for bountiful baskets, and got my first one today. For $15, we got 5 tomatoes, 4 small sweet potatoes, a head of lettuce, 2 bunches of asparagus, a bunch of broccoli, a bag of Brussels sprouts, a bunch of bananas, a pineapple,4 grapefruits, 5 apples, and 7 oranges... I'm pretty happy...

However, ive NEVER eaten a Brussels sprout, and ive only cooked asparagus a couple of times.... any suggestions?
ashleyhaugh's Avatar ashleyhaugh 09:04 AM 04-07-2012
Oh, and 4 zuccinni too
Mom31's Avatar Mom31 05:07 PM 04-07-2012


Put in a pan with olive oil, garlic and sprinkle of salt- cook till tender- I think about 10-15 min....


Put over penne pasta.

Sprinkle parm cheese

SO SO SO GOOD!  If pasta is dry add some extra olive oil - it is one of my kids favorite foods!

ashleyhaugh's Avatar ashleyhaugh 11:27 PM 04-07-2012
Sounds good.... ds loves pasta with broccoli and parmesan

I searched here, and ended up trying the Brussels sprouts sauteed with bacon.... not so great, lol.... ds is loving them raw though eat.gif
kitchensqueen's Avatar kitchensqueen 03:32 PM 04-08-2012


Originally Posted by ashleyhaugh View Post

Sounds good.... ds loves pasta with broccoli and parmesan
I searched here, and ended up trying the Brussels sprouts sauteed with bacon.... not so great, lol.... ds is loving them raw though eat.gif

Try them oven roasted. They'll caramelize a bit and get really lovely. Cut them in half, and put them on a rimmed sheet pat. Toss them with a little olive oil and good salt and freshly ground black pepper. Roast them at 400 for 15-20 minutes - until they're just soft and nicely browned. You might toss them a few times so they caramelize evenly. I like a mustard sauce with them - just drizzle it on right before you eat them (otherwise they'll get soggy and gross) - it's just a couple of tablespoons of dijon mustard, 3/4 cup or so of chicken stock and a few tablespoons of butter. Cook the mustard and stock until reduced by about a third. Whisk in the butter. Salt and pepper to taste. If you want to be really indulgent you can whisk in a few tablespoons of cream or sour cream, but I never do since we're lactose intolerant. Super easy and really good!


Last night we grilled steak and balsamic marinated mushrooms. Plus a baguette from our favorite bakery (a treat - my back has been a wreck lately so I didn't feel up to making bread this weekend). 


Tonight I'm making a big batch of bacon and whiskey chili. With tortilla chips for husband and pasta for me. 

MrsGregory's Avatar MrsGregory 12:55 PM 04-09-2012

Brussels Sprouts...


Get the sweet, tiny ones, peel the outer few leaves, cut off the root (edible, but chewy and gross) and put the halfs in a cast iron pan with some olive oil, or, in bacon fat.  (WHAT?!?!?!)  Cook over medium-high heat until soft and caramelized.  Add things like blue cheese, bacon, black bean sauce... maybe not all three at the same time.  They are so, so, so cook.


This week is pea soup.  Just pea soup.  Husband and I will eat pea soup until there is no more, sometimes for more than one meal a day.  I only make the Easter ham so we can have pea soup.  Now you all know.  I'm not ashamed of it!  lol.gif


Edited because I just read and saw that the sprouts were tried with bacon and were not a hit?!?!?!?  I cannot imagine...

MrsGregory's Avatar MrsGregory 12:57 PM 04-09-2012

kitchensqueen, Can we get that chili recipe please?  Plllllllllllleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaseeeeeeee?  orngbiggrin.gif

demetria's Avatar demetria 05:03 PM 04-09-2012

Strawberries and bananas with walnuts:)

OrangeMoon's Avatar OrangeMoon 07:11 PM 04-09-2012

Originally Posted by Mom31 View Post

Welcome Orange Moon!  This thread has helped me a lot your dinner sounds delish!!!

Awww, thanks hug.gif I must have missed this. And there really are so many awesome ideas here! of course I wrote out a meal plan over the weekend, and now I can't find it, lol. Your post reminded me of how much I love sautéed veggies over pasta in the spring/summer. It's what we've done the last two nights so thanks for the reminder!


colemom's Avatar colemom 07:37 PM 04-09-2012

I agree with KQ on the roasted brussels sprouts, I just halve and toss with some olive oil and salt and they roast beautifully. It's our favorite easy way to eat them. I also will finely chop them and saute with butter and garlic, I had them that way in a restaurant once and that's when we started regularly eating brussels sprouts again.



We don't have a lot of leftovers from yesterday, just my parents ended up coming over so I kept it simple. My parents brought a beautiful Niman Ranch ham and I made cheesy hashbrown casserole, roasted asparagus, deviled eggs and strawberry shortcake with a Columbia Valley riesling. We split the leftover ham. So tonight is something easy.


Kids: fish and fries, broccoli and apples

Adults: fish sandwiches with tomato, lettuce and tartar sauce on sourdough, mixed green salad with grape tomatoes and sweet balsamic vinaigrette

Mom31's Avatar Mom31 10:04 PM 04-09-2012

I get my food money tomorrow and I CAN'T WAIT!!!!


Grocery shopping is so great when I can buy in quantity!  We need so much stuff!  ALDI HERE WE COME!

treegardner's Avatar treegardner 11:21 PM 04-09-2012

My sister invited us over for dinner tonight. She made potato tacos and black beans with corn. It was super yummy.

BlueStateMama's Avatar BlueStateMama 11:31 AM 04-10-2012

Ham and mushroom quiche w/ a spinach and strawberry salad w/ maple/dijon vinagrette

Mom31's Avatar Mom31 02:44 PM 04-10-2012

I am making the kids steak corn on the cob and sauteed mushrooms and asparagus as a side.  I have bread and a can of fruit to.


I am so glad we got our food money- there were some cheap steaks reduced so I picked them up. 


Whew.  I made it another month. Oh- and I got some cookies too as a treat  :)

colemom's Avatar colemom 06:27 PM 04-10-2012

Glad to hear Mom31!



I made penne pasta with mushrooms, peppers, zucchini and sausage. Kids also had carrots, celery and apples and dh and I are having salad.


ashleyhaugh's Avatar ashleyhaugh 10:01 PM 04-10-2012
I know, I'm so happy when my card resets, lol. Saturday we hit sams, heb, and sprouts. Most of the meat in my freezers originally had a walmart clearance sticker on it, lol. Sunday we went to my cousins house. I took the ham I bought after Christmas, she did the rest. Yesterday I made oh so yummy, but oh so unhealthy tater tot casserole. My dad came to visit and cooked dinner tonight, we had pinto beans with ground beef, and street style tacos.
OkiMom's Avatar OkiMom 07:44 AM 04-11-2012

Yesterday we had ham sandwiches and salad for dinner.. Tonight Im making Roast steaks, leftover mashed potatoes and broccoli.. Im going to cut and cook up some fajita meat tonight for dinner tomorrow orngbiggrin.gif

Chicky2's Avatar Chicky2 03:56 PM 04-11-2012

Originally Posted by BlueStateMama View Post

Mom31 just went back to catch up the last few days and I'm really sorry - you're in my thoughts...But CONGRATS on your new job!!!!!!!!!!


Chicky - did I miss your goat update? Do you have new babies?


MrsGregory, if you haven't already, please share that red sauce recipe!! 

Yes!  Honeysuckle had 2 doelings!  We are so blessed!  They can both be registered and that was definitely my best barter yet!  She gave us  $600 worth of babies, plus we start to milk her next week.  We'll be milking 2 goats, so I'll be making cheeses and ice cream!



Originally Posted by colemom View Post


I'm making Tom Kha Gai (thai coconut soup), I even went to a specialty store to get fresh lemongrass for it. I'm making it with some chicken and tofu and will also add mushrooms, fresh asparagus I need to use and some rice sticks. Probably some veggie spring rolls, too. I have a scratchy throat and a stuffy head and hoping this makes me feel better.


I'll make the kids chicken tenders, sweet potato fries, broccoli and pears.


I need to work on my menu plan for the week.

We LOVED the Tom Kha Gai I made awhile back.  Would have loved to have fresh lemongrass in it.  Next time my dd goes to the big city (lol) I'll get her to pick some up and I'll freeze it.


Originally Posted by ashleyhaugh View Post

I signed up for bountiful baskets, and got my first one today. For $15, we got 5 tomatoes, 4 small sweet potatoes, a head of lettuce, 2 bunches of asparagus, a bunch of broccoli, a bag of Brussels sprouts, a bunch of bananas, a pineapple,4 grapefruits, 5 apples, and 7 oranges... I'm pretty happy...
However, ive NEVER eaten a Brussels sprout, and ive only cooked asparagus a couple of times.... any suggestions?

Asparagus is AWESOME drizzled w/coconut oil, or olive oil, or whatever, sprinkled w/sea salt and grilled on a gas grill.  Or oven roasted, same seasonings.  So good!  Leave a bit of a bite to it.


Brussels sprouts are awesome oven roasted til caramelized and then I pass w/a sauce made of bacon, onion, garlic, and dijon mustard.  I also add some chicken stock to my sprouts while they are roasting.  In case they are a bit bitter, it gives somewhere for that bitter to go.  Oh, and I just cut 'em in half, take out the core, and toss 'em in oil and roast them at 400F.


Chicky2's Avatar Chicky2 04:02 PM 04-11-2012

Couldn't possibly catch up on what all we've eaten, but it sure wasn't as healthy as it should have been.  We've been working so hard on our earthbag storm shelter so I admit to pizza delivery twice.  I still can't believe we can even get it delivered, lol.  Only one place does it.  We also had huge sandwiches and stuff like that.


Last night I had a bee club meeting and when I got home my oldest dd had made doro wat with freshly butchered domestic rabbit and lots of Easter eggs.  We don't eat it really spicy, so she uses a ton of paprika instead of the traditional red pepper...


I spent time earlier finally deboning my Easter hams (we did 2) and cutting up the meat.  Also cubed up the rest of the brisket we splurged on.  I'm going to freeze it all in small packs so I'll have easy meal starts for upcoming hot weather.


Tonight we are having a crustless ham and asparagus pie and I may make a pear crisp since I need to use up pears.  I am also putting a raccoon in the oven to bake.  I'll shred that and use it for bbq sandwiches or tacos later in the week. (for you newbies on this board, yes I am the resident rednecked hippie chick--see siggie).  Coon is yummy with a mouth feel just like goat meat.  If my daughter traps it, I will cook it (unless it's a possum.  I do draw the line somewhere, lol).  It is also free.

Mom31's Avatar Mom31 04:06 PM 04-11-2012

We had roasted asparagus and turkey meat tacos tonight.  I am cooking!!!  DD of course heated up a can of chicken noodle so she had that too.  My kids think that is the best stuff. ugh- all the sodium and preservatives.  I have a whole chicken in the freezer- anyone care to teach me how to make home made chicken noodle soup and freeze it so I can have that on hand and not have to use the nasty cans.

Tell me everything I need( even what to freeze it in.)


colemom's Avatar colemom 07:05 PM 04-11-2012


Kids: waffles, breakfast sausage, scrambled eggs, strawberries


Adults: steak sandwiches with cheese and sauteed onions on sourdough, salad

OkiMom's Avatar OkiMom 06:41 AM 04-12-2012

Tonight we are having fajitas, refried beans and corn..

BlueStateMama's Avatar BlueStateMama 10:56 AM 04-12-2012

I'm sick (yet again - GI issues I've FINALLY getting seen for next week)  - DH is going to the Bruins game.  I'll probably have saltines and ginerale, DS will have an Annie's Spinach pizza and DD will have soem cooked chicken and fruit - FUN!!!!  (not)

Chicky2's Avatar Chicky2 12:41 PM 04-12-2012

Mom31, here's a good way to make chicken and noodles.  I don't know about freezing it w/the noodles, though.  I wouldn't.  I would have the noodles on hand to toss into the chicken soup.  I would freeze in either foodsaver bags, or ziplocs, or old yogurt containers, whatever you have.  Just don't overfill the bags/jars, whatever.

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