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SundayCrepes's Avatar SundayCrepes 01:34 PM 04-14-2013
Originally Posted by caiesmommy View Post


I don't really have a "recipe" I just blend some cloves of garlic,walnuts,2 avocado,half an onion,a bunch of fresh basil with some olive oil and lemon juice. Then add almond milk if I need to thin it out. I then toss it with the cooked noodles to take a bit of the major spice out of the garlic but I never "cook" the sauce. Kids like it topped with black olives and sliced cherry tomatoes.

It takes longer to cook the noodles then make the sauce. An actual 10 min recipe. Love it

Thanks. Copied and in my files.

caiesmommy's Avatar caiesmommy 05:47 PM 04-14-2013
Originally Posted by SundayCrepes View Post

Thanks. Copied and in my files.


No problem. If you like garlic and basil you'll love it. It's prob my dh's fave thing I "cook". He's a raw foods guy


Last night we had thai take-out. Our fave restaurant has seemingly shut down for good. I'm heart broken.


Tonight we planned on making dinner for my family but my gmas power has been out since Fri dizzy.gifSo we had to rush home to make dinner for us and get the kids to bed. It was a quick pasta and salad tonight. The kids had plain noodles we had tortillini.


Tomorrow I'm making a double batch of sloppy lentils in the slow cooker. Ds and dh will have theirs on an english muffin and dds will have theirs thrown into leftover pasta from tonight. I'll have mine plain. Having them with homemade french fries and salad. I'll freeze the leftover lentils for soup another night.

treegardner's Avatar treegardner 06:07 PM 04-14-2013

Salmon cakes, sweet potato fries, and steamed broccoli

kitchensqueen's Avatar kitchensqueen 06:41 PM 04-14-2013

Another work night for husband, so I decided to make myself pasta salad again. Needed to use the last of the ham and scallions in the fridge, and I don't mind eating the same thing for days on end if I'm into it. 

Ragana's Avatar Ragana 08:26 AM 04-15-2013

Let's see, Friday was dinner at a friend's and I brought a big salad with green goddess dressing and shredded Brussels sprouts sauteed in olive oil with lemon, S&P. Saturday was Mexican dinner out. Yesterday a simple dinner of rice + stir-fried tofu + steamed broccoli with choice of sauces (I made Vietnamese sauce for mine). Today DD is home sick, so I don't know if I will make it to the store to get vegetables, which we sorely need. I wanted to make frozen veggie burgers and oven-roasted potatoes, but will change that to chili if I don't get to the store.


Planned for this week:

* Veggie burgers with oven-roasted potatoes

* Salmon-goat cheese pasta bake with salad

* Chickpea and vegetable curry with rice or the dosas I have been wanting to make, if I have time

* Pinto bean chili

caiesmommy's Avatar caiesmommy 08:30 AM 04-16-2013

Tonight is acorn squash stuffed with a rice and quinoa blend,sauteed veggies and pistachios. Having it with tofu nuggets,salad and some type of veggie. DD is asking for carrots but she never eats cooked carrots so I'm not trusting iteyesroll.gif

caiesmommy's Avatar caiesmommy 05:16 PM 04-17-2013

Tonight I made a new curry in the slow cooker using black matpe beans/chickpeas and kidney beans. I was VERY disappointed greensad.gif The kids ate enough that it wasn't a bust. My youngest ate 3 helpings!!! We had it with the leftover filling from last nights squash mixed with some white rice I had in the freezer. A big salad too

kitchensqueen's Avatar kitchensqueen 06:24 PM 04-18-2013

Tonight I'm doing a huge batch of salisbury steak over egg noodles. Tomorrow I'm going to do white bean and sausage pasta sauce, if I remember to put the white beans to soak tonight. 

caiesmommy's Avatar caiesmommy 06:32 PM 04-19-2013

Last night Dh wasn't going to be home at all and wasn't going to need leftovers for lunch today so we had a picnic dinner. Hummus/veggies/crackers ect


Tonight was slow cooker lasagna and salad.


I've been having some issues with the kids and different food issues so we've decided to go G/F. So I'm using up what we have and replacing with alternatives. I'm currently making gluten free/vegan/sugar free yogurt. praying.gif It works eyesroll.gif

mamaofprincesses's Avatar mamaofprincesses 11:12 PM 04-19-2013

Thanks, KQ, I'll have to try that!


I've been trying new recipes, since I feel like I've been in a "flavor rut" for a while - I make different things but they all essentially have the same flavor profiles! Last night we tried an Asian recipe - chicken, mushrooms, red peppers, broccoli, hoisin sauce, rice. It was delicious. I can't believe how long it's been since I've cooked an Asian dish. Tonight was a shrimp coconut curry, and it was awesome, though my three youngest didn't eat a lot of it. 

mamaofprincesses's Avatar mamaofprincesses 11:13 PM 04-19-2013

Oh, and caiesmommy, if you haven't already you should check out the Gluten free Goddess blog. I think she is vegan. DH is gluten free but not vegan so I'm not sure I would be a lot of help to you.

caiesmommy's Avatar caiesmommy 07:27 AM 04-20-2013
Originally Posted by mamaofprincesses View Post

Oh, and caiesmommy, if you haven't already you should check out the Gluten free Goddess blog. I think she is vegan. DH is gluten free but not vegan so I'm not sure I would be a lot of help to you.


Thanks! I'll check it out asap!

kitchensqueen's Avatar kitchensqueen 10:32 AM 04-20-2013

I did end up getting the beans to soak yesterday with enough time so I made the white bean and sausage pasta - seriously one of my favorite things to eat. It's nice to have tomato-free pasta sauces every once and a while to mix it up. 


Tonight is leftovers night - we got a little salisbury steak and now the pasta leftovers to get through. Tomorrow night I'd like to do something a little different - I'm thinking about vermouth chicken with mushroom orzo. Not sure if we have vermouth though, so maybe I'll do vodka chicken. Have to check and see what we've got in the way of alcohol. 

caiesmommy's Avatar caiesmommy 12:43 PM 04-20-2013

Tonight is Jamaican Pigeon Peas and Rice. Mine and dh's fave simple meal. We're having it with salad(of courseyummy.gif) and zuke pancakes made with chickpea flour.


This morning I made a red lentil apple breakfast dahl and topped it with homemade coconut yogurt and peaches. The kids ate more then I expected joy.gif

colemom's Avatar colemom 06:15 PM 04-21-2013

Salmon foil packets on the grill

Grilled asparagus

Bowtie pasta salad with grape tomatoes, olives, cucumbers, red peppers, chunks of mozzarella and salami and italian dressing


caiesmommy's Avatar caiesmommy 06:30 PM 04-21-2013


Mushroom quinoa/rice combo

Tomato/cuke/olive balsamic salad

Carrot/Butternut squash/Radish peeled salad with flax and sunflower seeds

Brussel sprout saute with lemon and pistachios

Bok choy kimchi with crazy powdered peppers my bil sent from South Korea. OMG spicy amazingness

MrsKoehn's Avatar MrsKoehn 07:14 PM 04-21-2013
Today's been busy, so hubby stopped and got a burrito on the way to work and I had organic chicken soup from a box....
kitchensqueen's Avatar kitchensqueen 06:21 PM 04-22-2013

We're doing brats with baked potatoes and frozen sweet corn tonight. 

colemom's Avatar colemom 06:50 PM 04-22-2013
Chicken avocado tomato sandwiches
Leftover pasta salad with some broccoli thrown in
Steamed artichokes
Also made some sweet potato fries and pears for the kids
caiesmommy's Avatar caiesmommy 10:26 AM 04-23-2013

My stomach hasn't been great and we had a showing at dinner time last night and dinner time tonight eyesroll.gif


So dinner last night was scrambled eggs,veggies,hummus,leftover salad and pears


Today I made a tamarind hummus pizza on a chickpea crust with sauteed veggies on top for lunch. It went over well

I also made mini vegan quiche with the sauteed veggies and chickpea flour batter. Those will possibly be for dinner tonight if I don't have the energy to make something after the showing is done.

pumabearclan 01:27 PM 04-23-2013

roasted chicken with smashed potatoes under butter, side of herbs

MrsKoehn's Avatar MrsKoehn 02:12 PM 04-23-2013
Last night I put a frozen roast and two frozen chicken breasts in the crock on low and dumped a jar of salsa over it. This morning I pulled it apart and added a little salt, then made rice. Don't know or care what it was called. It was so easy, I didn't have to stress about dinner! It made plenty, so I'm thinking on sandwiches or over mashed potatoes would be good too!
mamaofprincesses's Avatar mamaofprincesses 10:36 PM 04-23-2013

"Cuban street tacos" tonight. Got the recipe off a blog - which is my new favorite place to go for recipes - and it was delicious. Although, more than one person commented on her blog that the name was offensive to Cubans and their cuisine, so please don't yell at me for that. Basically, pork tacos with citrus flavors added in. DH loved it.

caiesmommy's Avatar caiesmommy 07:01 AM 04-24-2013

Last night we ended up getting pitas while we had the house showing eyesroll.gif HATE spending money on take-out


Right now I have a ton of kidney beans in the slow cooker. Planning sweet potato kidney bean burritos for dinner tonight with extra for lunches tomorrow. We'll have it with salad

caiesmommy's Avatar caiesmommy 12:19 PM 04-25-2013

Tonight is kidney bean/mushroom and veggie shepards pie. Having it with salad of spicy lentil sprouts growing in the kitchenyummy.gif

Wolfcat's Avatar Wolfcat 07:19 PM 04-25-2013
Meat (beef heart) pies and salad (lettuce, red peppers, sunflower seeds, ranch for the kids & raspberry vinaigrette for me).
MrsKoehn's Avatar MrsKoehn 04:26 PM 04-26-2013
Shepherd's Pie!
kitchensqueen's Avatar kitchensqueen 06:27 PM 04-26-2013
Originally Posted by MrsKoehn View Post

Shepherd's Pie!


Yeah, it was really good! I've only ever had really bad (think elementary school cafeteria versions) ones, but this one turned out so well I'm a convert. It'll be in regular rotation now, which is great because I've been in need of new recipes for ground meat and potatoes. 


Tonight we're doing fish sticks and tater tots. Friday night junk food. 

caiesmommy's Avatar caiesmommy 05:54 AM 04-27-2013

I was dealing with a friends crisis all day so we ended up having subway for dinner eyesroll.gif Tho it now may be my fave food since I didn't throw it up thumb.gif


Tonight is a casserole made with basmati rice/chickpeas/butternut squash and coconut milk. Never made it before so we shall see how the kids react

kitchensqueen's Avatar kitchensqueen 12:47 PM 04-27-2013

I have chicken defrosted in the fridge, but I have no idea what I'm going to do with it. I've been quite anti-chicken lately actually - it's pretty much the last thing I want to eat. I've been on a ground meat kick. What I really want is bacon and whiskey chili. I think that's what I'm going to make for tomorrow. As for the chicken... meh. Oh! Maybe I'll do some mesquite smoked chicken! I just remembered that we pulled the rest of the wood chips for our stove top smoker out of storage (they were with the canning jars at my aunt's house, which I also need to bring home soon). 


Problem solved. :-)

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