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cal's Avatar cal 10:07 AM 08-09-2011

I am in the process of cutting out Wheat and Dairy from my diet and need some good breakfast ideas!!!

skreader's Avatar skreader 12:12 AM 08-10-2011



Congee (rice porridge)

* w/ pickled vegetables

* w/ a little meat (if you eat meat) - DH & I make a lovely one w/ left-over chicken bones


Oatmeal porridge

 - add some fruit or sugar or honey to make it sweet; or, make it savory


Mashed sweet potatoes (if you have left-overs from the night before)


Scrambled eggs (made w/out milk)


Boiled or poached eggs


Egg frittata


Potato pancakes w/ apple sauce


Fried rice (if you have left-over from the night before)


Eggs, beans, & a cooked tomato


Dal  & rice (left-over from dinner?)