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Threefold's Avatar Threefold 06:13 PM 02-04-2005
My ds is a "picky" eater, or not so much picky, but would rather play or socialize insteade of eat. He's always been this way. He's thin, but healthy and small for his age, but following a healthy growth curve, so there don't seem to be any health issues (Or I'd post elsewhere :LOL ). We've recently found that he will sleep well and the full 11-12 hours he needs only if he has ice cream before bed. Cheese and peanut butter do not seem to have the same effect. so. . .here's my dilemma, what menus can I plan that feature something simple to puree for dd (fruit or veggie), plenty of veggies and protein for the rest of us, and a healthy stick with you fat source for ds?
FTR, we use only Strauss or B&Js ice cream, so though it's got more sugar than is ideal, I'm not opposed to ice cream before bed, but would like to infuse more fat into the rest of his diet. Dipping sauces and adding flax oil are not successes. He does take a high quality fish oil supplement each day. He will usually eat pizza, soups (not lentil!), and chicken, always broccoli.

OhMel's Avatar OhMel 06:19 PM 02-04-2005
Do you use many avacados? You could mush it up for dd, chop it up for ds and make a relish/salsa for your main meal.
Queen Gwen's Avatar Queen Gwen 11:04 AM 02-05-2005
Coconut milk smoothies, sort of like a preschool version of a pina coloda. My kids like coconut milk, banana, maple syrup and a bit of vanilla, maybe with a sprinkle of nutmeg. Or instead of vanilla, throw in some frozen berries.

Also, you can put a tablespoon of coconut oil in a yogurt smoothy -- use full fat yogurt. Tropical Traditions coconut oil is *wonderful*.

Rice pudding made with coconut milk. Baked pears in coconut milk. I recently read Mary Enig's book about coconut (Eat Fat, Lose Fat), can you tell? It has several recipes full of healthy fats, since Enig is a nutritionist specializing in fats and oil.

I put organic butter on everything, including oatmeal and vegetables. I wish I could get cultured butter, but I work with what I've got. Older dd puts cream on cereal -- if you've got a source of organic, pasture-fed milk this is healthy fat.
Threefold's Avatar Threefold 02:26 PM 02-05-2005
Great ideas, thanks! I am a big fan of coconut oil, but hadn't though of the coconut milk smoothies (though those got me through labor with dd )
onthemove's Avatar onthemove 02:37 PM 02-05-2005
i was going to mention the smoothies too, we put almonds for extra protien and fat but I guess not good if dd is still too young.

quesadillas with cheese and chicken dipped in sour cream?

baked spagetti with grated onions, carrots, and zuccini?

cheese, avocado, and mayo sandwiches?( haven't been able to get my kids to eat avocado, but i love it)

cream cheese and pecan enchilados?