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Mama Rana's Avatar Mama Rana 12:02 AM 02-26-2005
did anyone see this spread in Good HOusekeeping? there were like 10 recipes tat they worked out to be $1 per serving (some are available here) . Several looked really yummy. If anyone has the magazine: I was trying to rip out one of the recipes and of course tore it. It was the bacon and something bread pudding. If anyone can fill it in for me, I'd appreciate it!

mamadege5's Avatar mamadege5 01:13 AM 02-26-2005
I just read that last night. Let me know what info you are missing.....
Mama Rana's Avatar Mama Rana 04:33 PM 02-27-2005
i've got the ingredients list, but i need the rest of page 192, basically the first 2 steps.

mamadege5's Avatar mamadege5 02:57 PM 03-01-2005
1. In 12" skillet, cook bacon over med heat until browned, about 10 mins. Transfer to paper towel to drain.
2. Pour off all but 1 T bacon fat from skillet. Add onion, cook about 6 mins or until tender, stirring occasionally. Stir in spinach, garlic, 1/4 tsp salt and 1/4 tsp pepper; cook 2 mins. Remove from heat.

Do you have the next page? It does sound yummy, but I'd leave out the onions, yuckka. My dad puts them in everything, so whenever he tells me a recipe he says " now you'd take the onions out" LOL

Mama Rana's Avatar Mama Rana 04:27 PM 03-01-2005
Thanks! I do have the 2nd page. I just ripped the bottom inside corner when I tore the recipes out. I like onions, but they don't agree with my dh's chemistry so i tend to half the amount in most recipes.