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Hollysmom's Avatar Hollysmom 04:17 PM 04-19-2005
isosmom - do you have a good recipe for macaroni and cheese in the cp? I tried one and it didn't turn out well at all. My dd loves mac and cheese so a good recipes would save me from buying the frozen organic kind that costs a fortune.


isosmom's Avatar isosmom 04:25 PM 04-19-2005
I got one from a mama here, but altered it a little bit.
Cook 16 oz of pasta until a little under cooked, so a minute or two short.
Add to crock along with a stick of butter (I would use less next time) and grated cheddar (I used a mix of cheddar and parmesan and probably used about 4-5 c)
Mix it all up. Add 3 beaten eggs and 3c of milk. Cook on low for 3 hours. Oh, I almost forgot, I sprayed my cp with non stick spray first.
I think it turned out pretty well, dc ate it and we're having it for dinner again tonight!
Hollysmom's Avatar Hollysmom 04:31 PM 04-19-2005
Thanks, that sounds great!

My Grandmother used to make it with Velveeta (is that stuff really cheese) :LOL
isosmom's Avatar isosmom 04:42 PM 04-19-2005
Originally Posted by HollysMom

My Grandmother used to make it with Velveeta (is that stuff really cheese) :LOL, I don't beleive it's really anything real :LOL
Amys1st's Avatar Amys1st 01:09 AM 04-21-2005
Velvetta story time.

Once a long time ago in a galaxy far far away I had 8th grade home ec.
We made about 5 recipes that quarter and all contained velvetta. Being Italian my mother would never cook w anything like that so I never know what velvetta was, what it tasted like or anything. She always cooked from scratch so we did not see a lot of that kind of stuff.
So in class I told the teacher I did not know how to use it, cook it, or what it looked like other than it was yellow. (yellow dye I'm sure!) She said I had a bad attitude, gave me a D for the term and told my mother I was a smart *ss. When my mom asked we, she repeated the velvetta story to her saying how I was a liar and caused a ruckous the whole bit. My mom then explained, it was true- we NEVER used that stuff nor did she intend to. She then asked what kind of food we were actually cooking since that was all garbage.

My mom already hated that teacher for failing my cousin a few years back for the sewing term. We had to do a sewing project and her mom did not sew but my mom did. My mom made her redo the zipper over until it was perfect. She got a F because no child could have done it that perfect. My aunt said anyone who sews knows that you sometimes redo a whole project especially since my mom told her!

So I guess this Home Ec teacher would not fit in at MDC!
Hollysmom's Avatar Hollysmom 05:30 PM 04-21-2005
Took a friend out for a birthday lunch on Tuesday and ate lunch out with a colleague yesterday : so I spent another $39 on lunches. That brings my total to $326.25. Otherwise we have been good about eating what is in the house.
isosmom's Avatar isosmom 01:51 AM 04-26-2005
Went shopping today and also to dinner tonight, we deserved it Anyhow, spent $60 at the grocery and $39 at dinner, brings me to $418 for the month and I am going to the farmer's market tommorow. So I'm guessing my total for the month will be around $450 which is way more than I thought we were spending, but at the same time, I have just been buying what we need and my pantry is pretty empty but for essentials thanks to these threads.
Hollysmom's Avatar Hollysmom 12:07 PM 04-26-2005
Spent another $100 on groceries and take out this weekend which brings my total to about $426 for the month. I think that should be it for the month. Not great, but not bad. I think I will be able to do better next month. This thread has really helped me be more aware of what I am buying.

Amys1st's Avatar Amys1st 03:22 PM 04-26-2005
This month has been easy only $250. But, we did over $500 last month which averages about $360 monthly now for the year. Thats still better than last year.
But also, we have had a few take out nights, we went out for dinner Saturday w friends ($75 but hey we had a blast and only do it every 4-5 mos
and my parents had dd which is free!) and also we have been lucky to be guests at other peoples homes 3 times this month.

But I have been using stuff in the pantry and freezer most of the time we were home. I also was able to give my parents some mannicottis in the freezer for dinner when we went out. We also had swedish meatballs last night I made from the freezer. We put them on top of noodles that needed to be used in the pantry.
I am making beef tacos tomorrow and tripling the beef taco meat. One for the freezer, one for us, and one for a family at church whose wife is having surgery today. I might need to run to the grocery to get the trimmings but then I can pack half of it up to bring to them.
Using this system, I can help another family out and not worry about it breaking any food budget. If I cannot make it I can give them the meatballs already in the freezer that we are having Friday w ravoilis. I have some canned tomatoes to make up some sauce as well.
Amys1st's Avatar Amys1st 08:58 PM 05-01-2005
come visit the spring pantry challenge
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