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What is cookin' in your house?

I am going to the market today and we don't have a lot of money this week so I am trying to plan it out. Recipes, ideas- anything!

Tell me what your week look likes- breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks....

[B][I]~Ang~ Mom to 2 sport-head crazy girls: Rainey and Breeze  and my little lost love- @18 weeks with gestational age of 7 weeks

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Breakfast Oatmeal
Lunch Last nights leftovers (Baked Beans)
Dinner 12 Bean Soup with bread
Snacks Grapes and crackers
Dessert Fruit cobbler

Breakfast French Toast
Lunch Last nights leftovers
Dinner Hungarian Goulash in crockpot
Snacks Yogurt and Fruit
Dessert Mooshakes

Breakfast Eggs and toast
Lunch grilled cheese and tomato mac soup
Dinner grilled chicken breasts with brussel sprouts
Snacks Veggies and dip
Dessert grandmas popcorn

I only planned this far since we get paid at the first of the month. I usually splurge a little after getting paid so I don't plan until I shop and see what catches my eye.
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I can't plan things in advance, we keep a pretty god stocked pantry though, and usually have the ingredients we need.

Breakfast is usually hot cereal, either oat bran or oatmeal and fruit.

Lunch is salad, or leftover supper meals.

Suppers we like: dahl with rice, rice and lentils, homemade veggie burgers, soup, veggie curry or stew, lasagna, stir fry, wraps, spagehtti, pizza, falafels.

snacks: yogurt, popcorn, fruit, crackers, homemade muffins, veggies and hummus
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This is what we're planning for the week:

1. Monday Dinner: homemade pizza w/ ww crust and veg pepperoni
2. Tuesday Dinner: Spiral pasta w/ ricotta spinach & Garlic sauce and Garlic bread
3. Wednesday Night: Vegetarian meatloaf w/ mashed potatoes and roasted broccoli
4. Thursday Night: A frittata of shredded zucchini w/ cheddar cheese and lots o garlic and a salad
5. Friday Night: Spaghetti w/ a red almond sauce and garlic bread and salad
6. Saturday Night:homemade mac and cheese
7. quorn "breasts" w/ white wine caper sauce and greenbeans and roasted red potatoes
8. Sunday Night: Sundried tomato and white bean chili w/ corn bread

I bought ingrediants to make the following quick breakfasts:
organic oatmeal w/ ground flax
veggie egg burritoes w/ soy chorizo
peanutbutter bumpers cereal
yobaby smoothies for ds

My ds is fed at daycare. My dh does his own lunches and I always end up buying lunch or skipping it.
that's us.
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[QUOTE=edamommy] Friday Night: Spaghetti w/ a red almond sauce and garlic bread and salad

That sounds yummy! What is red almond sauce? Is it hard to make?
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moved to meal planning forum

Cathe Olson, author The Vegetarian Mother's Cookbook, Simply Natural Baby Food, and LIck It! Creamy Dreamy Vegan Ice Creams Your Mouth Will Love.  
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Nathans mom, could you post the crock pot goulash recipe please?

Well, I worked Monday till 2:30am, so hubby made manwiches, Tuesday was basketball practice so we did Chipotles, but otherwise I have made grilled chicken with salad and bread, tonight is spaghetti and meatballs (really I am making ready cut pasta that looks like ziti), tomorrow i work, then Friday I am making a pot roast with green beans and mashed potatoes.

This weekend I will probably make a red bean soup from a recipe in my paper and steak and baked potatoes on Sunday or maybe shrimp marinara over linguine.

I am not a breakfast maker other than a fantastic French toast recipe i got from a mama here....you soak it over night and it makes its own syrup. That I usually do Sunday mornings. I serve that with strawberries and bacon.
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oooh Sweetbaby3, post that french toast recipe, or pm it to me pleeasee!!

other than that I'm lurking for ideas. I think I need to inventory then I can plan. What stops me is our freezer is in the garage and its soooo cold. Maybe IF dd naps and I put my coat, gloves and boots on.
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I only plan dinners.

Monday: rigatoni w/veggies
Tuesday: dinner out with friends
Wednesday: chicken w/au gratin potatos & veggies
Thursday: mac & cheese w/veggies
Friday: Crock Pot Night (I haven't decided yet what we'll be having but it will be vegetarian since it's Lent.)
Saturday: left overs
Sunday: chicken w/rice & veggies

Mama of three.
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I had my freezer in an outbuilding when I was pregnant with DD and stocking up. I made a list of what I had in there and could look at that inside the house to help with my planning and avoid the cold. Just remember to cross off whatever you take out and add whatever you purchase/make to put into the freezer.

We're not vegetarian, but here's our week (we do a lot of leftovers for lunch, and DS's school provides healthy snacks, fruits, veggies and milk, so all he needs is a protein for his lunch).

Sunday: Stirfry (I got a HUGE ribeye roast on sale two weeks ago and prepped it for pot roast, kabobs, stirfries, and butterflies steaks - 6 dinners (plus leftovers) for $20.
Monday: Black bean quesadillas or burritos (depending on kid's age; they like theirs mushed into the quesadilla)
Tuesday: Cabbage, bread and cheese soup
Wednesday: Baked chicken, veg, and rice
Thurs: hubby and I eat out
Friday: Homemade mac and cheese
Saturday: Cauliflower cooked with pureed stewed tomatoes, served over rice and topped with shredded parmesan.

I love reading these ideas! I get into such a rut that I seem to repeat 10 meals every two weeks!
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Hi - I'm new to thread & forum. Planning meals is my very favorite "chore" of the week, and it is fun to get ideas from you all. I'd love the recipes for homemade veggie burgers (from ojibwamama) and the red almond sauce (from edamommy)...

Here's ours for the week (dinner only):
Homemade spaghetti sauce w/ turkey sausage
Pad thai (trying Thai Kitchen for 1st time)
Tostadas - refried beans, cheese, avocado, salsa
Quorn nuggest & broccoli w/ a bit of ranch dip
Crockpot split pea soup

And there's always Amy's org mac & cheese in the pantry and org veggies & edamame in the freezer for that night when even 15 minutes of prep is too much to deal with.
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For this week:
Monday dinner Honey glazed chicken with rice and dinner rolls
Tuesday dinner Chili Mac with cornbread
Wednesday undecided right now
Thursday Red beans and rice with corn bread
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Sunday...Minnestrone with salad and hot rolls.

Monday...Tofu vegetable Potpie(trying a new recipe from Vegfamily favorites.)

Tuesday...Enchilada casserolle and hm Mexican rice.

Wednesday...Hm Pizza with some veg pepperoni I picked up at whole foods to try...

Thursday...Mashed Potatos with gravy and lentils...Broccolli and hm bread.

Friday...Hm mac and cheese casserolle and Peas.

Saturday....Hm veggie and dumplings...Asparagus spears...

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Let's see this week:

bkfast: whole wheat toast, oatmeal (for myself and baby), whole wheat bagesl with creamcheese, whole wheat english muffin with pb or butter and jelly, assortment of fruit (apples, bannas, grapefruit), older dd like bacon or sausage, cereal with milk,

lunch: sliced meat and cheese, yogurt, vege nuggets, leftovers,
we always include a fruit and raw vege like cherry tomatoes or carrots.

dinner: chili, porkchops and rice, bbcue grilled chicken and baked potatoes, cheese ravoli, bread and salad, steak, assortment of veges: green beans, zuchinni, salad, tomatoe salad with mozeralla cheese and basil.. that is all I can think of now.
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[QUOTE=sweetbaby3]Nathans mom, could you post the crock pot goulash recipe please?

Sweetbaby3, I have a crockpot goulash recipe.

If you make it a day before the flavor improves.

1 1/2 lbs beef stew meat, cut into 1" cubes
1 large onion, chopped
2 cloves garlic, crushed
1/2 teaspoon salt
1/2 teaspoon pepper
1/2 cup water
2 tablespoons tomato paste
1-2 tablespoons sweet hungarian paprika
1/4 cup all-purpose flour
1/2 cup water
1/4 cup sour cream or plain yogurt
cooked noodles or rice
2 teaspoons dried dill weed

Place meat in slow cooker; cover with onion and garlic. In a small bowl, combine salt, pepper, water, tomato paste and paprika. Pour over meat mixture. Cover and cook on low 8 to 9 hours. Turn control to high. In a small bowl, combine flour, water and sour cream(or yogurt). Stir into meat mixture. Cook uncovered on High 10 to 15 minutes or until slightly thickend. Serve over cooked noodles or rice. Sprinkle with dill.
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Typical week:
Breakfast: Cereal with almond milk or nonfat milk(Purely O's or Spelt Flakes), almond butter and banana, oatmeal with flax oil, milk and honey
Lunch: Veggie wrap in a whole spelt tortilla (peppers, onions, salsa, lettuce, cheese and sometimes hummus or feta cheese), natural peanut butter and jelly sandwich on spelt bread, carrot sticks and apple, or I'll go to quiznos and they make me a sandwich with spelt bread, salad with nuts in it, avocado and dressing
Dinner: Broiled Salmon with veggies or salad, grilled chicken with homemade fries, tacos, spaghetti with meat sauce, blt's, lentils with quinoa or rice.

DH(9/04) DS(12/08) and DD(5/11)

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My dh and I just started to spend a couple hours each Sunday prepping dinners for the week. Each week we do at least one crockpot meal and whatever else we're in the mood for. I love it. We get lots more fun time with the kids this way. This week we're having;
  • New mexico chili with cornbread and a salad
  • Char Siu Pork Roast in the crockpot with rice, stir fried veggies, maybe some frozen eggrolls
  • Shrimp Chorizo rice skillet thingy
  • Pasta primavera with spinach asiago chicken sausage and a salad
  • Soup, bread and salad night (previously frozen soup. whatever we're in the mood for)

KT : - Smitten mama to J & M : Looking for a local group in SEPA? - See my homepage!
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This week I don't have to cook b/c I have enough leftovers in my freezer to last all week:

Beef and veggie soup
beef and potato casserole thingy (it has a name but I can't remember it)
eggplant casserole

breakfast is usually cereal or homemade muffins
lunch is leftovers or pb&j

Single mom of 2 boys
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This was actually last week's menu; this week is messed up because of Easter at several places, so I've just been winging it. BTW, everything I cook is ovo-vegetarian, so where it says "root beer floats," that is made with vanilla soy ice cream, etc.

Lunch: pb & j, fruit
Dinner: black bean-mushroom patties on homemade buns, potato salad, fruit salad
Snack: watermelon slices
Dessert: root beer floats

Lunch: leftover tortilla soup, potato salad, grapes
Dinner: tempeh etouffee (from freezer), brown rice, Brussels sprouts, fruit
Snack: soy yogurt, graham crackers, pear slices
Dessert: chocolate banana pudding

Lunch: pancakes
Dinner: vegan scalloped potatoes, veggie chick nuggets, green beans
Snack: chocolate soymilk popsicles, grapes
Dessert: applesauce oatmeal drops

Lunch: picnic at park with friends—sandwiches, fruit, pretzels
Dinner: black bean soup, biscuits, broccoli
Snack: homemade pizza bites
Dessert: blueberry muffins

Lunch: leftover black bean soup, fruit
Dinner: seitan potpie, green beans, fruit
Snack: baked apples
Dessert: chocolate chip cookies

Lunch: red beans & quinoa salad, boiled eggs, veggie tray
Dinner: veggie dogs, baked beans, fruit
Snack: applesauce, p.b. or s.b. crackers
Dessert: apple cake

Lunch: blackeyed peas or leftovers
Dinner: seitan cacciatore, fettuccine, broccoli
Snack: oatmeal raisin cookies
Dessert: pie of some sort

Homeschooling mom to four kids, ages 18, 18, 10, and 6. 

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