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What can I do with lots of whole milk and frozen apple and orange juice?

I've got it coming out of my ears from WIC - and I can't drink the milk straight because it makes me sick.

I've been making homemade ice cream, but one can only eat just so much ice cream!
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You can use the whole milk in cream-based soup recipes. Most chowders call for milk. You can turn the milk into yogurt or kefir. Yogurt, kefir or straight whole milk can be blended with any fruit to make a nice smoothie. (with the milk you may want your fruit frozen if you like your smoothies thick)

The frozen juices can go into your smoothies as well or you can turn them into popsicles. Frozen juice and yogurt or kefir makes good pops.
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Before my son developed a nasty orange allergy and heck even before he was born, I used the canned forzen orange juice as a glaze mixed with a little brown sugar on various things from sweet potatoes to hams.....its soooo yummy!

You can use the apple juice instead of water to boil sweet potatoes...this is yummy too! You can also mix it full strength with mixed grain baby cereal to make baby biscuits.

We have a ton of milk too, and it usually ends up going to waste, or I dont get it all....so I am not much help there. I use it mainly to make gravy and other sauces.
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I never throw out milk - even when it's old. Why? Buttermilk biscuits, pancakes, waffles, muffins. You name it!

You can make strong juice and freeze it for popsicles. I also use juice to make icing for cookies, cakes, etc by mixing it with powdered sugar. You can also cook/fry apples and other fruits in juice in a saucepan or frying pan.

Rebecca, single mama to intact Junebug 6/01, Daughter of the King!
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So glad someone asked!!!
We get a TON of milk adn juice concentrate (not frozen though) and we always end up giving it away but i'd ratehr be making stuff with it !!
So for biscuits and waffles adn stuff how old cna the milk be. Seriously. Like starting to clump old or even older?
We made 3 batches of icecream tonight and had corn chowder teh other night but running out of ideas too
OH and can you freeze biscuits? do they taste ok when you unthaw them?
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milk can actually be frozen. I knew a lady who would buy several 1/2 gallons at atime and freeze the ones tha twerent open. then when the carton that she was using was almost empty she would get out a frozen one. it never tasted weird to me. and that way it lasted past its expiration date.
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hmmm..you could make some puddings maybe (custard or bread or rice pudding) those use up lots of milk-especially rice pudding made on the stove.

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When I was on WIC, we gave a lot of stuff away!

Also, we used juice concentrate as sweetener instead of pretty much anything else like sugar or honey. (And cook oatmeal in apple juice!)

Your body is more likely to tolerate yogurt-
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We trade our milk and cheese for babysitting... don't tell WIC though.
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dakota--I feel your pain! I am on WIC now (you should read my post in the general nutrition forum) and have actually gotten Stressed over what to do with all the milk! 7 galloons a month! I had a suspicion from the title of your post that you were in the same situation!

I've been planning on making yogurt, but still havent gotten around to it. And I hate to waste. Last time my parents visited, I sent my Dad home with 2 boxes of Cheerios and a galloon of milk!

Sorry, I dont have more advice.

mama to : my spirited star 2/06, my sweet love 5/08, my little lovey 5/12, and a zinnia 3/15
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You can freeze milk... though if you're getting another 7 gallons next month, maybe that's not such a great thing. Is it just the fact that it's whole milk that makes you sick drinking it? If so, cut it with water to make it more like 2% or skim (assuming you can't get a lower fat milk). If it's that you're lactose-intolerant, well. . .

Can you sub for another item you might use more of like p-butter or something? I suspect not, but you might talk to your WIC counselor. Wish I was eligible for WIC!!! I'm right above the income line, but it sure would be a big help!

Like the idea of bartering! Try doing a post in the barter section of CraigsList or check with any of your local moms' groups.

DEFINITELY use the juice concentrate for sweetener.

Also, if you ever make your own bread, there are many recipes that call for milk. It's a great way to up the protein content of bread and you can bake really nutritious, ww loaves for like 25 cents/loaf as opposed to $3 store-bought!

ex-Californian, making my way on the East Coast with DS (10), DS (6) and WAHDH. Former extended BF'er, co-sleeper, and baby-wearer. Remembering how to garden.

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I cook oatmeal in milk, not water....also, i make pancakes from scratch and that is another way to use up milk. i second the pudding recs as well..you can make some semi nutritious ones....because basically its just the sugar in puddings.custard thats "bad" for you.

my aunt boils her boatatos in milk...well, i guess simmers actually for a long time...but man are they yummy.
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Two ideas that immediately come to mind are yogurt and custard. Custard can be either sweet, like pudding or pie filling, or savory, like quiche or breakfast casserole. The main ingredient in all of these is milk!
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You can ask to substitute more cheese for less milk. I buy the cheese in 8oz blocks, and, when unopened, you can keep them in the fridge forever.
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