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mz_libbie22's Avatar mz_libbie22 06:46 PM 02-22-2007
I've decided to go back to packing a lunch for DS everyday. I know I'm gonna need to do lots of planning to avoid falling into a rut and getting burned out again. I got very frustrated that alot of the food (and containers even!) that I packed got thrown into the garbage. But DS says he wants me to pack his lunch again, and with how sick he's been and how crappy the preschool's lunches are, I think it would be a good idea. So who wants to do a packed lunch planning thread? This is what I have for next week so far:

M- sunflower seed sandwich triangles, cucumber, baby carrots
T- taco, corn or peas, apple or blueberry yogurt
W- pancake sandwich with some sort of fruit inside, cucumber, baby carrots
Th- hashbrowns w eggs, organic beef hot dog chunks, a veg, orange
F- raw cheese sandwich, organic buttered popcorn, veg, apple

I can make hot lunches to drop off on Tuesdays and Thursdays but the rest have to be cold. I don't want them microwaving anything. So anyone have any tips? I'd like to make the sandwiches the night before but does that work well for nut butter sandwiches? What foods can be made well in advance? I don't have a lot of time in the mornings.

Benji'sMom's Avatar Benji'sMom 08:05 PM 02-26-2007
You need to check out this blog if you haven't seen it already. The archives are full of ideas. It's pretty much all vegan versions of regular foods so it wouldn't be hard to do non-vegan versions of these: