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All I want is two week's worth of meals for my family - something that I can adapt relatively easily that both dd and dh can eat. I've been at this for months, and I'm about to tear my hair out. I'm so sick of cooking I could scream. And it's costing a zillion bucks to cook a piece of meat and plunk it next to a vegetable for both of them.

Maybe this should be in the allergies forum...but I'll try here first. If anyone has any ideas for meals for me, please please share! I need meals that are free of...

wheat, dairy, soy, oats, tomatoes, potatoes, beans, avocados, nuts, spices, garlic, onions

...and of which that I can make a second version for dh, who is managing his diabetes solely through diet and eats only meat, cheese, non-starchy vegetables and nuts. No carbs beyond those at all.

I've had it. I've really had it. I'll cook anything anyone suggests that doesn't contain those things (or something nasty like hydrogenated oils, lol!)

Thank you...
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Are you looking for meals that everyone can eat? Or meals that can be made into two meals for your two high needs folks easily?

Off the top of my head, for meals everyone can eat, I'm thinking main dish salads. Stuff like salad nicoise, chicken salad (hot or cold), caesar salad with whatever protein you like on top, chef salad, taco salad, egg salad, and on and on. You could look at cookbooks for inspiration. Sometimes, if I'm feeling low on inspiration, I browse menus (online) of restaurants, both chain and local, for something I can recreate. Lots of restaurants have good salad options. Especially as we get into summer, this is a good option. You can make crackers out of shredded cheese, just cooked until crispy in the oven.

You can also do the protein, veggie route, but mix it up. Different marinades for the meat. Meatloaf, with no filler. Hamburger steaks (in my house, basically meatloaf in patty form). Different burgers (Rachael Ray has a thousand, and you can just serve the burger, toppings, and no bun). Mashed turnips or cauliflower for side dishes on things that call out for mashed potatoes. Cube steak slow cooked. Of course, grilled meat.

Eggs might be another good option. Frittatas or crustless quiche (made with heavy cream) and whatever you like inside--meat, cheese, veggies. You could serve another meat alongside (or not).

Google low carb, and you can get some good ideas.

If you want to do similar meals, you could do something like....the quiche, made crustless for your dh and put in a rice crust (from the tightwad gazette) for your dd.

Sushi--traditional for your dd, but the fish or crab or whatever, veggies, and vinegar over iceberg with the nori crumbled over for your dh.

We eat alot of tomato stuff, and I know that wouldn't work, but maybe use the same ingredients? Like I serve cuban picadillo over rice. It's spiced up ground beef, with tomatoes. So, for your dd, serve ground beef over rice. Maybe mixed together in a corn tortilla? Then, for your dh, make the picadillo and just serve it plain, like chili. And, you can eat it the "right" way.

Good luck to you! This sounds hard.
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I'm on an email list where someone was talking about allergens this week. I thought of you. Her allergies/limitations weren't exactly the same as yours, but I thought you'd get some ideas.

Allergen free foods:

Meats (we don't eat pork so beef, fish, poultry)

Vegetables (we have a garden, so lots of variety here)

Avocados (became a staple food)


Coconut products

Seeds like sunflower (I learned to make cream cheese and mayo from
these, buy cheap at a co-op)

Root vegetables (potatoes were my new bread)

Lays potato chips made with sunflower oil (OK, you see my weakness; have
to have a treat sometime!)

75% cocoa Dark chocolate (no milk or corn syrup, OK, I'm bad, I just
love my treats, Dd bought this one for me.)

Cabbage (made many sandwiches and tacos from this, try it!)

Rice, rice, and more rice!

Rice cakes with coconut oil, seed cheese, or avocado on top (I crave fat!)

Things made from rice and buckwheat flour (you can make rice and
buckwheat flour in your blender, or just mix the batter in there, that's
what I do since I am making such a small amount.)

Goats milk if my husband's friend's goats have any, don't now. I could
make cheese from it, but don't because of expense, it takes a lot of
milk to make cheese.

Soy milk (a friend of mine has a soy milk making machine and sells it to
me cheap).

I tried soy cheese but hated it; I like my own seed cheeses better.

Tea and honey-came to love this and soymilk lattesJ

Breakfast ideas:

Melons and bananas and mangos (whatever is on sale here in Florida)

Smoothie made from frozen berries, frozen bananas, and soymilk, had to
give the kids a taste to keep them happy.

I tried to stick to raw fruits and smoothies made with frozen fruit, but
sometimes I was just hungry so I had:

Cream of Rice by Nabisco

Rice Chex by General Mills with soy milk or pumpkin seed milk (easy to
make, 1/4C pumpkin seeds to 1 C water Blend 5 minutes and STRAIN before

Leftover meat

Rice cakes topped with coconut oil, avocado, meat, or seed cheese.

Buckwheat pancakes made in the blender,


Usually a big salad with many veggies, leftover meat, seeds or seed
cheese on top, avocado, and very rich homemade dressing or just homemade

A vegetable salad such as cabbage salad, raw broccoli salad

Cabbage leaf sandwiches with meat, vegetables, and Italian dressing and
maybe some seed cheese

Potatoes or sweet potatoes sliced thin and baked at 450 on a baking
stone coated with coconut oil

Or, my favorite carb meal: Rice, coconut oil, Braggs amino acids (no
wheat soy sauce), and sesame seeds.


Sometimes I used substitutes here, like buying rice pasta just for me
for spaghetti sauce, but many times I just ate more of the above.
Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner became blurred. I made a lot of bean and
rice, or chicken and rice dinners. Often if the dinner called for
allergens, like black bean burritos, I would reserve some of the filling
before the allergens were added and eat that. I eat a lot of plain
seasoned beans.


I eat 3 snacks a day, usually fruits, vegetables, or rice cakes (cheap
generic at Publix), or treat food.

Tahini is a wonderful food I often can't afford to buy but is very
versatile (use in smoothies, salad dressings, etc.) and delicious. My
favorite treat, even more than potato chips or chocolate, is a rice cake
covered in Tahini, topped with bananas and sprinkled with honey and
ginger-oh yum! I think I will ask for Tahini for Christmas!

Note: I added flax meal to some of my meals to help with, you know,
adjusting to the new diet
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Just thought I'd mention that I totally feel your pain. My son and husband can't have wheat. Dh, dd, and ds can't have milk in any form. I am allergic to chicken, fish, and shellfish. DH is allergic to shellfish and won't eat red meat in any form. Dh can't have rice, potatoes, sweet potatoes, lettuce or any brassicae (broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, kale). None of us can have soy...well, I can, but I breastfeed and ds is allergic, as is dd and dh. Dh is allergic to garlic. Neither kid can have tree nuts OR peanuts, and dh is allergic too. I LOVE nut butter, so have moved on to sunflower seed butter.

I started looking at what we CAN have...and we DO try to make variations of the same meal every night. For instance. We'll have tacos. Dh and ds have them on corn tortillas. Dd and I have them on soft tacos, sometimes and the corn sometimes. We use chard rather than lettuce. Oftentimes, I'll just have a taco SALAD, if I'm high on starches for the day. Lots of times, if we have roasted a chicken on Monday, and have the tacos on Wednesday, I'll use the chicken that's left and shred it for the filling for dh and kids,and even just use refried beans in my meal (dh won't eat them 'cause they LOOK gross...*sigh*).

When we cook something that we'd use garlic for, I use either garlic chives or elephant garlic. Now, because your husband can't have onions, does that mean that he's allergic to ALL alliums? If not, perhaps elephant garlic or garlic chives would work...too, there are some not "true" onions like "walking" onions that you maaaayyy be able to use. Check it out.

I went into the seed saver's exchange seed catalogue and found SIX kinds of greens that DH CAN eat. I planted them all. I figure we'll still get the greens in, even if they're not those to which he's accustomed.

We have pizza. Dh makes his and ds's crust out of bean flour. It's high in protein, so again, if I'm high in starches that day, I'll eat it too (it's actually a really great crust). They all make their pizza without cheese. With the right toppings they don't even miss it! I did it for years, too, when I was nursing dd, as ANY dairy in my breastmilk would make her react violently.

I really feel for you. I get SO SICK of planning. Of cooking three meals for one MEAL. Of being the strange family who can never eat out or get convenience foods or eat at family's houses without bringing our own food.

But, we'll keep doing it. Because our families are so much healthier when we do...and because it becomes normal. And because when we plan for it, it makes it easier to do. I go into cookbooks. I look at old plans, and I have a theme for each day of the week, so it helps to keep from having repeats (see "How do you figure out how to meal plan?" thread here), being boring and repetitive. I freeze stuff, too, which helps for when I just DO NOT want to cook another meal. Good luck. You're in my thoughts. Know that there ARE those of us slogging out there with you. Maybe that will help!

Mama to two awesome kids. Wife to a wonderful, attached, loving husband. I love my job-- I'm a Midwife, Doula and Childbirth Educator, Classes forming now!

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