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mommyshoppinghabit's Avatar mommyshoppinghabit 11:01 PM 05-13-2007
Can someone who keeps the kosher restrictions help w/ menu planning here? We aren't strictly kosher, but we cut out the big stuff like no pork & shellfish, mixing dairy w/meat, and I can't stand the gaminess of lamb so that's out too.
I'm having trouble though getting some variety into our dinners. How do I mix it up so I don't only have beef and chicken as main ingredients?

Ruthla's Avatar Ruthla 11:05 PM 05-13-2007
We do a lot of dairy main dishes during the week. So that means things like tacos with beans and shredded cheese, homemade pizza, macaroni and cheese (sometimes with fish sticks on the side). Don't forget that fish (other than shellfish) is kosher pareve and can be eaten with dairy meals.

Maybe try asking on the Vegetarian subforum for dairy dinner ideas.