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Red's Avatar Red 12:54 AM 12-24-2007

We're having: (in no particular order)

Gorgonzola stuffed mushrooms

Sausage balls (sausage and stuffing, mixed together, rolled in brown sugar then wrapped in bacon. We call them 'Heart stoppers'.)

pineapple wrapped in bacon

cheese and crackers

stuffed turkey breast

Fried mozzarella sticks

jalapeno poppers

shrimp cocktail

asst pickles, including pickled garlic!

pumpkin pie and maybe an apple too.

I'm making the turkey, the 'shrooms, shrimp cocktail, jalapeno poppers and cheese sticks. I'll coerce the kids into doing the sausage balls (which are a pain), one kids doing the pineapple, another the pumpkin pie. Dh will do whatever I ask, probably slicing the cheese, halving the peppers for the poppers, helping with the saus balls.

So, I don't really have to cook too much. I'll start tomorrow and we'll just eat till it's gone. Like for days and days. We're having a bit of company the day after. My bff dh died 4 years ago, on the 26th. She comes to our house that day and we eat and talk and laugh and remember her dh. Her family didn't like him and she's not comfortable grieving there. I'll also pack up some leftovers and take them to my mum who's 84.

Oh, yeah, and we're getting Chinese food for tomorrow!!!: Enough for leftovers.

Which we will heat up on Christmas Day in our very first EVER microwave!!! (shhhh, dont' tell! It's a secret! the teens are going to FREAK!

So, what are you all having? I'll be stealing your recipes for next year!

Alyantavid's Avatar Alyantavid 02:28 PM 12-24-2007
We're having prime rib, garlic mashed potatoes, salad, some veggie for the kids I haven't decided on, shrimp and whatever appetizers I get put together. And chocolate cake.
delphiniumpansy's Avatar delphiniumpansy 02:31 PM 12-24-2007
Whoah, red, that sounds awesome.

Tonite we area having grilled halibut with rice pilaf and sauteed veggies and salad.

Tomorrow we are having baked ham, broiled root veggies, salad, honey wheat butter dinner rolls, broccoli, lindser torte, and cookies.

Dh is the chef except for lindser torte which mil made.
VikingKvinna's Avatar VikingKvinna 04:29 PM 12-24-2007
Tonight we are having shrimp cocktail and cheddar/Calvados fondue with bread, apples, summer sausage, and pepperoni for dipping. Dessert is poached pears in red wine and cardamom sauce.

Tomorrow we'll have a variety of pastries and coffee as we open gifts, then an egg-and-hash-brown casserole, fruit salad, and gravlax with pumpernickel and mustard-dill sauce for a later brunch. Dinner (phew! I'm tired just typing this all out!) will be turkey with as many of the trimmings as we feel like making.

Then leftovers for days!

I'd better stop writing about it all and go starting cooking it!
mbtmom2000's Avatar mbtmom2000 04:43 PM 12-24-2007
Today: I planned to do some Navajo fry bread tacos but we have tons of leftovers so we will finish those off today.

Italian Beef Stew with rice and cornbread
Lemon Chicken bowtie pasta

Tomorrow: The plan was glazed cornish game hens, but dh changed the plan to ham:

Baked spiral glazed ham
potatoes(not sure what kind yet)
Baked mac and cheese
Slow cooked garlic green beans
Sauteed brussel sprouts
bread machine yeast rolls

***Heather***'s Avatar ***Heather*** 05:16 PM 12-24-2007
I'm not cooking, but I imagine it's the same as every other year. My Mom would love to try new (healthier!) stuff but the rest of the family would have a fit. It's actually very similar to our Thanksgiving dinner.

mashed potatoes
veggies: peas, carrots and/or squash

variety of cookies and squares

My contribution to the dinner is the pickles, olives, cheese and 2 kinds of cookies.
shantimama's Avatar shantimama 05:39 PM 12-24-2007
For breakfast we are having cinnamon rolls and berry smoothies, cheese fondue for lunch and leftover vegetartian chili (from tonight) for those sensitive to wheat or dairy, and we are going to friends' for dinner. We will be bringing a sweet potato and apple casserole and homemade bread - I don't know what else will be there. I will be passing around bowls of nuts all day long to keep the protein intake steady with my little gingerbread and candy cane gobblers
cristeen's Avatar cristeen 06:36 PM 12-24-2007
Tonight will be roasted crab in garlic wine butter, and garlic (buckwheat) noodles.

Breakfast tomorrow will be this gorgeous rib eye I picked up today, eggs, gravy, and I might make biscuits or muffins for DH... maybe cornbread.

We'll probably have something really simple like panfried chicken for dinner, unless I decide I want to make chili.

ETA - DH is saying he wants leg of lamb for dinner tomorrow, so I'll do that with probably some roasted brussel sprouts.
maplesugar's Avatar maplesugar 06:45 PM 12-24-2007
Tonight, I will attempt chicken and dumplings. I am going to have crackers with smoked salmon spread, Pumpkin Bread, and wine.

Tomorrow, I am going to my mom's who will most certainly have prepared the traditional holiday turkey dinner.:
snowyowl's Avatar snowyowl 07:54 PM 12-24-2007
We usually do finger foods on Christmas Eve and then a big dinner on Christmas Day but we're reversing that this year. So, tonight I'm making:

turkey breast (there aren't enough of us for a whole turkey)
cranberry sauce (I hate the stuff but my husband loves it so I'm making it from scratch for him.)
mashed potatoes
roasted cauliflower and brussels sprouts
petits pois a la francaise (I use Nigella Lawson's recipe.)
Christmas pudding with hard sauce

Christmas Day Brunch is eggs, bacon, homefries, toast, etc.

Tomorrow night we're having:
vegetables and dip
crackers, pita, whole-grain baguette
brie, old cheddar
smoked salmon
hummus; asiago and artichoke dip
mini sausage rolls
other little hot appetizers
leftover Christmas pudding and trifle
mince pies

Boxing Day dinner:
vegetarian lasagna
Ms. B. Sprout's Avatar Ms. B. Sprout 10:00 PM 12-24-2007
We're spending Christmas with just the three of us this year due to our impending birth! So, no fancy menus here, but:

Tonight we're having a roasted pastured chicken, roasted postatoes and garlic, and caramelized brussels sprouts. I'm also making banana bread.

Tomorrow for lunch we're going on a long hike and taking sandwiches & et cetera.

Tomorrow night we're going out to our favorite restaurant for sushi. :
nolansmummy's Avatar nolansmummy 02:36 AM 12-25-2007
For breakfast tomorrow we are having an egg spinach frittata, some cranberry muffins and juice, then at my moms we are snacking so we are having
chicken wings, shrimp cocktail, port wine cheese ball, cheese dip with hawaiin bread, lil smokies in bbq sauce, and some sort of cheesy hashbrowns. Its all pure crap, but its only christmas one day a year thank goodness.
Then dinner at mil, she's making german food, which i don't particularly like but my husband loves it.

My mom is making her xmas dinner thurs, which will be ribs with all the fixins. I love when my mom cooks, she rarely does anymore but she's a great cook.:
treehuggermama's Avatar treehuggermama 07:07 AM 12-25-2007
It is just dh, I and the 2 little ones this year so it will be easy. Cinnamon buns, sausage and eggs in the morning after opening presents. Then baked ham, greek potatoes, red wine vinegar/olive oil dressed greens, some sort of veggie for the kids, raspberry cheesecake and choc chip cookies. After we are stuffed we like to drive around and look at xmas lights
minnowmomma's Avatar minnowmomma 07:57 AM 12-25-2007
mamadelbosque's Avatar mamadelbosque 02:41 PM 12-25-2007
Lobster tails
Deer shish-ka-bobs
baked potatoes

Pies, cookies, etc for desert
CeciMami's Avatar CeciMami 07:46 PM 12-25-2007
Our dinner last night was alarmingly like Thanksgiving as well!

20lb turkey
Gouda mashed potatoes
Roasted veggies (brussel sprouts, red onion, carrots, green beans)
Dad's yeast rolls
and Bouche de Noel for dessert! (w/meringe mushrooms) :

I put the leftover breast meat into my crockpot overnight with salsa and made a crock full of turkey tacos which we ate today for lunch. Turning the dark meat and leftover roasted veggies into a turkey stew in the crock tonight! I leftovers!
wife&mommy's Avatar wife&mommy 10:52 PM 12-25-2007
It was just us and my mom so we kept it simple. We had a turkey, dressing, green bean casserole, roasted sweet potatoes, deviled eggs, apple pie, and cookies.