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dillonandmarasmom's Avatar dillonandmarasmom 11:16 PM 01-20-2008
I am thinking of adding it to stirfry with carrots and broccoli.

Any other ideas are welcome!!

rstump's Avatar rstump 12:33 AM 01-22-2008
This is availble from my co-op this week.
I haven't ever had this type only white daikon.

I am hoping it is similar since I ordered a bunch.

I normally just use my raw shredded in salads or big cuts in stirfry. I also use it in sushi all time favorite way! :
isosmom's Avatar isosmom 05:25 PM 01-22-2008
I just slice it up and eat it plain or in salads. Use like radish, I guess.