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Karamom 05:55 PM 03-30-2008
I'm lazy and strapped for time so I don't want to create a meal plan myself. Does anyone know of a book or website that has full meal plans that are nutritionally balanced for breastfeeding women and are really easy and fast to prepare? I just need it to be really simple.

tayndrewsmama's Avatar tayndrewsmama 06:00 PM 03-30-2008 is great, but I don't think it's going to be the quick an easy you are looking for. Healthy, nutritionally balanced and really simple don't really go hand in hand. Maybe check out some of the free recipes and see what you think. They really are quicker than they may look. The mailer gives you reminders about when to do certain prep work.
rachelagain's Avatar rachelagain 05:03 PM 04-08-2008
Very good:

Haven't looked into:

I just got rid of this book, b/c I have my own system and didn't need it anymore:

This is a good article (I haven't read all of it):

And here's some ideas for easy meals, that are fairly good... depends on how much from scratch you do- if you don't do any, this will fit in: