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kibba's Avatar kibba 06:45 PM 05-22-2008
Having some friends over tommorow, only two toddlers, four adults.... I'm not sure what to serve.. I'm on a tight budget, any "cheap" but REALLY yummy ideas??

ghostlykisses's Avatar ghostlykisses 11:59 PM 05-22-2008
Homemade pizza and some cut up veggies? Inexpensive sandwiches like tuna salad or PBJ cut up into little triangles on trays with some fruit or veggies.
JennySmith's Avatar JennySmith 06:01 PM 05-23-2008
*Bagels and cream cheese
*egg salad/tuna salad sandwiches, veggies and dip, fruit kebobs

I find if you mix up the "bread", it makes it more festive (buns, pitas, wraps, etc)