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audsma's Avatar audsma 08:13 PM 07-26-2008
I may have mis-titled this, but I want to find the best way to save some of the cookie dough I make. I made zucchini chocolate chip cookies (Camille Kingsolver's recipe) last week, and froze a log of it. I cut the cookies last night, still frozen, and baked them on what was likely too high a heat. They were all different sizes/shapes, but the dough was sure yummy "raw." (I know that's a no-no, but who can resist?)

So, short of baking my cookies and packaging them for freezing, what should I do with my dough? The store-bought raw dough is usually either in squares or logs, and the frozen dough (which I have never purchased) in a tub has what instructions? Thanks in advance for the input.

hippiechickinsing's Avatar hippiechickinsing 03:24 AM 07-27-2008
I freeze the cookies in the form in which I want them to be baked. Line a cookie sheet with parchment, form the cookies on the sheet (no need for spreading room,) then freeze them. After they're in frozen balls, you can store them in whatever container you prefer. They thaw really quickly this way, usually by the time the oven's finished pre-heating and can be baked as per the recipe.

The log form sounds like it would be easy to store. Maybe after the dough is firm, but not fully frozen, you could slice the cookies. Then they'd be ready to go out of the freezer.
audsma's Avatar audsma 07:56 PM 07-27-2008
That sounds like a great idea. Thanks. I'm off to bake some more, or at least get some dough ready!