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lollie2357's Avatar lollie2357 12:17 PM 10-03-2008
I found out yesterday I'm pregnant (). With my last pregnancy my morning sickness was so bad I had to start taking medication around week 8 (it was the only medicine of any kind I had during my whole pregnancy and birth).

I don't want to do that again and I'm trying to prepare now. (I'm feeling the beginnings of it, but it's not bad yet). I've made zuchinni muffins, and a tamale casserole (in muffin cups) that I've frozen to have food for later, so I won't have to do lots of cooking.

I'd love some recipes that are good for the whole family that could maybe be frozen now that are especially good with morning sickness. Last time I could hardly stand to cook chicken, although I didn't mind eating it (if I didn't cook it).

What did you eat while pregnant? What's good to freeze?

BonnieLynn's Avatar BonnieLynn 10:48 PM 10-05-2008
I'm planning on doing this with my next one too. I was planning on freezing some different soups and casseroles mostly. I'm really excited about my plan to make molasses ginger cookies to freeze for when I'm sick though. I'll be keeping an eye on this thread for ideas .
nik_907's Avatar nik_907 08:42 PM 10-14-2008
Ladies - I too am dreading cooking. I've been having to go to my Natropath to get B6 shots because my morning sickness is horrible!

But your ideas sound good - have any recipes to share?

zuchinni muffins, and a tamale casserole (in muffin cups) -- these sounds awesome!!

molasses ginger cookies - please please share! I cannot stand drinking ginger ale just makes it worse.

I kept laughing because the only thing I can tolerate to eat is chocolate I think only because it kicks up my endorphins and make me feel good for a little bit!

Thanks ladies, this preggy mama really appreciates it!
rstump's Avatar rstump 09:59 PM 10-14-2008
I have done this with each pregnancy as I get Hyper-emesis with almost all my pregnancies.

I especially focus on breakfast as morning are hard and the better I eat in the am...the better my day gets (once I can eat). Baked oatmeal & quiches (before baking) freeze great. Of course things like chili, corn bread, coconut curries...these are great too. Rice freezes easily too....I like to use it to make rice pudding or fried rice later..

I focused on high protein/high fat meals as they really helped and not a WHOLE lot of anything cause...ya never know what new aversion I was going to have each time. Once I did lots of chicken and couldn't stomach chicken my whole pregnancy.
BonnieLynn's Avatar BonnieLynn 12:39 PM 10-15-2008
I'm going to be trying out a few recipes this week to find one I really like before I make a huge patch of the molasses ginger cookies. I'll post it once I get it all figured out.