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sanguine_speed's Avatar sanguine_speed 07:36 PM 12-12-2008
Originally Posted by Mama2Xander View Post

I think it is important to keep in mind too that the VAST majority of the world's population lives in much smaller spaces than we think are necessary here.
Most people I know who live in average or larger-than-average homes recognize that these homes are not necessary. Though, yes, I do know a few people who make comments about "needing" this or that, such as a second (or third) bathroom, or a certain number of bedrooms equal to the number of children they have, etc.

Drummer's Wife's Avatar Drummer's Wife 07:42 PM 12-12-2008
it's funny but I've typed up long responses to this thread twice now (once yesterday and then again today), and both times I lost them when trying to submit. : Probably for the better then and I'll take it as a sign to keep my mouth shut.

I am curious though as to what is considered an environmentally accpetable amount of living space if you have a large family. We plan on one to two more for a total of 8 people. If 1200 sq ft is acceptable for a family of 3 or 4 can I have 2500-3000 sq. ft. for twice as many? Of course it would be possible to live on-top of each other in a tiny place with lots of kids. My MIL was just here visiting and reminded me that her parents had 8 children in a small 2 bedroom house. She wan't exactly recalling it fondly, though.
thismama's Avatar thismama 07:46 PM 12-12-2008
I don't think there is any hard and fast rule, and that it depends on lifestyle choices, whether you have outdoor space, whether you can walk to town or do you have to drive everywhere and your house is the only place your family can stretch out and have adventures, etc etc.
Tangled Hill's Avatar Tangled Hill 09:35 PM 12-12-2008
I think I might like a slightly bigger house, but I'd like to own fewer things. It would be nice not to have to shift the entire living room around in order to put up the xmas tree....

Decluttering is inching up to number one on my list of New Year's resolutions.
Marcee's Avatar Marcee 01:50 AM 12-13-2008
We have close to 1600 sqft. It is plenty for our family of 7 (4 bedrooms, 1 bath). The only thing I wish it had is more than 1 bathroom, well and maybe a slightly larger dining room. But it is not to bad. DS's 9 and 11 share. DS's 13 and 3 will share if 3 year old ever moves out of my room. DD 4 has her own room, but it is also the playroom area.

I grew up in HUGE houses and prefer my smaller one. But to each there own because the family that occupied this house before us has 3 children and it was to small for them and they upgraded to a larger house. But for me this works very well.
momtokay's Avatar momtokay 07:06 AM 12-13-2008
I'd like to move to a smaller house again. We moved from the city to the burbs and nearly 5 years later I still miss my quaint, small-ish old house and the new "beautiful" big house just doesn't feel like home. sigh. I thought eventually we'd grow into it and yes we have more stuff (and a new family member) since we moved, but still it's just not feeling like our "home". At any rate, OP, I can certainly relate.
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