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At the moment I have about a dozen shirts, four skirts, several pullovers and cardigans, three 'nicer' dresses, and one formal dress. We're in a four-season climate, so some of this stuff is different weights I can layer to suit the weather. There's one small box of odds and ends for mucky jobs.

I have six pairs of shoes: lined boots, unlined boots, shoes, sandals, house slippers, and really cruddy shoes for the next time my mother's basement floods. Unless we're moving to a warmer climate, I need to get some knee-high lined boots; the snow has been higher here the last few years.

For outerwear, I have one thin jacket, one unlined wool cloak, and one short mink jacket (for dress), plus one round of hat/scarf/gloves.

I also have two more drawers to look through and one tiny box of maternity shirts to assess (the leggings and cardigan were in shreds and patched by the end of it, so they got rag-bagged).

I hate shopping for clothes.

2 happy kids makes for a happy mother.

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I have two pairs of pants in rotation, but three would be much easier.

I have two skirts that can be dressed up or down.

I have three pairs of shorts.

I have a pair of ski pants (I LIVE in Vermont, and wear these 5 to 6 times per month 4 months of the year.)

I have 1 pair of dress shoes that can go with jeans or skirts, 1 pair of sport shoes, 1 pair of snow boots, 1 pair of muck boots (I wear these 300 days a year), two pairs of sandals (I need to get rid of one), and one pair of fun red Keens.

I have 4 pairs of wool socks, and 6 pairs of cotton (my aunt just sent me these, and I wear through cotton socks really fast).

I have two cardigan sweaters and 2 pullovers.

I have 6 long sleeved t-shirts, and I think I could easily have one or 2 fewer.

I have 8 short sleeved t-shirts.

I have two "date" blouses.

I have felt guilty for having too many clothes, but this thread has made me feel better. Thanks! We're moving into a VERY small house soon (750 sq ft), and I am trying to figure out what to get rid of. I guess my gut feeling that I kind of need this many clothes is not too far off. I might cull a few shirts and 2 pairs of shoes...

Good luck OP! I think being honest with ourselves in these situations is really hard. We have so many hopes and emotions tied up in our clothes and what we thought we would be in them. May you find the number and type that fit not just who you are, but who you want to be.

I forgot- 1 heavy coat, 1 wool "city" coat (to feel pretty), 1 fleece, and a raincoat.

AND- 3 bras, one pair of pjs, and one set of work out clothes (for rowing, just old summer stuff)
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Twelve complete casual outfits per season.

Two bathing suits.

Five coats, five hats, several pairs gloves, seven scarves.

Four complete sweatsuits.

Roughly a dozen "dress" outfits- special occaision and professional, along with about four pairs of dress shoes and two pairs of dress boots to go with them.

About six pairs of nylons/tights, two dozen pairs socks and undies each, several bras (running the gamut from sports bras to a corset), and about ten pairs of pajamas.

Three pairs of boots (Docs, hiking, and snow), two pair sandals, two pair athletic, three pair loafers, and a pair of flats.

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wow, i'm feeling like a clotheshorse in comparison to some here! lol! i have a lot of clothing, but it's all pretty much mix and match. i have very classic taste in clothing.......think jennifer aniston. lots of neutrals (creams, tans, black, greys, chocolate brown, white), dark denim, tailored lines, simple (platinum/diamond) jewelry, classic handbags, and simple flats/shoes.

it works well for me!

: : vicki ~ wife & mom of 2 amazing kids
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I have learned that I also would rather buy something expensive that I love and will use often then 5 things that are ok, are expensive together, and that I rarely use.

I have a small closet area- and I have a nice selection of work/professional clothing- maybe 12 bottoms and 18 tops. Then I have about 10 casual bottoms, and maube 20 casual tops. I have a few work out/house project things, and some fancier things- maybe 12 dresses and 8 tops....

I constantly get complements, and I do pride myself on looking well. I focus on fit and timelessness when I buy things, and I pretty much ignore fads and trends, unless I LOVE them, and then I indulge and get 1. Most of the things I love and wear the most often were the things I paid full price on and felt I couldn't leave without. My cleareance things are usually the shortest lasting, so it ends up being just wasted money.

The things I do hoard are bathing suits (I have at least a dozen, but our new home has a pool) and panties. I have, I'd guess, 200 pairs! I need to purge pretty much all of them and get new, and much less.

The things I need more of are bras- I have 1 good fitting one that cost 90$, and about 4 others that fit poorly, but I can't get rid of them till I can afford to replace them.

I've really learned my lesson about quality vs quantity, and my wardrobe is about 1/5 the size it used to be, thank goodness.

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I'm getting rid of a few things, but here's the list:

LONG-SLEEVED TEES (5) 2 black, 1 grey/brown stripes, 1 cream, 1 black/white stripes

SHORT-SLEEVED TEES (7) 2 black, 2 green, 1 grey, 1 cream, 1 brownish

PANTS (9) 2 jeans, 2 wool, 2 jammies, 1 scrubs, 1 yoga, 1 black capris

SKIRTS (4) 1 black, 1 red, 1 black/white flowers, 1 denim

DRESSES (4) 1 sundress, 1 cocktail, 2 cotton (1 black, 1 grey)

SWEATERS (6) 2 black, 1 pink, 1 green, 2 grey

TANKS (7) 1 brown, 3 nursing (1 grey, 1 black, 1 pinkish), 1 black, 1 cami, 1 knitted

SWEATSHIRTS (3) 1 black, 1 green, 1 maroon

BLOUSES (2) 1 ss grey, 1 ls patterned

COATS (3) 1 green wool, 1 brown heavy sweater, 1 beige light sweater

SHOES (5) 1 black boots, 1 black pumps, 1 black maryjanes, 1 running shoes, 1 black Birkenstock clogs

ODDS AND ENDS 1 one-piece swimsuit, 1 two-piece swimsuit, 3 bras, tights, socks, undies, scarves, mittens, hats

I'm thinking of saying goodbye to the coloured items, and I need a new pair of dress shoes since the ones I have now are viciously uncomfy since I had the babies. I also need to replace most of my tees as they are holey and ratty-looking.

I'm starting to put more thought into the colours I buy. Since I don't have much, it all needs to match. As much as I like brown, I don't own any brown shoes, and I wear an awful lot of black and grey, so I steer away from buying any new brown clothes. Most of my wardrobe is black and grey with a bit of cream, red, and green.

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Now I feel bad about harassing my husband for how much clothing he has..
Between the two of us we have 2 closets (small one for every day clothes, and another for DH's uniforms and suits.. and the bookcase to keep it away from DD) and a dresser that we only use two drawers of. Everything is hung up except undergarment, workout clothing, night clothes and swimsuits.
Currently I have: 3 pairs of jeans, 8 short sleeve shirts, 4 long sleeve shirts, 3 knee length skirts, one long skirt. I go through the entire wardrobe several times a week (my baby spits up a LOT and my toddler loves to get messy and climb all over me- wearing dirty clothing is depressing so I change). I have 2 night sets, 1 swim suit and 1 pair of work out pants (I use my regular shirts to work out in).
DH has: 4 pairs shorts, 5 (or 6) pairs pants, 20 Tshirts, 2 long sleeve shirts, 3 suits and then his work uniforms which are kept in a different closet. He has 4-5 workout outfits and 3 swim trunks..

~Heather~ Mama to Miss E (1/07), Miss A (11/08), Mr.T (2/11) and Miss A (10/12) Expecting our newest blessing sometime late Sept/early Oct.. Wife to my Marine since 11/2005
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I'm a clothes addict, so that's the one thing I don't declutter. We have a gargantuan walk-in closet that is nearly the size of a bedroom, and I just keep it really really neat so I don't feel bad about the thousands of clothing items in there.
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Originally Posted by becoming View Post
I'm a clothes addict, so that's the one thing I don't declutter. We have a gargantuan walk-in closet that is nearly the size of a bedroom, and I just keep it really really neat so I don't feel bad about the thousands of clothing items in there.
Woot! Finally somebody speaking my language.

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I have only like 2 pairs of pants that fit. Most of my clothes have holes or stains. Most of my shirts are old and stretched out. Ugh. No, I'm not *that* broke, I have huge guilt over getting rid of things and getting new things. Even if I donate clothes and buy stuff on sale, I feel guilty. I wish I knew why. I'd love to build a nice wardrobe. Problem is, my weight fluctuates a lot (that, and I keep getting knocked up! Though I have an IUD now so hopefully no more of that for a while!). I have some nice things that fit me at 100 lbs that don't now around 125. I did get rid of all my size 0 jeans just to convince myself that I never need to be that skinny again (I normally wear between a 3 and a 7).

Thanks for posting this, though. It reminded me that I need to get over this!

I'm a modifiedartist.gif DH is a reading.gif we have 2 angel.gifs, and DS is a rainbow1284.gif baby.gif
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I'm all for keeping what you have room for, as long as you love it. I have very few items myself, but since I only have what I love, I wear them all the time and end up going through clothes pretty quickly... years ago when I had a ton of clothes they lasted much longer! I also find it really hard to find something I love, that looks good and feels good and I can afford, so if I had a large stash of clothes I liked I would absolutely keep them as long as I had the room.
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I switch my clothes seasonally, so right now in my closet is just winter stuff. There's still a lot of things in there that I never wear, and probably won't ever wear that I need to get rid of. My problem is that most of my clothes don't fit me well because I've gained some weight, and I refuse to buy bigger clothes because I'm working out and actively trying to lose the weight. I have a really hard time finding clothes that I like, so often settle for things that are so-so just to be finished shopping (I really dislike shopping)
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Originally Posted by BCFD View Post
I recently heard a great method of getting rid of unworn clothes. It was so logical that I can't believe I didn't come up with it!

Put everything on hangers and hang the hangers on the rack backwards (so, you turn the C part of the hanger so it's open on the front of the rod...if that makes sense). In 6 months if anything is still hanging backwards, toss it, donate it, do whatever.
: I'm 2 months into this.

I used to have a lot of clothes - lots that I was emotionally attached to, lots that I used to fit in, lots that I just couldn't bear to part with. But one day I realised that I just had to purge. I had a whole wardrobe full of clothes but couldn't find anything appropriate for a couple of occasions in a weekend, and enough was enough.

The first thing I did was organised. Tracksuits, casual tshirts and lingerie in the dresser. Everything else is hung up, separated by type of clothing (eg skirts, shirts), then by sleeve length, then by colour. It took all day! I realised I had 10 black tops, but I only wore four of them, so the other 6 went. I asked a girlfriend to come over and be brutal, and she helped a lot.

Then I invited a lot of girlfriends over (there were about 15 of us), and invited them to bring their unwanted clothes. We swapped a few things to fill the holes we'd created in our wardrobes, and donated the rest.

And now I have clothes to wear!
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We have a closet that holds clothes, shoes, luggage, and a tiny dresser with our personal papers and stuff we use when traveling. We also have a dresser with six big drawers and three small ones. It holds all the clothes for our family of three.

I am constantly weeding out clothes for us and still I think we have too much. We don't wear it all and it's silly to keep them.
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I finally filled 5, yes 5 garbage bags full of clothing form myself and the three oldest to go to goodwill. I am so sick of the cluttter.

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Originally Posted by Caneel View Post
My bold. I also felt the best dressed during my pregnancy.

Because I had to buy clothes and was not going drag all over creation looking for sales, I was forced (in my own reasoning) to pay full price and therefore, I bought was I liked and felt good in.

I had awesome maternity stuff! I worked in an office so I stuck with neutral colors but the stuff was edgy, so unlike my non-pregnant wardrobe.

I am tackling another clump of "$100 but paid only $x shirts" very soon. I know I haven't worn them in at least 3 years and they must go.
I got rid of my "$100" shirts a few weeks ago. I invited two friends over for wine and snacks and marched them upstairs to shop out of my "I know I should get rid of it but can't" closet.

The current challenge is winter clothing, particularly sweaters. Spring is one the way here and I am starting to evaluate what will get packed away for the season and what should go.

I have cashmere (sp?) sweaters staring at me. One should definately go. The color isn't right for me. I bought it on sale (surprise!) and never felt comfortable in the color. I haven't worn it all winter.

After talking it out, I will put it on the give-a-way pile tonight...

Mom to DS, born fall 05 after ,,, wife/best friend to DH We have
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Originally Posted by Crunchy*VT*Mom View Post

I'm a minimalist.

I like space between the hangers in my closet so the clothes can breathe.

I buy a few GOOD things (and I'll pay full price without a qualm if it looks good on me and is a quality piece of clothing) each year.

I rarely keep anything over a year or two because when I buy it, I wear it OUT.

There is nothing in my closet that doesn't fit me right now, today.

Because when I was pregnant the first time, I went out and bought about ten great maternity pieces...and I wore them every day. And I was the best dressed I had been in my entire life.

That taught me a lesson and after that I took it to heart.

Buy what looks great now and WEAR it.

Throw the rest out.

Wow...this post hit me right on. After being pg this last time, I had the exact same realisation. I got rid of a TON of clothes, and am about to do it again. We have a great thrift store nearby that I can find just about anything I hae an inkling for, and I can get discounted fashionable clothes from my dh's work, so there's truly no reason for me to hang onto something that I once loved but is barely hanging in there...

My biggest issue is sentimental clothing - what do I do with a dress I wore to my gpa's funeral, or right after our wedding? Help with that??

Cindy, loving wife of 15 years
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I actually keep a good handle on clothes now. I saw a tip on TV to hang all the clothes hangers backwards, and then when you wear it you turn the hanger around after washing it and putting it back away. After a year the things that are still backwards should be donated or thrown away.

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This thread is helping me realize I have a fear about owning only a minimal amount of clothes. I WILL wear them out. I get quite attached to the items I love and I worry that I won't be able to find another when it wears out beyond repair. I need to just deal with that and realize that the item of clothing will be like any other thing: enjoy it while you have it and move on when it's gone.
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Almost a year since I posted this! I wanted to update now that I am 7.5 months PP. My clothing issue is STILL an issue Once again I'm giving myself extra time to settle into a size. After having baby boy #3 I was immediately 20 lbs under my pre preggo weight. I was thrilled....however the BF munchies got me and I am now back to my pre preggo weight So as you can imagine, my 3 sizes of clothing have come in handy. Not to mention the need for tops that I am comfy in while BF. If all goes as it has with my past pregnancies and BF, I am hoping to truly be able to purge all non fitting sizes by the year's end. We have no plans to have any more kiddos so I am no longer going to hang on to all these sizes.
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Being pregnant was a real wake-up call for me. I realized that I need very few clothes. Because I am short, I had a very hard time finding maternity pants that fit me. Because I was at my largest during the dead of winter, I didn't wear skirts. Basically, I went two months wearing two pairs of pants and four tops. One of those pairs of pants was bought for $1.99 at a thrift store. And I'm a university prof, so I try to dress reasonably professional for teaching.

Now that I fit back into my pre-pregnancy wardrobe, I have been taking a very hard and critical look at my clothing. Do I really need three black skirts? Two pairs of gray pants? Seven pairs of jeans?

However, I'm torn between getting rid of everything and being a minimalist, or frugally holding on to stuff that fits me so that I will have duplicates when the other stuff wears out (duplicate jeans, pants, t-shirts, etc.)

Sandy (41), Mama to Oscar (Feb 2009) and Aria (April 2012), infertility and miscarriage survivor brokenheart.gif 11/25/10 and brokenheart.gif 6/22/11.

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