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minta's Avatar minta 05:16 AM 02-19-2009
You know all those enormous items that take up an entire shelf if you lay them flat...

I looked into converting our plinth space but it's not a workable option in this particular kitchen.

I'd love to get some kind of storage system that allows them to stand on their sides -- like a dish rack, only bigger IYWKIM?

Any suggestions?

sunanthem's Avatar sunanthem 07:24 AM 02-19-2009
I keep baking pans and cookie sheets in the drawer/broiler of the oven. I learned here to keep the big cutting boards on top of the fridge, which has become a real space saver.
woodchick's Avatar woodchick 10:25 AM 02-19-2009
How about a metal file folder holder like this one? It could sit on the counter for heavily used items like cutting boards or you could put in in a taller, bottom cabinet for your lesser used items.
Oliver's Mama's Avatar Oliver's Mama 11:54 PM 02-19-2009
The container store has a few things made for holding sheets and boards upright, as well as pot and pan lids. Here are some examples:
minta's Avatar minta 01:16 AM 02-20-2009
great suggestions! thank you!
sunnysandiegan's Avatar sunnysandiegan 03:08 PM 02-20-2009
Minta - I just wanted to thank you for posting this question. I typically read the MDC while I eat breakfast and yesterday was no exception. I saw your topic and decided to photograph where/how I store these items. When taking the pictures, I noticed how FILTHY the top of our fridge is. So, I got out the Orange Clean and and a rag and went to town cleaning it. Then, I noticed how dirty the corners of our cabinet doors are (no knobs), I sprayed the Orange Clean on a whim. I have tried vinegar/water many times and it never worked on these two areas. Anyway, a couple hours later, my entire kitchen was sparkling clean: dishes, counters, appliances, counters, floor, etc. I was so inspired, I went to Ikea to find a unit for our family office (and I ran errands along the way). DH was working from home yesterday and I emailed him pictures of the suitable candidates from Ikea and we decided which one and I purchased it. The rest of the day revolved around our DD. After dinner, we put together the unit and made a plan for rearranging things and altering the unit on Saturday. I was still inspired this morning. I walk DD to school each morning and when I got back home, I swept the front door and walkway. Then I went into the backyard and swept those doors and patio. Lastly, I swept off and moved a large spiral plant stand (taller than me) that was just sitting empty by our front door to the backyard and put my smaller plants on it. I am eating breakfast now at 9 am and am still inspired... Wonder what else I'll come up with today...

I just thought it might be nice for you to hear how your seemingly simple question impacted someone reading it. THANK YOU!
minta's Avatar minta 10:12 PM 02-21-2009
good for you! unfortunately, i got as far as the baking sheet dilemma, then got fed up and sat and read a magazine instead! lol

i'm glad someone'shouse is tidier!
thixle's Avatar thixle 10:32 PM 02-21-2009
I side mine in the crack between the counter and fridge. At the last apt, it was between the counter and stove. But I only have one platter and 2 baking sheets. The rest of the big flat stuff goes in the drawer under the stove.
Drummer's Wife's Avatar Drummer's Wife 10:34 PM 02-21-2009
I have a special tall narrow cabinet just for that purpose (I can't figure anything else that would even fit in it, besides a cutting board) so I'm not much help. I was totally thinking on top of the fridge, though.
Jane's Avatar Jane 04:58 AM 02-22-2009
I got an extra shelf for my cabinet and store them there. So I have this...

@@@@@Pots & Pans@@@@@


####small electrics#######

--------bottom of cabinet-------
99lauren's Avatar 99lauren 02:20 PM 02-22-2009
I keep some in the bottom of my corner lazy-susan cabinet. Theres a bit of space under the shelf that turns out, and I don't think it could be used for anything else. We have a small house, and cant afford to waste an inch!
Code Name Mama's Avatar Code Name Mama 02:43 PM 02-22-2009
I put cookie sheets in the drawer of the oven, platters are in a bottom cabinet, but I'm not fond of their placement.