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We're in 1200sq feet? I always ask dh and he sighs and reminds me then I forget
There's me, dh,ds, and new dd. I wouldn't want to go bigger we have TONS of space it's just a really strange layout/no storage. We have no useable basement, no real useable attic(except to store stuff and we hate stuff). WE have two bedrroms, 1 bath, 2 livingrooms and a "main room" which we use for a dining room, and a tiny alcove off the dining room that I had hoped was going to be "my space" but has turned into a toy area...the life of a mom!

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We are in about 1200 sf right now. dd, ds, dh and i. i think dh is the one who takes up/wants space though. if i were to get rid of all the stuff that we don't need (and in this climate) we could live quite nicely in an 700 sf HOUSE for just me and the kids. i suppose ideally 1200 sf is best for a colder climate with a different layout (take a little less than half of the master and a bit of the living area and make it into another bedroom).
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450 sf one room (yurt) for two of us and a baby. Don't wish for more so far.
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IDK. I'm not sure how big our house is right now, tbh... its the house I grew up in and we live with my dad so that changes things. Its nice that we both have our own 'space' due to the design (six-sided log cabin with loft thats mostly 'dads' though it does have the kitchen, then a more-normal looking house section with our bedroom and DS' room-in-progress and family room and a little section of laundry room/bathroom that connect the two). However, DH & I lived in a little tiny cabin when we first got married and I was pregnant. It seriously couldn't have been much more than 15x15 plus a little bathroom. Didn't even have a proper kitchen - we just had a little refrigerator & a hotpad. And we survived just peachy fine.
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i'd say 1300 i want decent sized kitchen and bedrooms.

We managed in a studio with a nice sized kitchen, and real bathtub til our daughter was 14months old with a german shepard mix puppy.

We then moved into a very small 2bdrm 1 bath that isn't a bathroom so so small and has no real bathtub just a showerstall. and we are still renting it currently.It was great for a while when it was just me,dh and dd but now we have ds and it seems even smaller than it probably is.

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We're in 950 sq ft now not including the size of the double car garage plus fenced in backyard. The layout could be better but it's not bad either. Me, DH, two 6 y/o's and a 4 y/o and we're debating on having another babe.

We were in 1800 sq ft a couple of years ago and it felt much too big. We had a lot of unused space.

We could probably even go a bit smaller, but I'd have to declutter much more than I ever have, lol. But we could do in the 850 sq ft range, I am thinking?!
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We live in 1100 sq. feet (gross) = ~ 900 sq feet net. We are 3 adults & 2 kids. It feels comfortable. I wouldn't mind one more room so we could have guests sleep over more comfortably.

But, the kids will probably leave home in a few years and then one of their bedrooms can become a guest room. When both move out, the place might feel too big.
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Originally Posted by Delicateflower View Post
I have a ton of crafty hobbies and having one room for crafts and storage is really nice.
OMG, yes. This is a huge issue for us. DH is a woodworker and glassmaker. He also weaves and has a huge floor loom. My hobbies are small by comparison, I have a spinning wheel, a sewing machine, and a basket or two of supplies. Also, musical instruments - hammered dulcimer, huge drum, and a couple of bodhrans and a guitars. These things take up space!

Originally Posted by AngieB View Post
We lived in a 30 ft trailer for a year with 3 kids. It was doable. In the winter it got hard when the kids were stuck inside.
Yes! We spent 10 years in a 27ft. trailer (no slideouts, it was an Airstream Argosy) with two kids. It was fine.

Originally Posted by mckittre View Post
450 sf one room (yurt) for two of us and a baby. Don't wish for more so far.
If your bedroom is not walled off, then because of the shape of a yurt, it feels very spacious and open! I adore round housing.

We have 600 ft on the groung level, and 260 ft on the upper level. HOWEVER, it's an A-frame, so you can write off a lot of that space, because you can't get things up against the walls. We are two adults, 4 children, and 1 dog, 1 cat, & 2 goldfish. We find the space fine, *if* we could get things up against the walls!

We might be getting a yurt soon, which we would love. Our future plan is to someday build a cob house. I imagine it will probably be about 1,000 ft.

I like to say that I could happily live in a teepee, but I'd have to give up my hobbies. Well, or keep the hobbies and give up the kids :.
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I also think layout, lifestyle & climate.

I know a family of 6 (4 boys between 9 & 17) who live in 850 square feet. It's tight but it works for them. We were in 1000 square feet before we moved and dh was feeling squished. Our current apartment is 1600 square feet (we bought it to grow into) and it's fine. We have a kitchen, living / dining room & 4 bedrooms (2 large & 2 small). Right now the girls share one small bedroom, the baby has the smallest room, the biggest room is our playroom / office / where I run my daycare from & we have the other room. I would like the bigger room to be 2 small rooms, then I could have a small room for an office / guestroom. But it works fine how it is.

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I too think that it really depends on the design & outside space. If I could design my space and there was space to play and run outside then we could do with 700-800 sq ft for our family of 4 (soon to be 5).

We currently have 1400 sq ft but there are design "features" that makes some of that space unusable or incompatible for dual/multi use.
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Ds and I are in a 750 sq ft apt. It feels tiny to me. It's really getting to me.
I don't have a dining area and the living room is very small. But, I made this sacrifice to be in the town I'm in. (it's all I could afford).

I'd love something about 1200 sq ft. Oh, who am I kidding... I'd love something 2500 sq ft. (I like space. Lots of it.)

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Like others have said, it's all about the layout. As a family of 6 (almost 7) I think we could go as small as 1000sq ft without killing each other . But of course, the layout is what matters.

What I really think matters the most is storage space and a yard. (at least for our family!)
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