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I have a bad habit of offering something to someone, giving it to them, and then like a year later thinking I still have it and offering it to someone else :

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AC adaptor to our portable DVD player...

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Not really. Just stuff like random puzzle pieces I've trashed, then I find the rest of the puzzle in the back of the toy cabinet the next day and now the puzzle is worthless. But still, it's a puzzle that no one was playing with, and inexpensive, so eh, so what?

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I did and I regret it. When we moved from US to Europe I sold/gave away 2/3 of our posessions. I now regret an area rug that was bought on a special ocassion and two beautiful Japanese handpainted tea cups (mixed by mistake with the donation stuff). But it's only stuff and since then other special or beautiful things entered our lives too.
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I'm pretty sure I threw away the key to my husband's office desk... In my defense, it was just sitting on our dresser not attached to anything, and looked an awful lot like those keys you get in the mail for car giveaways...
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I've only regretted one incident of purging, but boy, do I regret it. It was different because it wasn't voluntary purging, I was under pressure to completely empty my closet because we had bugs, and my DH was being an ***hole and telling me I was a baby when I asked him for help since I was overwhelmed.

So I threw away a vast majority of what was in the closet. I can't even talk about some of those things, but I recently have been kicking myself because I threw away my winter boots (um, I live in Massachusetts... I do remember telling DH I was going to throw them away and we would have to buy me new ones, but why didn't I just keep them? We don't have the money to blow on replacing stuff I already have, and I liked those just fine). Also I can't find my sneakers, which I don't specifically recall throwing away, but is pretty likely since like I said, a majority of the stuff got tossed. So I have exactly three pairs of shoes left: sandals, everyday shoes/booties (10 years old and scuffed to hell), and a pair of knee-high boots my mom got me last year.

Anyway, lesson learned. Never throw things away under pressure. But then, I still don't know what I could have done with all that stuff. We could never afford to dry clean a bunch of stuff.

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I feel a wee bit sad for decluttering some of my daughter's junky toys. But only a wee bit.

She got a plastic play-doh kitchen as a birthday present (she turned 3) and it had a million pieces. She didn't exactly play with it, she just sort of threw the pieces around the house for me to find and pick up and it became a full-time job just keeping the toy intact. It really annoyed me. So I disappeared it.

Over a whole year has gone by without any mention, but the other night my DD asked, "where is my play-doh kitchen?" Uh....

I also threw away a broken, crappy plastic Ariel bathtub toy DH brought home. I didn't think she would really care. But she did.
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I have only truly ever regretted not getting rid of things sooner... sure, I've had a ping or two about one thing or another, but it's mostly been stuff I didn't need for years, then when I did could never find another one quite like it (like this amazing awesome high chair I had for my oldest... but it would've been in the way for years, instead of getting used by someone else, if I had kept it... or this awesome all in one bag I had, I've gone through so many since then and none of them were as close to perfect, but I could just as easily have lost it or worn it out by now anyways -so that is really more about not being able to find something anymore than having gotten rid of anything really... or various books, but they were taking up so much space in my home 'just in case' and there are always other books... or personal sentimental items, but again they could get lost or damaged just as easily -and I've had more things 'lost' that way, then from decluttering, honestly-, so I feel better about practicing letting go and being okay with that, than hanging on so I don't have that ping of momentary regret). I don't stress about having to get something I could really, really use again after having decluttered the same type of item previously, but I do think about it long and hard before getting rid of something actually useful.
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Generally, I'm very happy to get rid of clutter, and I haven't had to replace very much. I did replace my baby gear. I got rid of everything after baby #2. Granted, my mom bought all the new gear as a gift (swing, bouncy seat) but I never used the stuff with #2 and it took up so much space. I regret getting rid of some of the kids toys. Like a play kitchen. They never used it as toddlers, but I think they would play with it now.

Most of my 'stuff regrets' are about making poor purchases in the first place. For example, when my dd's were babies I bought Britax roundabout carseats, hoping to save $$ vs. buying marathons. They outgrew the roundabouts and I had to purchase new carseats before they could move to boosters. I regret buying the $500 double stroller.....really I wish I did my research before some purchases instead of being swayed by popularity or a brand name.

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Originally Posted by Juvysen View Post
I have a bad habit of offering something to someone, giving it to them, and then like a year later thinking I still have it and offering it to someone else :
Wow, talk about decluttering. You really really really didn't want those items anymore.
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my couch.

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My mother used to do this with our things. My things, as a teenager...

I actually deeply resent her, partly because of this. She had no concern about whether anyone else in the house wanted/used/cared about the item in question; she just wanted to throw things away. Some of the things were treasured, from my late great grandmother, incredibly valuable, etc.

I declutter, but do not throw out anything of value. That will change soon, when we move from out 1600 sq foot house to a 1000 sq foot apt.

ETA: Not that anyone here is ruining their relationships! I just realized how negative I sounded, didn't mean to, just ruminating.

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There is this one coffee cup I sold at a garage sale that I miss terribly. It was a terrific coffee cup. What was I thinking?!?

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