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Subbing! I just got rid of 7 full bags of clothing, and have gathered up a huge box and three bags of toys to go. Yay Freecycle!! Hopefully clothes that don't fit anyone and toys that my kids have outgrown will really benefit someone else.

My goals for the next few weeks are:

*Go through the remaining clothing and pare down further.
*Box up and put away off-season clothing.
*Go through all the remaining toys, and get rid of about half what's still there.

*Go through the boxes of books in the closet, get rid of all but the most important/favorite. Get the keepers onto the bookshelf we now have, and give the rest away. Any books that don't fit on the shelves that I still can't part with, move to the upstairs closet.

*Rearrange bedroom furniture to be a better use of the space.
*Move stored items from the living room closet to the bedroom closet (which is huge, considering the size of our apartment!)
*Get rid of junky microwave and TV that have sat in the LR closet for 6+ months.
Really, the LR closet is a month-long project by itself. First I guess I'll have to figure out exactly what all is in there. It's kind of become a giant junk drawer. THAT's great feng shui, to have that lurking in the center of my home!! Accountability will come in useful with it - it's a closet, so out of sight, out of mind... it's been too easy to put it off for so long.

~ Colleen ~ Joyful Unschooling Pagan mama to hearts.gifenergy.gifsuperhero.gifjog.gif and babyf.gif
"When I'm sad, I stop being sad and be AWESOME instead."
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I managed to get tio the thrift store yesterday with 4 bags of stuff. However, I came back with 4 dozen quart canning jars. Oh well, just need to find a good spot in the basement for them.

I am also moving the laundry area in the basement to accommodate DH's bikes.

1. Post 20 books to my swapping sites. 8/20 posted

2. Finish closet organization for me, DD, DS.

3. Submit DH's flexible spending.

4. Make progress in the basement. - Started and getting somewhere!

5. Drop off two batches of stuff at the thrift store. 1/2

Bridget. Momma to DD (4), expecting DS - 9/09, wife to SAHD. Gardener, coffee addict, urban dweller.
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I've been slacking off. In the past few days I've

*done more laundry and put it away
*recycled all the old bottles piling up in the tub
*addressed some storage issues in the tub and put up some draining baskets things that suction to the wall. One for little ds's soap and one for his wall crayons
*I have been on going with filing up a new bins with donations
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Originally Posted by doubledutch View Post
i'm doing the apartment therapy home cure (we're on week four!) but aside from whatever randomness they tell me to do, here's what i actually want to get done in november:

bring in the m.f. hutch. i've had this adorable little china hutch for like six months. it's in the garage. it's not big and heavy - dh and i can carry it. i don't know why it's not in our dining room yet. i don't know what my problem is. meh.
plastic on windows. i need to put that plastic film over the windows because they're very drafty, but our window treatments are inside the window frames. i can't deal with the thought of having our shades down all winter, but they certainly can't just be up. sigh. not sure what to do. maybe keep them down on the front of the house, open elsewhere? this is our second winter in the house; i didn't do it last year.
make two quilts. yeah. our bedroom isn't complete yet because i want to make quilts for the boys' twin beds. currently, they sleep with me and dh sleeps downstairs on the pull-out couch. i want to get their beds looking awesome so they'll want to sleep in them. they're already excited because i hung up those mesh canopy things, but i haven't made up the beds yet. the quilts aren't necessary (it's not like we don't have other blankets!) but i want to get it checked off the list anyway.
basement. yah. it's just gross/sad. the main thing is laundry, but also just general straightening and cleaning the floor.
i suck.
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Originally Posted by doubledutch View Post
i suck.
If it makes you feel better, I didn't get around to what I wanted to either...and I just had one thing on my list.
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Originally Posted by Hollysmom View Post

Week 1 - Dining room - it is mainly just the buffet, but I have been avoiding it for a while. DONE

Week 2 - I hope to have the house to myself for one day this week so I am going to try and do the playroom ~ ie. remove broken, inappropriate or annoying toys while the children are away - this may have to wait, since it looks like I may not have that day alone after all

Week 3 - My office - this is really a corner of the playroom/family room that I use for my computer. Bunch of stuff piled on the desk and cupboards full of old papers etc....could take a while - Started this instead - moved the computer upstairs and the sewing machine downstairs so I can have more room for my fabric and yarn stashes

Week 4 - At least one basement storage area (we have three that are full of stuff) I want to do them all, but I don't want to over commit. If I get to more than one it will be a bonus
Well, things have not gone well since my last update. All three kids got sick, starting with dd1 and moving on the dd2 and eventually dd3. In addition we have dd1's birthday party this weekend and I decided to sew her loots bags myself. And if that didn't keep me busy enough, work was insane this week. Anyway enough excuses. I hope to get back at it next week.
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Originally Posted by cera View Post
Ugh I should really join. I need to overhaul my whole house. I'm pregnant and of lately I've been diagnosed with extreme exhaustion and my whole house has gone even more downhill than usual. Lately though I've been having small spurts of energy, I think nesting has begun, so I really ought to get my act together. Aside from decluttering every room in the house some major things that stand out in my mind that need to be addressed are

*get the the end of the giant laundry pile and then go through and purge everyone's clothes so the pile stops returning every 2 weeks!! Half done and no end in sight ugh!!
*get a larger bookshelf for office (books are overflowing) move office bookshelf into oldest ds's room (boxes of books and no storage or them)
*organize new office/sewing room once and for all.
*help oldest ds organize his room with better storage/layout. Put up curtains
*make room for new baby in our room
*recycle all empty bottles in bathroom piling up in tub, lol done
*get dh to donate the pile of donations piling up in basementdone
*set aside a shelf or some sort of storage just for homeschool supplies
*enter in all my hundreds of pampers codes I've been hording in our coffee table to free up the table again *blush*half done
*frame and hang wedding photos from 6 months ago!! omg
*get frame for painting bought on wedding trip and hang said painting.
*declutter kitchen cupboards againhalf done
*put plastic on windows and doors
*address costume storage in playroom
*get dh to build "loft and ladder" in playroom closet

I know there's more but I just can't think right now. The only thing I got done all day today was washed and dried a few loads of laundry (not put away), moved youngest ds's too small clothes downstairs (not put away). Such a long day and nothing accomplished. I just feel so overwhelmed.
The end of the month is drawing near and it seems my get up and go has gotten up and left. I got off to a good start there getting things done, although they were not all all my list. But now I am finding it hard to continue and finish things off. Someone motivate me please!!
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I haven't read through all the previous posts, but nevertheless here goes:
from what I've learned in my "mother career" the most important thing is to take slow but steady steps. Please don't beat yourselves up because you didn't get around to do ... - it'll just make you feel guilty and you might end up doing hardly anything (the "why bother at all" feeling - kwim?).

Especially when you're pregnant and / or with young children it's important to be kind to yourself. My suggestion would be to try to declutter 15 minutes a day, it will be easier to keep things in order afterwards.

For the few of you who haven't heard of this websites:

Even you don't like the "spiritual touch" it can be very useful in taking babysteps to a more organized self.

And now - time for another 15 minutes of decluttering - my house needs it, too...

Andreateapot2.GIF read.gif homebirth.jpg winner.jpg hang.gif, wife to K coolshine.gif, mother to loveeyes.gif photosmile2.gif reading.gif blahblah.gif

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Originally Posted by sunnysandiegan View Post
I should join y'all this month....

We had a major flood back in May 2009 and it sure affected every single area of the house! The downstairs was ankle-deep in "clean" water (supply line under powder room sink busted) and all the walls and floors were torn up for awhile. We contracted out some of the less desirable parts of the job (most of the drywall and tile removal), but we did all of the rest of the work. Whew! We finished all the major work in July, but still have a few little (everything is relative after a major flood! ) projects to finish to get our house completely back to our usual "guest-ready" status. I've had many people traipsing through our home despite the mess and even have hosted a few mom's mornings, etc. When you have a major flood, people are very accommodating on their expectations and, honestly, I've been just too tired from all the intense work for 9-10 weeks straight (16 hour days of physical labor and "supplies & materials" shopping and research were the minimum for me). Anyway, it is now November and it is time to just get it ALL done!

* Just get over my dislike for Lowes and Home Depot and go buy another tube of construction adhesive in order to glue on a new retro-fitted piece of the kitchen cabinetry next to the dishwasher AND glue down 3-4 transition strips (at least two of six are done already).

* Vacuum all the soft, upholstered furniture THOROUGHLY. Then, call out the professionals for steam-cleaning those items plus the stairs and upstairs hallway/landing. (Insurance already paid us for these services and we have the money.)

* Touch-up paint all the white trim throughout the downstairs. Thankfully, I insisted we nail (in some instances, we glued) and caulk as we installed the new flooring and baseboards. We were working at such an accelerated pace, though, that painting had to wait. And wait it has....ugh.

* Touch-up the floor (cork planks) with the brown caulk. We thankfully started in our storage closet (under the stairs) and then moved into the project room. We worked through the learning curve in areas where we don't spend a lot of time! Those areas need some finishing touches.

* Stain the 5-inch corner piece of wood for under the foyer step again and again for the second round. If I still cannot get it dark enough to match the flooring, then borrow or purchase a closer stain color and just get it done. Then, adhere it! (Another reason I need to get the darn construction adhesive. ) I'm tired of the Roomba knocking it over every time it vacuums the living room!

If I get the above finished, then I'll move deeper into the detailed work....
I had a lot of it typed out and deleted it because I was starting to feel way out of sorts and overwhelmed.

I think I'll just start with a few little things (possibly the above and possibly just whatever comes up) this month and go from there...
I'll be repeating most of this list in December. It just isn't happening this month. I did buy the construction adhesive and I did vacuum all the furniture in the living room. I also got a recommendation for an upholstery/carpet cleaner (enviro-friendly). That's where it ends.

On another note, DD & I spent 15 minutes in every room, except bathrooms, yesterday and the whole house looks so much better. Two rooms are still a mess (family office and project room), but they look better. I cleared some stuff out of our family office in order for DH & I to remove my old floor mat (DEEP divets that got really annoying). Then, I used the canister vac and all the attachments to clean that whole side of the office and even around to DH's desk area. We got the new floor mat into place, as well, and I put things away in a more compact way. DH worked on his desk last night and DD worked on her desk this afternoon. The office is far more usable, but still needs more work. This is crafting season for me, so I'll be more motivated after Thanksgiving!

"Kind words can be short and easy to speak, but their echoes are truly endless." - Mother Teresa

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