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Any free/really cheap methods? So far my best is to look for when someone's getting rid of a tall, somewhat narrow box, cut an end off, and use that to put wrapping paper and folded bags in. Anyone come up with good ideas for storing gift-giving supplies? Something I can paint or somehow make pretty would be nice too, haha.
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Mine is NOT pretty, but I have it in an extra walk in (really a linen) closet so no one sees it.

We used an tall trash can (without a lid) and all of our rolls, ribbons & tags go in there. The gift bags are separated by 2 themes...general/birthday and Christmas. Those are hung above the trash can on a heavy hanger. I think it takes up very little space & I can grab as I need. Easy to put away also & that is what makes it work for me.

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I use a long flat Rubbermaid storage container that can easily slide under a bed and out of the way.

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I broke down and bought a wrapping paper storage container this year. It was on sale for $8, and while it isn't attractive to me (not loving the red theme) and it is definitely a unitasker, it was worth it. I always buy wrapping paper I can use for mor ethan one occassion...i.e. solids or birthday paper that can be used for the next birthdays coming up, too. I have a spool of white curly ribbon and use that with all of the wrapping paper. For Solstice, I go with coordinating blue wrapping paper. The white curly ribbon still works for that, too. I buy 12 packs of those brown gift bags at Target (around $5). Toss in some tissue paper, and no matter what, it looks festive for any occasion. So, the $8 container to hold everything was worth it and stays out in my garage unless I need it.

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We have this container and its very handy.

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I got one of the Rubbermaid gift paper bags, it was $7 at Target today. I like it okay, I think it will remind me not to buy too much paper since it only holds so many rolls.
I think that the long box idea is a good one and especially like the under bed storage idea too.

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I have a tall box I cut the top off of to store all the wrapping paper rolls in.

I have one of those round metal popcorn containers (you know, those tallish canisters?) that holds bags and small pieces of leftover paper.

I have a large cardboard box with all my empty wrapping boxes in it.

I have a large box with lid for bows and ribbons.

They all stack neatly in my Christmas closet and are fairly easy to get to. And I didn't buy any of it.
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Originally Posted by FrugalGranolaMom View Post
I use a long flat Rubbermaid storage container that can easily slide under a bed and out of the way.
Yep, only mine is a the bottom of a seldom used closet. I pull the whole thing out to wrap and then slide it back in when I'm done.
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I keep my wrapping gift supplies to a minimal because we move a lot and I foudn that I was simply having to throw so much of it out because it got wrinkled or torn or I could find x and then would buy another x to replace it only to later find x

I have a tall kitchen type trashcan I bought at a big box store the kind with a removable lid. I only buy solid colored wrapping paper, soemthing that can be used for any occassion or season. For instance my red paper was used on valentines, Ds' bday and christmas. I buy generic bows (usally at christmas markdown clearance sales) again solid colored or metallic. I have 1 spool of multi colored curling ribbon and a box of assort tags fro all occassions. I have a plastic 3 tiered drawer system from rubbermaid (?) that I have items sorted into. For instance 1 drawer holds the bows/ribbons/tags/tape/scissors, the 2nd drawer holds gift bags that we recycle (i hardly ever buy bags if I do again they are generic solid ones) and the 3rd drawer has tissue paper and odds and ends for wrapping.
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I just use a large-ish gift bag that fits all the smaller ones inside. (I just fold along the crease if it doesn't fit the way it is.) I don't use wrapping paper for birthday presents, seems I always have a bag that fits.

The bag of bags lives on the shelf on my living room closet, for easy accessiblity. I also use the cute bags on a regular basis when I go to births (holds my books, notebook, phone charger, extra socks, etc.).

I have a wrapping paper container from years ago for just Christmas wrapping, stays in the attic until the holidays. It also has a little cup on the side for scissors and ribbon and tape. Pretty darn convenient.
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I used to have the container that looks like a trash can, but we don't have good closets, so I got rid of it when we moved into our current house. I converted to the under-the-bed-box. It works better for us because my gifting supplies are long on reusable bags and fold down boxes, and short on actual gift wrap- I only have one or two rolls.

On either end of the under-the-bed-box, I have plastic shoeboxes, sans lid. One holds gift tags, as well as stuff to make gift tags (hole punch, glue, etc.); a pop-up gift tape dispenser and refills; shiny pens; bows; curling ribbon; a paper cutter and scissors; and tissue paper. The other one has nothing but rolled up lengths of cloth, wired ribbon, purchased at an after holiday sale for 25c each. (For gifts given within our household, we use a bag/box with tissue paper and reusable ribbon.)

I trashpicked the under-the-bed-box, and the shoeboxes cost $1 each, so this was also a cheap solution for me.

I thought this blog had some good ideas.

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Year-round I have two rolls of wrapping paper: one giant roll from Costco that is Christmas theme on one side and reversible to plain red. The other is ivory with gold cherub designs that is useable for a lot of occasions. When the need arises (the kids' birthdays, Christmas) I usually buy one extra roll of novelty paper that is used up for that one occasion.

I store the two rolls under the bed, they're too long for the under-bed storage box I have.

I also have one plastic bin (about the size of a small microwave) that I keep the rest of the supplies and ribbon in. I have three big spools of curling ribbon in red, lime and aqua; suitable for most situations. I also have two wide rolls of fabric ribbon in gold and red.

I leave one pair of scissors, a few rolls of tape, a sharpie, a ballpoint pen, some adhesive gift tags and any other miscellaneous wrapping supplies in there. I usually buy a package of tissue paper every year and use most of it up during Christmas.

I've stopped keeping gift bags. I tossed the really worn ones (recycled if possible) and put the rest in the donation bag to Goodwill. I prefer to wrap with paper, although I've done some gifts in cloth bags or wraps as well.

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I bought one of the wrapping paper storage bins a few years ago on clearance. it works out great, and holds the rolls inside, and ribbons and bos on top in a snap on part! i think it's made by rubbermaid!

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i use a drawer in my buffet piece in the living room, and commit never to outgrowing that space!

i keep all the tissue paper that comes my way, but never gift bags, and occasionally buy fresh (cheap and takes up so little space!). i have many rolls of ribbon that work on any occasion, and i always keep cream/plain rafia.

i usually have one or two long rolls of wrapping paper that sit in the back of the drawer. the tissue paper, organized by color, folds and compresses nicely in front of that, with ribbon and rafia on the side.

i find i like wrapping with tissue, it can be wrinkly and look great, it's perfect for odd shapes or soft shapes, overlaps well so it looks nice on larger items too, can be decorated with markers. i still get the "wrapped" look (why i personally hate gift bags). then a fun bow works to dress it up, or rafia if i want it understated. i do invest in nice ribbon, and collect it on sale, b/c i'm not buying much paper. kids love to add wired ribbon to their dress up clothes, or if i use it for someone who saves wrapping stuff, it's actually a nice addition to their collection. for christmas this year i made twisted cord from red and green yarn.

now, if i could just figure how to organize my blob that ate my house (knitting stuff).

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I have one under-the-bed style red cloth organizer box where I store all Christmas-related wrapping items. There are several sections...
On the bottom of the big section is where I store flat-packed boxes (shirt boxes, etc). On top of those is the rolls of wrapping paper we've been using up for 3-4 YEARS. I have not purchased any wrapping paper in AT LEAST three years and we still have several rolls. Then, I have a gift bag with larger gift bags slid into it on top of one half of the large section and I have a shallow box/tray on the other half with tags, pens, scissors, tape, etc in it.
On the bottom next to the big section is a small section and I keep bows and ribbon and fabric bags in there.
On the lid are two clear pouches. I keep the smaller gift bags in one. The tissue paper, small cloth bags, small boxes (DVD holder, gift card holders, etc) are in the other clear pouch.

This whole box holds everything Christmas related in the wrapping department. It also holds Christmas clings and other decor we use upstairs. This box is the only item under our master bed. It is easy to pull out and use. We all take turns using the master bedroom to wrap before Christmas.

All other wrapping occasions:
We have an Ikea Ivar shelving system in our family office closet. There is an 8-10 inch gap between the wall and the shelving system. This is where all of our rolls (any kind) go. I have butcher paper here for child drawings, wrapping, packing, etc. I have various craft rolls here, too. I have a plastic organizer hanging from the closet rod that holds the wrapping paper rolls just to keep them off the ground. (It was given to us or I wouldn't have bothered.)

On the Ivar system, I have Trofast bins in some places. One medium bin holds all cards, except birthday and Christmas. A second medium bin holds all birthday items, which includes cards, invites, flat-wrap paper, curling ribbon, gift tags, balloons, confetti, etc. Christmas cards are in a small box next to these two bins. I have not purchased any Christmas cards in 3-4 years and we are finally running out. Once they are gone, we are going green and not sending any paper cards. Once the official "birthday" cards run out, we'll be using the all occasion cards and stamping "Happy Birthday" inside. (I worked at Hallmark back when employees got the leftovers when the store changed the displays. I had a LOT of cards and ornaments!!! I've given away the ones we don't like already.)

I keep a gift bag with all other gift bags inside it on a shelf in the family office closet. I have a plastic shoe box under that bag of bags with all the tissue folded and compressed neatly. I haven't purchased a single gift bag in my entire life. I don't even like them all that much. I do love tissue paper, though, and not just for stuffing gift bags or wrapping (which I like better than wrapping paper!) but also for craft purposes.

Our scissors and tape and pens are already stored in the family office, so it is easy to wrap a gift in here.

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