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abharrington's Avatar abharrington 09:37 PM 05-08-2010
Originally Posted by PreggieUBA2C View Post
I think our babies have become more and more minimalist each time.

I will likely acquire another bouncy seat. My babies are heavy and our bouncers don't last through more than one baby. We put ds3 into one and it just slowly bent to the floor after a week of use. We didn't replace it actually; he spent lots of time on the couch next to me (when not in-arms) and barricaded in with cushions).

what is the difference in bouncy seats? the more bouncy vs stiff/upright? is there a certain brand you look for? we didnt' use one for either of the first 2 bt they also didnt' love the swing...and i'd love to replace the swing with a bouncy seat. but i want one that is super it really responds to babies kicks and movements...not a vibrating music playing one. thanks!

youngspiritmom's Avatar youngspiritmom 10:36 PM 04-19-2012

*Bump* - I realize this thread is 2 years old but I just read through it and there are some great lists and ideas here. It is refreshing to see this back to basics approach to baby stuff, when it is so trendy nowadays to buy every product out there. Maybe another mom will see it and benefit like I have.

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