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Hi All,

About 5 years ago my husband and I invested in an upright grand piano. (I play, he doesn't). Since DS was born 2.5 years ago, I can count on one hand the amount of times I have played. It sits against the wall in our main living area and collects dust and baby fingerprints.

We live in a 900 sq ft. townhouse, and as the years wear on we have less and less space. My DH suggested we sell the piano to make room and $$ (about $3000 to $4000), but I'm not convinced. I had a vision of DS one day taking lessons, etc., plus we won't always live in this little place, right?

What would you do?
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We have an unplayed piano as well (desperately needs tuning & a few stuck keys too) -- I like having a piano though, to me a home is not a home without one, and I do hope to play more once we get around to having it fixed/tuned. And I would like DS & future kids to be able to play as well (even if they just bang on it rather than lessons!) We also couldn't get money for it as it's older.

I guess the main question is, could you get a new piano down the line? I got mine from my grandmother when she moved into a nursing home before she died. People on freecycle sometimes give them away if you're willing to pay to have it moved. I would consider selling it if you think you can get close to its actual worth, and maybe set aside some of the money to buy a used one down the line when you have room for it (or maybe to buy another instrument that your DS may want to play instead!)

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We also have a mostly unplayed piano. Occasionally we say to each other, "perhaps we should get rid of the piano?" and we pull a frowning face at each other; we just don't feel quite sure if it's a good idea to get rid of it!

So the piano stays....being a large thing, it would give us more space if it went, but I somehow feel that if we did get rid of it, I would constantly have a nagging feeling that we should have kept it! Also my DS is only 8 and I am not sure yet if he wants to learn to play later on.

I think if you have dreams of your DS playing, then hold onto that dream for now, it sounds like it means a lot to you.

SAHM to three
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One option would be that you could try selling it with a firm amount that you won't go below
If you can't get your price, it stays

if you get your price, you could set aside some of the money for a future piano or could buy a decent keyboard, it would not take as much space and you and your ds could play it

Good luck in your decision!
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Well, we got rid of the piano we had when dd1 was born BUT it had a broken leg, was wobbly, had never been properly kept in tune, never had a good spot to fit it in the house so it was somewhat blocking our stairs, blahblah. I guess it was somewhat a scandal in dh's family cause it was his grandmothers, but it wasn't kept up like a good instrument and I was worried about it squashing the kids cause, in the 3-5 years we had it it was never repaired properly (was broken and covered in spilled alcohol from sil's parties, initially ). (not like anyone in his family plays piano, either, for all the grief dh got).

ANYWAY, if it's valuable to you I'd commit to keeping it forever, and just work around it - maybe work on minimizing other stuff. OR consider trading it to someone for a good upright with a little cash too (unless I'm confused about the kind you've got - upright grand? maybe it would be as condensed as possible). Digital pianos are also pretty decent these days, and that's something that wouldn't be as large or need as much maintenance.
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Keep it. My DH is a pianist, and I'm an oboist, and our grand piano got not enough use until DD turned three. Now we have established that both parents get practice time on the weekend, and DD is old enough to get that, and now she will often sit on the bench during the day and tell me that "I'm practicing, Mommy, go find something else to do."

We've had our 6ft grand in some pretty tight spaces as well, both a tiny house and a small apartment, and I get that it's like having a vehicle in the house. But maybe give it a few more years for everyone to get a little older and see how it goes. And FWIW, we've figured all this out with a new baby too, it just took us a few years after becoming parents to be able to make music a priority again.

DD 04/07 DS 12/09
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i would keep it if you do play the instrument, because--in time--you will likely play it again. your DS will also play it.

i will also add this. if you let go of the TV (assuming you haven't already), you could add a family music time, singing with piano accompanying. this could be a part of your household on a daily basis.

in our home, we are looking to do this once we get settled in our business properly. right now, it is a bit of work, so we are unable to do this. DH plays trumpet, i sing, and DS loves drums and harmonica and ukulele and piano and wahtever other instrument happens to be around.

in time, our plan is to have music times with the whole family, and individual practice times as desired. right now, it's pretty hap hazard, with DS playing as he wants, and we join him. none of us play ukulele or harmonica, but we are getting there. LOL drums are easiest for all of us. though we don't play that well either. LOL
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Can you try to sit down and play more often? My husband and son play our piano almost every day. Well, DH plays and DS "plays". But it's a nice thing to keep around. Heck, I'll probably sit down sometime this week and figure out the earworm that won't leave me alone. I can't hum/sing to save my life, but if I get the melody going on the piano, DH can help me out.

I like that my son sees music as a viable interest. My husband also has a keyboard set up in his office. They sometimes fire up garageband and make songs together. It's cute and a great way for DH to share his love of music.

Chasing DS since April 2007 and pumping for DD March 2013.

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Unless you really needed the money or space then I would keep it for the future - in case your ds wants to learn.

I have an old flute at the back of my wardrobe - hasn't been used for ?15 years but it's not worth anything, and has sentimental value...and has survived the mad decluttering so far!
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We are both musicians and I say get rid of it and get a new one (you could even put aside the money if you like) when you need it. Though, I am in a massive decluttering phase right now. We just got rid of one of our pianos. DH ends up using the digital piano more (he can use headphones and work early in the morning that way) and he has access to good pianos at work.

Our plan is to get a good upright when the kids show interest in piano. They may even begin on the digital (the touch isn't too bad). If they end up being really serious then we would try and fit a decent sized grand somewhere.

Speaking of pianos in small spaces - one of my good friends used to sleep under his piano because the room was only big enough to the piano, not a bed as well.

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