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clutterwarrior's Avatar clutterwarrior 03:40 PM 11-11-2010

 I came across a game in an old thread on this forum and thought I would revive it to make decluttering a bit more fun!


What you do is pick a type of item or area of the house, post how many to declutter and you and the next person declutters that item or that room. Then they list a type of item and how many to declutter, etc.

And if your feeling really motivates, go ahead and do both!




2 pairs of shoes OR 2 items out of your bathroom

Ok..so if I decluttered 2 pairs of shoes

Now declutter 3 toys OR 3 items out of your bedroom.


You get the general idea.



Ok, I'll start...




Declutter 2 magazines or 2 items from your desk.





zebra15's Avatar zebra15 05:22 PM 11-11-2010

I'm game...

I threw away 2 items from my desk




Empty 3 household trashcans or toss 3 plastic bags (of some sort)



Hey clutterwarrior does the # to toss increase with each person so would the next be "4" or are we just picking random numbers??

clutterwarrior's Avatar clutterwarrior 06:01 PM 11-11-2010

Originally Posted by zebra15 View Post

I'm game...

I threw away 2 items from my desk




Empty 3 household trashcans or toss 3 plastic bags (of some sort)



Hey clutterwarrior does the # to toss increase with each person so would the next be "4" or are we just picking random numbers??

Just random numbers, whatever you want to choose!


OK I'm off to empty the trashcans!

clutterwarrior's Avatar clutterwarrior 06:14 PM 11-11-2010

This was very timely, I hadn't noticed just how full the trashcans were!


Next person:


Declutter 2 toys OR 2 items out of your bedroom .

AFWife's Avatar AFWife 11:21 AM 11-12-2010

I did toys recently so to keep the game going I'm counting that...



~ Declutter 3 items from one room or 1 item from 3 rooms ~

clutterwarrior's Avatar clutterwarrior 08:49 PM 11-12-2010

Looks like not many want to join in.... :(


I decluttered 3 pairs of chopsticks from the utensil drawer.



~ Declutter 2 bathroom items, or 2 items of clothing.~


LCBMAX's Avatar LCBMAX 08:07 AM 11-13-2010

I'm in and 2 items of clothing are o.u.t.


Next person - 


Balance checkbook, or clear the trash from the car.

justmeandmybrood's Avatar justmeandmybrood 12:03 PM 11-13-2010

I'll play  :)


Checkbook balanced, woo hoo!




Next person...


Declutter 2 unused kitchen "things" (utensils, appliances, etc.) OR declutter 2 DVDs/VCR tapes...

zebra15's Avatar zebra15 08:41 PM 11-13-2010

2 CD's   (hope that counts)


Either water and trim the indoor plants or match all the mis-matched socks (and toss the orpahs)

clutterwarrior's Avatar clutterwarrior 09:57 PM 11-13-2010

Just what I needed to do with DS's socks....socks all done, yay!



~find all the scissors and put them in one place, or declutter 3 things from your kitchen.~


justmeandmybrood's Avatar justmeandmybrood 10:30 AM 11-14-2010

Decluttered some old produce and leftovers in the fridge - hope that counts  :)


Next person...file papers where they belong OR toss/donate 2 books/magazines/catalogs.

merrybee's Avatar merrybee 10:38 AM 11-14-2010

2 Catalogs gone!


Declutter 2 things from the garage or storage room.

LCBMAX's Avatar LCBMAX 01:12 PM 11-14-2010

Out: an old bag of christmas themed dog treats that I would never feed my dogs, and the non-absorbant rags from the rag bag




prep for dinner or tomorrow's packed lunch, or menu plan for the coming week, OR use or give away something from an overfull freezer.

clutterwarrior's Avatar clutterwarrior 10:52 PM 11-14-2010

I menu planned for the week...I  never used to do this till recently, and it sure makes me feel more in control!  Will try to use something from the freezer later also.


~ Check medications/vitamins for anything expired OR declutter 2 magazines or newspapers

pear-shaped's Avatar pear-shaped 01:33 AM 11-15-2010

Can I play too? I found four expired meds to toss, and I put them in a bag to take to the expired meds bin when I go out in a couple of hours...


Now declutter 2 items from your home office or put away clean laundry.

AFWife's Avatar AFWife 10:41 AM 11-15-2010

I put away clean and FOLDED laundry this morning! Awesome feeling.



Find 3 lost items a new home OR declutter 3 unused closet items (like jackets you never wear)

clutterwarrior's Avatar clutterwarrior 04:55 PM 11-15-2010

Went through a pile of jumpers sitting in the hallway and found them a new home!



~ Toss out (recycle) any flyers and junk mail OR clean the soap dish in your bathroom

crunchy_mommy's Avatar crunchy_mommy 07:16 PM 11-15-2010

I cleaned the soap thing!


Toss all the nearly-empty/unused lotions & potions in your bathroom OR put 2 toys in a 'donate' pile.

pear-shaped's Avatar pear-shaped 02:52 AM 11-17-2010

Two beanie babies are now in my donate pile!


Declutter two items from your entry/ foyer/ mudroom, or clean a hair brush.

LCBMAX's Avatar LCBMAX 07:23 AM 11-17-2010

Half a halloween costume, bag of rock climbing gear, and the old ergo are out of the front hall~



Collect some art supplies for a project already underway to promote completion, or discard the pens that don't work or that you just don't like in main living area/ bill paying area.

clutterwarrior's Avatar clutterwarrior 03:55 PM 11-17-2010

My bucket of pens was long overdue for sorting through, I am always sifting through for a good one, so this was the kick I needed to get that job done!  thumb.gif



Next: Get rid of two bathroom products that you really don't like/use  OR   find a home for all shoes scattered round the house.



AFWife's Avatar AFWife 09:11 AM 11-18-2010

All of the shoes are now in the front closet (where they, uh, are supposed to go...)



Declutter 3 drawers OR one unpleasant sorting task (like that stack of papers on the desk!)

LCBMAX's Avatar LCBMAX 08:29 AM 11-19-2010

3 drawers of mittens and socks decluttered!



declutter dry goods (beans, mixes, etc) from the kitchen cupboard or sort cleaning supplies!

colsxjack's Avatar colsxjack 02:35 PM 11-22-2010

I'll join!


cleaning supplies are sorted!



pack away all summer gear OR file away a pile of paper needing a home

Graceie's Avatar Graceie 08:13 PM 11-22-2010

heading over to my pens ( really right now : ) )


donate bin 3 things you or family member doesnt fit or vacume liveing area

OkiMom's Avatar OkiMom 02:33 AM 11-23-2010

Ill play! I decluttered my girls dresses earlier this afternoon and put three dresses in a bag to give to my friends..


Clean a pet cage/tank/litter box OR clean out the pantry and toss the stuff that you won't use/is expired.



Brees_Mama's Avatar Brees_Mama 11:51 AM 02-15-2011

resurrecting an old but good thread




I cleaned the hamster cage last night, woot!




Lets see...clean underneath your couch cushions OR pick up all the toys in your living room floor

Graceie's Avatar Graceie 12:13 PM 02-15-2011

I'm so unfocused right now this is great OK living room picked up


now wash the dishes or declutter the fridge

diana_of_the_dunes's Avatar diana_of_the_dunes 07:35 PM 02-15-2011

DH did both for me...  lol.gif  I can still count it, right?  (the fridge was mostly full of his pickle jars anyways...)


Get rid of 5 beauty items you don't use anymore or shake out/vacuum all your little area rugs


clutterwarrior's Avatar clutterwarrior 04:07 AM 02-16-2011

Thanks..you got me to chuck out 5 things I had been procrastinating about!



Next person....get rid of an unused kitchen utensil...at least one! (But two is better...)

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