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jeslynn's Avatar jeslynn 11:34 AM 11-14-2010

We're moving soon so we're decluttering now and getting rid of all we can. So today tackled my sons toys. I never even realized just how much he had until we took everything and dumped it outside in the yard. Crazy! We ended up donating about 2/3 of what he had. My son was even offering up some of his favorite things to donate to others. It feels great to have all that stuff gone and be helping others!!


Did you have a small victory today in the war against clutter?

catscharm74's Avatar catscharm74 12:44 PM 11-14-2010

Looks like we are in the same boat...or maybe moving truck??? wink1.gif I just found out we are moving in less than 8 weeks. That certainly got me out of bed this morning. I decluttered one whole garbage bag of stuff, sorted through some papers and cleaned out the fridge. I feel so much better and am super excited. : )

Eliotsmum's Avatar Eliotsmum 02:45 PM 11-14-2010

We're moving next weekend!!!  I've been decluttering for at least 2 months now and have gotten rid of LOADS!  I seem to get more ruthless the longer I do it.  This weekend I donated a bed, a garden furniture set, and 5 small tools/appliances in addition to 3 carrier bags of small things.  I've got 6 garbage bags out and 5 recycling bags.  Honestly, I don't know where it all was hiding in my house.  I have another car load of stuff to go to the charity shop sometime this week.  I know we will have more when we get into the new place and realise that some stuff doesn't go/fit or isn't needed. 


On topic though - my small victory today was DH saying to me "I think we can declutter some of DS toys - he doesn't need all this".  If you knew my DH you would realise what a breakthrough that is!

jeslynn's Avatar jeslynn 09:27 PM 11-14-2010

Yay for our victories!!


I actually had family and friends criticizing me for getting rid of things. Yes I realize I'm pregnant. Yes I know the baby will need toys. Yes I saved toys that the baby can play with. STOP HARASSING ME!


I am so thrilled at how much we did today. And tomorrow while I'm visiting a dear friend a few hours away with my son, DH will be staying home and decluttering more! I am a *bit* worried he won't toss things that need to be tossed or he'll toss things I want to keep, though, haha!

mkksmom's Avatar mkksmom 07:08 AM 11-15-2010

I had a small victory. I sent off 71 baby/kid items to a consignment sale. I made $140 and decluttered. It was very exciting!