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amyandelle's Avatar amyandelle 11:17 AM 12-28-2010

I am feeling so cramped and cluttered! My whole house seems to be exploding on itself! So I am going to try to get rid of at least 50 items by Friday :) Anyone care to join me?




thriftyqueen's Avatar thriftyqueen 12:01 PM 12-28-2010

I will join you!  I am going to go through my Christmas boxes as I put stuff away and get rid of items I don't want/need anymore.  I am also going to go through DS's toys and try to get rid of some of them.  We will see how that goes.

goinggreengirl 12:32 PM 12-28-2010

I will! I know I've got tons of things to go to Goodwill and to be taken to the consignment store. The problem is just getting it together and getting it out of the house so this will make me do it!

AngelBee's Avatar AngelBee 01:27 PM 12-28-2010
I am in! My goal is 150 by Friday. smile.gif I have a head start so I will count those items as well.
goldfinch's Avatar goldfinch 02:41 PM 12-28-2010

I got rid of at least 100 items just today, so I'm in. I'll try to do 50 more by Friday! joy.gif

amyandelle's Avatar amyandelle 04:30 PM 12-28-2010

Well, I have managed to make 4 bags of garbage today alone :) Well over 50 items!! I went through all of my sewing and craft supplies.... got rid of odds and ends that are just taking up space. I threw out old playdough and organized the kids baskets of puzzles, lego's, and playdough. I cleaned off my dryer and the surrounding area. Threw out a ton of old Pampered Chef stuff that I will never use because it is out of date and I have no intention of sell PC ever again. I cleaned out the computer cabinet drawer. And finally cleared off the dog's crate ;) The room still needs some straightening and my sewing table needs cleaing but the room looks 90% better :)


Tomorrow I want to finish in here and then tackle the laundry (everything is washed but I have 8 or 9 baskets that need to be put away and the closet needs straightening. 


Have a great night!!



clutterwarrior's Avatar clutterwarrior 07:45 PM 12-28-2010

I am nearly done in the '150 by Christmas' thread, so if I make to 150 today, I'll rock on over here and see if I can do this as well by Friday! thumb.gif

K'sMama's Avatar K'sMama 07:53 PM 12-28-2010

How do you keep track?  Everytime I start counting someone distracts me!  In the last two days I've packed up two huge bags of clothing and linens to donate, we've filled a giant box with paper to recycle and we are about 1/3 of the way through the filing cabinets and I have a huge garbage bag of shredded paper to recycle.  Plus a laundry basket of assorted things that need to be boxed up.  I'm sure there's been 50 things in the last couple of days.  Not to mention the few odds and ends that ended up in one of the two grocery sized trash bags.  And really - it doesn't look like I've done anything!  Sigh - how on earth do we manage to accumulate so much stuff?

clutterwarrior's Avatar clutterwarrior 11:44 PM 12-28-2010

K'sMama I keep the computer on while decluttering so I can jot down in the thread what I am tossing as I go. 


So far have got rid of over 4000 things this year, it's scary how I accumulated all that stuff!


OK will see how much i can get rid of by Friday...


1. kids book

2. ugly glass jar was being used for storage

3. plastic container with broken lid

OkiMom's Avatar OkiMom 01:41 AM 12-29-2010

Ill try, maybe it will get me motivated to start working on things. I'm lacking in the motivation department.


Just went through my bathroom cabinets while the girls splashed in a bath and got rid of 18 items.. All soaps/lotions/salts that my husband/his family has gotten for me dizzy.gif I wish someone would send them a memo that people that are prone to migraines can't use things with heavy scents to them, it will trigger a migraine.

goldfinch's Avatar goldfinch 07:57 AM 12-29-2010

I definitely recommend going through the bathroom cupboards as a great place to find some of those 50 items to declutter. I got rid of a bunch of expired medicine, some empty boxes (???) and some very old makeup for a total of about 20 items in about 10 minutes.orngbiggrin.gif

skybluepink02's Avatar skybluepink02 08:13 AM 12-29-2010


I'll join in. I won't get home from visiting family until tomorrow, but I bet I can still do it. smile.gif
amyandelle's Avatar amyandelle 10:00 AM 12-29-2010

I am about to make some coffee and get started again today! I wonder how much I can get rid of today!


Have fun ladies!!



amyandelle's Avatar amyandelle 10:20 AM 12-29-2010

I could not even wait for the coffee, I just dug through my bathroom cabinet and closet.... I made a whole bag of garbage (all way expired soaps/lotions/makeup ect. and a bunch of just garbage wrappers and junk! I would estimate about 60 items! This is exhilarating!



goinggreengirl 11:46 AM 12-29-2010

Ok, here goes my list!

1. Old teakettle

2. Disc we got from a church we visited

3. Info packet on Disney cruises

4. Packaging from new teakettle

5-7. Some baby books we never read

8. Set of coasters

9. Magazine

10. Box

11. Christmas card

12-14. 3 pairs of old shoes

15-20. 6 old shirts

21- 22. 2 pairs of pants

23. Broken fork

24. Outgrown baby pajamas

25. Dead plant


Halfway there! I may be able to do the rest today... if not, I'll be back tomorrow!

OkiMom's Avatar OkiMom 02:56 PM 12-29-2010

Before going to bed last night I got rid of:

-2 pairs of old underwear that had holes in them

- a sock.. thats been sitting on my dryer for ohh 2 months with me looking for its match. Ive decided that the match is no where to be found.



amyandelle's Avatar amyandelle 03:30 PM 12-29-2010

I just tossed another 20+ items from my kitchen cabinets and one of my kitchen drawers! I didn't get as much done today as I would have liked but since yesterday I have made 9 bags of garbage! Next I am heading into my closets to see what I can give away!!

K'sMama's Avatar K'sMama 04:02 PM 12-29-2010

1-7.  7 children's books

8. BBQ skewers

9. stack of colourings books

10. stack of colouring pages

11-12. 2 books

13-14. 2 picture frames

15. toy snake

16. wall plaque

17. graphing calculator

18. cake pan

19-24. 6 videos

25. bag of Strawberry Shotcake dolls

26. bag of costume jewelry

27. scarf

28-31. 4 polo shirts

32-37. 6 pair of socks

38. stuffed animal

39. t-shirt

40-43. 4 baby outfits

44. pair of shoes

45. insoles

46. pictures

amyandelle's Avatar amyandelle 05:06 PM 12-29-2010

Another half bag of garbage from my kitchen drawers!! Off to see if I can fill the bag to the top :)

clutterwarrior's Avatar clutterwarrior 03:23 AM 12-30-2010

4 to 10  magazines

11 to 18  mini magazines

19 to 24 kids clothing items

25 kids treasure box

26. easter egg container

OkiMom's Avatar OkiMom 04:25 AM 12-30-2010

Didn't get anything done today since my youngest needed me then I had to go pick up our new car. We offically had a car big enough for all of us!! I think that is better honestly!! Tomorrow Im cleaning and sewing so Im sure to get some stuff done there.

pearl2's Avatar pearl2 08:42 AM 12-30-2010

I think I made the goal! I had an entire bag of clothing, a few blankets, tons of picture frames, craft supplies, household knickknacks, and some other things I dropped off at the thrift store--an entire trunk full. 


Counting recycling we haven't taken out since before Christmas (just sitting on the counter 2whistle.gif) there are at least 20 items right there. 


I've also started processing and preparing clothes and items for a huge consignment sale coming up in January here. They have a special place in the closet and are already hanging by size and type ready for tagging. On the ball this time!

amyandelle's Avatar amyandelle 11:49 AM 12-30-2010

So yesterday I filled up another bag from the girls closet! I now have a big space on top of the clothing shelf to store my clean towels! I am going back in there today to put all of the laundry away and I know that I have a few baskets stored in the shelf with odds and ends that I might be able to part with.


Today though my main focas is getting my house clean because we are having company over on NYE and NYD ;)


Be back later with a progress update!!



goinggreengirl 04:46 PM 12-30-2010

26. One old plastic container

27-28. two ripped t-shirts

29-35. Expired pantry items


DH will be home tomorrow so I'll be able to finish up while he takes care of DS.

clutterwarrior's Avatar clutterwarrior 11:32 PM 12-30-2010

27. wooden puzzle

28. nightie

29. dress

30- 32.three kids clothes

33. stapleless stapler

34. large bottle of caramel sauce (impulse purchase gone wrong..)

35. pile of old plastic cutlery

36, 37 old sunglass cases

38. old negatives

39. assorted packaging

40. book

41. plastic bead bracelet

42. Japanese paper holding thingy

43. bracelet

44. boxed set of books

45. pile of curling ribbon

OkiMom's Avatar OkiMom 11:44 PM 12-30-2010

Went through and put away the tree earlier, got rid of 6 ornaments either we didn't like or were broken.21+6=27


clutterwarrior's Avatar clutterwarrior 02:33 AM 12-31-2010

46. moving picture flip book

47. broken old watch from the 1970's



Editing to add...

48 to 50. Old xmas decorations tossed last night.


yay! Did it..... thumb.gif

goinggreengirl 07:47 PM 12-31-2010

Well, I didn't get the rest done. My cold has gotten worse and I was glad DH was home to help with baby so I could rest some! But, I'm doing the 2011 in 2011 so I have plenty of time and motivation to get stuff out!

skybluepink02's Avatar skybluepink02 08:24 AM 01-01-2011
I'm posting todaay, but finished yesterday. I got in my kitchen and tossed mountains on mismatched typefaces, that I don't even use anymore since I moved to glass. I also got rid of chewed up sippy cups, holiday treat containers, an old non working crock pot, and yucky drinking glasses that are plastic. I rewarded myself with a set of matching glass glasses that look pretty and neat when I open my cabinet.

97 items decluttered in all! Now on to the 2011 thread.
thriftyqueen's Avatar thriftyqueen 11:13 AM 01-01-2011

I have been working slowly on this and I am sure I made the goal.  I am taking a bunch of children's books, toys, games, some clothes, some craft stuff, and a few of my books to the thrift store.  That was just from DS's room and the family room in the basement.  I am hoping to get lots more done over the next few days and weeks.  Would love to declutter my whole house again.  Just love when I feel less stressed about stuff.