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kibba's Avatar kibba 08:44 PM 01-16-2011

I've reorganized my pantry but for visual reasons want to get new containers so everything matches and looks pretty. Any ideas? I have wire shelfs so I worry about using glass because of the weight....





So what do you use? Any suggestions? I would also LOVE to see pictures! :)

6kids3cats's Avatar 6kids3cats 10:06 PM 01-16-2011

Hi there, I LOVE the new Rubbermaid plastic containers with red lids.  I found them at Wegmans here on the East coast.  They are definitely hard to find.  When they were clearanced I bought five boxes of them - all that the store had left.  The plastic lids are soft adn fit well, they come in a variety of sizes that stack nice.  I redid my  whole pantry and love them.  I'm sure you can find them on the site and hunt them down in your area.  I'd been looking for new containers for so long and never found just the right thing.  These really work for me.  I use them for flour, rice, pastas, sugars, cereal, chocolate chips, oatmeal, cornstarch... etc.  When they come back in stock I will get some more and know I will find a use for them! 

2cutiekitties's Avatar 2cutiekitties 12:38 PM 01-19-2011 can get it at Crate and Barrel, Williiams Sonoma, the internet.


Nothing looks as good, imo and the lids are awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!



eta....I also have wire shelves **shudder** and I went to Home Depot and got inexpensive, precut white boards (mdf?) to put down on top of the wire so that everything feels solid. I wish I were handy and could rip it all out and do it right. In my dreams I redo everything with Elfa but I am not handy or rich :(

MEcatlady17's Avatar MEcatlady17 06:08 PM 02-18-2011

Are you near to an Ikea?


I picked up some of the SLOM glass containers in different sizes and LOVE them. They get a great seal so I feel good about my bulk dry goods keeping in them.  They had some plastic options as well.


I also noticed Walmart has some similar to the SLOM ones in store (but are a shatterproof plastic), and I would assume Target would have them as well.

clutterwarrior's Avatar clutterwarrior 03:45 AM 02-20-2011

I think Tupperware are the greatest for pantry containers.

K'sMama's Avatar K'sMama 07:30 PM 02-20-2011

I just use mason jars.  They are inexpensive and easy to find second hand.