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I'm just curious - Tell us about your keychain. How many keys do you carry around with you everywhere you go? I see moms at the playground with like 30 keys hanging from a clip and I wonder why they could possibly need that many keys! :)


I have one car key and one house key.

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I can't stand lots of keys on my chain. I have car key, house key and mailbox key (no home mail delivery here) all on a very simple ring with a small decorative piece, mostly so I can find it easily in the bottom of the diaper bag. I can fit it into one of my front pockets when wearing jeans which is important - I don't need to be keeping track of keys at the park.


I have  friend who has a huge number of keys on her chain. She in charge of the music ministries of our church and a big bible study, so I guess most of them are for those. She has different rings on a carabiner though, so I don't know why she doesn't just carry the ones she needs. She also has about a million of those cards stores give out for discounts or clubs. Her keys are really heavy.


I have heard, and I'm not sure if it is true or not, that having a heavy key chain can ruin the ignition in your car after a while because of the pulling.  

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I have 11 keys, a discount card for the grocery store, and a small freebie flashlight which I have been finding handy. The keys are my car, mom's car, two house keys, two for mom's house, garage, brother's house, bike lock, and cartop carrier. I certainly don't need the cartop carrier key on there but it might as well live there so I don't have to look for it when I do need it.

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House key, key for my van and one for DH's car, remote for my car, store discount card, mini library card, mini Photon LED flashlight and mini Leatherman Squirt multitool.  My keychain is hooked to my wallet (that I slide in my front pocket with my keys dangling out) because I don't carry a purse and that keeps me from losing my wallet.

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I have one of those car keys that flips out from the keyless entry.  So it's bulky. Then I have 2 work keys, and three mini library card to the local ones I frequent.  On another ring that I keep in my car for the most part is dh"s car key, the key to the third car our kids use, mailbox key, house key and several loyalty cards that I can just give the store my phone #.

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I have a single house key on a ring that snaps into a specific [small] purse. I rarely use that purse, but I use this key ring the absolute most since I walk a lot of places from home.


We have two cars, but not his and hers. Whoever is driving the farthest that day drives the most economical car.


One car has a fob, but not an actual key (keyless entry and electric start). Since I need a license with me to drive, but not to walk (LOL), the fob just lives in my [small] purse and I toss in (or snap in) the single key when driving this car.


The other car has a key and a fob, so I have a different key ring with those two items and (a second) house key and our mailbox key on it.


I have a single ring for my dad's house key. He lives a minute away on foot.


I have a single ring with our pool & tennis courts key and (a third) house key. The tennis courts are close. The pool is farther away than grandpa. ;)


All those rings hang on a three-hook pub mirror by our front door, which is not visible from any window or door from the outside.


DH has one key ring with (a fourth) house key, car key, car fob (car with fob and key), mailbox key, and two work keys on it. The car with just the fob doesn't go on a ring very well, so that gets shoved in his pocket.


All the house keys came with the new locks when we purchased the house, so we made use of them. ;)

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House key

Mailbox key

Key to filing cabinet at home

Key to filing cabinet at work

Key to drawer at work

Key to other drawer at work


I used to have two other keys for various doors at work, until we went over to a key-pad and card method.


Then there are keys that I don't keep on my key-chain. Key to shed on rooftop &  6 inner house keys (bedrooms + bathrooms).


In my early 20s I had even more keys


Outdoor key to apartment building

Indoor key to let me in the flat

Mail-box key

Outdoor key to mom's apartment building

2 Indoor keys to let me mom's flat

Key to outer door of my work-place

Key to inner door of my workplace

Key to office in my workplace

Key to bicycle lock

Key to door to volunteering work


= 11 keys


And, if (for example) I was looking after someone's cat while they went on holiday, I'd have at least two more  :)

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house key
car key
other car key

tiny flashlight

and a clip so I can put them on my jeans on those "no purse" days
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Key and remote for 1 car
Key and remote for 2nd car
Back door keys (2)
Front door key
Mom's keys (2)

photo of my dd

brightly colored lanyard so I can see them easily in my purse.

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I don't think I have much on mine compared to others I see, either.  I have the key to my mini van, the key for my second car (which is a recent addition), house key, mail key.  So that's four keys.  And I really rarely need the mailbox key, because almost always with DH when we get the mail and he has his own key.  I also have a bunch of those points system key tag things for various stores, but I need to clean it off because there are a few I never ever use.  In fact, the only one I ever use is the one for my Curves membership, really.  But they don't take up much room as they all stack together, so I don't even really notice them anymore.  There's a bright orange one for a grocery store I rarely go to, but I like it on there because it helps me find my keys in my purse. ;)

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4 keys (one of them on the largish size, it's for a security lock)

one tag opener for the door of the building

3 mini store cards (just a bit bigger than the bar code that's on the back)


i rarely get the chance to use my bicycle these days, so the 2 keys for the locks are on a separate key ring, in a box with separators, with other keys, in a drawer near the entrance door

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My key chain consists of the front door key, apartment key, and back door key.  Two of them are leopard print lol.gif.  I also have a 2.5" long foam flip-flop sandal keychain on there that a coworker thought I'd like shrug.gif and I'm keeping it there for about a week and then I'll either "lose" it or claim my kids took it.  I wear my keychain on my belt loop so the flip flop has got to go!


Also, this is the one I have.  I really adore it, only I'm missing a few of the little colorful mini carabiners that came on it.  And yes, that did mean I lost keys greensad.gif




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We have two keys for the truck (one for the door and one to start), one house key, and a key for a friends house (she moved and we are watching it while it is on the market).  DP and I share keys b/c we share the vehicle, and we need a vehicle to get to our friend's house.  Otherwise we don't need keys.  (Oh, I forgot, I keep my work keys in the truck on a separate ring.) 


I was wondering if people who have the cards on their key rings also carry wallets and/or purses...  If so, do yo keep duplicate cards in those?

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I have a  mini-flashlight keychain with 2 keys - one for the front door and one for the back. I like being able to put in a pocket since I don't like carrying a purse. 


The keychain with the remote lock for the car and the car key has one house key on it and that is it. If I'm driving, I use that key chain but DH usually has it because he usually has the car. 


We have separate keys for other doors but we don't carry them around. They are kept in a ceramic bowl in the kitchen. We don't park the car in the garage - it's an old, small garage and it would be a tight fit. So we don't need to carry those keys all the time. Same with the keys to our cottage. 

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Just the front door key, because we're on foot most days.

When I do use the car, I have that key and fob on a carabiner, which I hook the house key onto.

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  • Key to my van
  • Key to DH's car
  • 3 house keys (3 different doors with 3 different keys, who thought of that?)
  • PO box key
  • Key to car racks to a car I no longer drive (DH drives it now)
  • OMG I don't know what these other 2 keys are for!!
  • 2 pictures of DD1
  • 3 store discount/loyalty cards I know I can just put in my phone
  • 3 YMCA member swipe cards (1 for me, 1 for each DD)

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I have a carbiner clip because I'm often without a purse. Then I have 1 house key, 2 car keys, remote lock/trunk mechanism. We use the KeyRing app for all of our store discount cards, library cards, etc. We have a single key ring inside that has keys to seldom used locks so that we know where they are but aren't carrying them around all the time.

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