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orangemomma's Avatar orangemomma 07:18 PM 04-29-2014

Over the weekend:

donated 45 clothing items and 5 books

9 items to the trash


New total 173/2014

clutterwarrior's Avatar clutterwarrior 09:45 PM 05-01-2014

78 more things tossed.


skyview222's Avatar skyview222 08:32 AM 05-03-2014

Over the last week:

10 obvious trash, 4 other items trashed (broken hair flower, face lotion I didn't like, refill for cleaning product I didn't like, user manual), 6 items donated (hand fans from wedding, costume jewelry)





IsaFrench's Avatar IsaFrench 12:57 AM 05-04-2014

LOL my "free time" to sort things out didn't quite materialise over the last 10 days ...

still, am up to 496 out of 2014

- 18 expired meds from our medicine boxes (will drop them for recycling at the pharmacy tomorrow first thing)

am quite happy about that, since it made me realise that overall my family and myself haven't had many little niggling health issues for the last few years ...

- 3 shirts i passed on to someone ...now that i can wear 3 sizes down

- at least 50 pieces of paper from school representative business 4 years ago to last year (should have dealt with that much earlier .!)

skyview222's Avatar skyview222 04:46 PM 05-07-2014

69 items gone


(57 obvious trash, 2 magazines--in sell box, 2 unreliable phone chargers trashed, index cards, highlighters, headphones--donated to work, a bottle I was going to keep to organize--tossed)



mystiquesmom's Avatar mystiquesmom 08:31 PM 05-12-2014

Tackled the bane of my house yesterday which was my enclosed front porch that was completely filled with junk and arranged it in a way that doesn't make me all twitchy.



1 pair of boots that leaked
1 shirt with holes in them
2 pairs of socks
1 giant pile of papers
2 empty spice containers
ripped up bicycle pouch
1 gross gift bag


Donate/Give away

2 jackets and a skirt to Goodwill



kt~mommy's Avatar kt~mommy 06:11 PM 05-17-2014
2 sweatshirts
5 hangars
4 books
13 baby clothing items
5 newspapers, recycled

29 items in my 30 min cleaning frenzy
+214= 243/2014
skyview222's Avatar skyview222 09:04 AM 05-26-2014

Looks like we are making progress :)  


In the last two weeks:  194 items

Trashed: 160 obvious trash, expired medicine, box, 2 lamps,  lamp shades, 17 singleton or worn out socks, worn out sandles, old book from childhood, 2 product samples, underwear

Donated--pad of paper, 1 jacket, 3 new pairs of socks too small, crib skirt, crib bumper, plastic bracelet, new microfiber cleaning cloth

Brought to work--1 pencil



orangemomma's Avatar orangemomma 06:12 AM 06-01-2014
car seat and a bag of train tracks brought to grandma's house where they will stay for use when visiting
2 items sold in a friend's tag sale
1 little girl's outfit to a friend
1 bag full of plastic bags to the recycling bin

New total 179/2014
skyview222's Avatar skyview222 07:35 AM 06-09-2014
74 more things gone

Trashed: 54 obvious trash, 2 picture frame glass, canvas art bought with goodwill frame
Donated--picture frame, magnet, wall art, dry erase board, queen bedskirt, lanyard, 9 costume jewelery
Brought to work: 2 paper lanterns

lilacvioletiris's Avatar lilacvioletiris 07:44 AM 06-09-2014
316 items out. Now to work on more and be specific from with this thread. I have had the "2014 in 2014" check list in my kitchen.

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kt~mommy's Avatar kt~mommy 09:13 PM 06-09-2014
tossed/recycled/donated/given to family:

3 more child hangars
8 pieces of clothing to my nephew/niece
7 pieces of mama clothing
1 adult body paint set from 2002 (yikes)
3 pairs of shoes
...more i'm not thinking of... will be back!

lilacvioletiris's Avatar lilacvioletiris 04:03 AM 06-10-2014
I was on a roll yesterday!

Prepared to loan to others:
9 size 0-3 month clothes
119 size 3-6 month clothes
2 pairs of shoes
a baby carrier
a changing mat
a piece that holds a bassinet together
a positioner so a baby wouldn't roll over

Recycle for dog beds because they were so stained: 24 pieces of clothes

Up to 474 of 2014
IsaFrench's Avatar IsaFrench 03:20 PM 06-10-2014
broke a mirror ( was upset and didn't look too well when placing it on top of coats in order to have a good view on my bruise on my lower back ....)
so i suppose that this count as "one" ... need to dig up my old number, i think it's been 6 to 7 weeks that i haven't recorded anything ...
finally got some time ALONE today so started sorting piles of stuff from one room ...
hopefully i'll be even more productive tomorrow !!!
IsaFrench's Avatar IsaFrench 07:05 AM 06-11-2014
37 items of clothing
so that makes me get over 500 to 533 !
StillMe's Avatar StillMe 05:30 PM 06-11-2014
Haven't been updating recently but I kept track on my phone. Haven't done much the last three months but anything counts, right?

Donated 20 kids craft items to the neighbor's girls
took 55 bottles to the recycling center ($3.40) and
40lbs of papers from organizing our files (I'll count as 40 items)
2 boxes, 5 bags
2 magazines
broken piece from canopy bed
3 things from junk drawer
8 socks
5 expired things from medicine cabinet
2 hair ties
3 lip balms

New Total: 327 + 187(bottles)
lilacvioletiris's Avatar lilacvioletiris 01:00 PM 06-13-2014
6 random out dated toiletries

480 of 2014

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IsaFrench's Avatar IsaFrench 06:03 PM 06-13-2014
have just spent 3 hours looking for a specific piece of paper ... without any success ... (= so now, i cannot sleep !) & in the meantime i must have disposed of 150 pieces of clutter-paper ...)
lilacvioletiris's Avatar lilacvioletiris 07:10 PM 06-13-2014
I keep wanting to shred but then the babies are asleep. Clutter paper is the worst!

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clutterwarrior's Avatar clutterwarrior 10:13 PM 06-13-2014
258 more things tossed (mainly clothes, shoes and kitchen things.)

crazyms's Avatar crazyms 12:00 AM 06-23-2014
I'm joining in here. Not sure if I've been on this year or not but we've had some changes around here and moved into a new rental a few weeks ago. I'm trying to declutter and get us organized into a new house now. I just haven't been motivated so I've been browsing all my favorite minimalist blogs and sites trying to get back in the spirit of things. Maybe posting here will help me keep decluttering little by little.

Just now:
7/2014 - Random products on the bathroom shelf that I never use
IsaFrench's Avatar IsaFrench 05:53 PM 06-28-2014
haven't counted but went through DS's clothes cupboard, and donated 2 large bags to a neighbor .... i would guess about 35 items minimum ?
zebra15's Avatar zebra15 03:55 PM 06-29-2014
I havent posted since march. Life came to a grinding halt shortly after that.
Picking up where I left off- minus the yarn counting.

17 items packed for good will
25 books to half price books - rec'd $11


orangemomma's Avatar orangemomma 04:27 AM 07-04-2014
1 piece of work equipment returned to work
1 bag full of plastic bags to recycling

new total 181/2014

I have definitely hit a slump with this - but there are still 6 months left of the year!
lilacvioletiris's Avatar lilacvioletiris 06:05 AM 07-06-2014
Slump for me too. Everytime I get something out of the house, someone else brings me a bag or box of baby stuff for their next season of life. I need to at least keep it at net zero gain.
mystiquesmom's Avatar mystiquesmom 02:57 PM 07-06-2014
I've been slacking due to work/kids being super busy lately but slowly getting back into the groove.


1 skirt with holes in it
1 expired sunscreen
1 toothbrush holder that was super gross
1 pair of shoes
2 packs of very expired nicotine gum
7 pairs of underwear
a big pile of paper


Camera -$60
6 packages of wipes-$6
1 play kitchen and accessories- $20
1 batch of duplo blocks- $5
1 pack of pull ups - $7
1 pair of boots - $10

IsaFrench's Avatar IsaFrench 03:12 PM 07-06-2014
got rid of quite a few things this week end but various issues were bugging me so didn't get round to writing down any numbers (yet !)
StillMe's Avatar StillMe 11:04 PM 07-10-2014
Donated 56 clothing items, 1 mouse pad, 4 pads of paper and 12 other random things.

Tossed or recycled:

4 socks
2 expired sunscreen tubes
3 magazines
1 laptop
1 pair of running shoes
75 bottles $3.75
1 bundle of plastic bags

New Total: 412 + 262 (bottles)
kt~mommy's Avatar kt~mommy 10:35 AM 07-13-2014

2 hangars
3 items of baby clothes
1 sleep positioner
1 pair boys shoes
4 pair my shoes
2 sweaters
1 winter hat
3 purses
1 massive dictionary

=18 more things donated
=283/2014 -- gosh i really thought i'd be farther toward the goal by halfway through the year... argh.

I forgot about all the stuff i've been selling lately! this has really been the biggest change for me this year, selling lots of unused and valuable baby items:

5 pocket diapers
4 wetbags
10 fitted diapers
1 woven wrap

=20 items, approx $364 earned

=303 items/2014 & $728 earned
BlessedOne's Avatar BlessedOne 10:34 PM 07-14-2014
I haven't counted, but I am decently sure I have met that challenge....as I have gotten rid of probably 6 garbage bags full of stuff....not including normal trash
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